18 Reasons Why You Need To Date A Born And Raised In Montreal Man

On a scale of 1 to 10, how perfect a man from Montreal is? I'd say a hundred.

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If you're not dating a Montreal guy, you should re-evaluate your priorities right now and here's why:

1. A man from Montreal will take you to the coolest events

Piknic electronik, Osheaga, Book festival... Just to name a few.

2. A man from Montreal will have great style

He'll always be presentable and won't come to a family dinner wearing socks and sandals. Thank god.

3. A man from Montreal will bring you to some amazing restaurants no one knows about

4. A man from Montreal will have the cutest accent

Yep, and it is totally different than the one from guys living in the suburb.

5. A man from Montreal will give zero fuck about what other people think of him

The best thing. He won't act like he's someone else.

6. A man from Montreal will appreciate artwork

For most, art is a safe heaven. He'll take you on a date to the museum and let you see the world from a different perspective.

7. A man from Montreal will cheer for the best hockey team

Ain't nobody got time for losers. #GoHabsGo

8. A man from Montreal will have great taste in music

He'll probably have cool friends in a band that plays dope music.

9. A man from Montreal will love poutine

You won't have to be ashamed to eat La T-Rex at La Banquise because he'll probably order 2 of them just for himself.

10. A man from Montreal will be really fit

He's not cheating. He's just at the gym.

11. A man from Montreal will get you drunk like all the time

He knows how to have fun and he'll make sure you do by taking you to new bar every week.

12. A man from Montreal will teach you how to use the metro

He knows Montreal more than the back of his hands.

13. A man from Montreal will be up for anything at anytime

Montrealers are known to be reckless and your man will most likely to ask you to go skydiving with him.

14. A man from Montreal will be the best beer pong partner

Guys from Montreal have been playing this game since they were a foetus, so when you'll bring him to a party, your team skills will impress everyone in the room.

15. A man from Montreal will take cool aesthetic photos of you

Guys from Montreal love photography and take pictures all the time. You will become his muse you will get free photoshoots every day.

16. A man from Montreal will be really open-minded

He won't mind if you want to get a hundred tattoos. He'll still love you no matter what because their parents raised them well.

17.A man from Montreal will probably be the next Einstein

Montrealers take their studies really seriously.

18. A man from Montreal will definitely be a keeper

Duh. Once you get a man from Montreal, you should never let him go. Otherwise, you'll lose something really really great.

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