18 Restaurants In Montreal That Are 514% Worth The Wait In Line

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18 Restaurants In Montreal That Are 514% Worth The Wait In Line

Not only is Montreal home to hundreds of restaurants, but some are so AMAZING that you end up waiting... in line... for a long time... BUT! The best ones, in particular the ones one this list, are 514% worth the wait!  Yes, I know it's winter... But lets be real, when it comes to something we love, like food, we would do just about anything! Even wait in line outside in -15 degrees for an hour.

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So, before you check out all your cash this week, be sure to check out these restaurants in Montreal if you happen to have some, or a lot, of extra time on your hands! There is 514% something on this list for everyone so start planning and clearing your schedule for some well deserved MTL food!

1. Start The Countdown At Ma Poule Mouillee

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969 Rachel St E

What's the wait for? Heavenly poutines than will make your heart melt.


2. Start The Countdown At Arthurs Nosh Bar

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4621 Rue Notre-Dame O

What's the wait for? Their latkes, with is heaven in a bite!


3. Start The Countdown At Restaurant Kazu

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1862 Sainte-Catherine

What's the wait for? The Don Budo, the gyoza, the salmon bowl, the teriyaki burger....


4. Start The Countdown At Le Vin Papillon

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2519 Notre-Dame W

What's the wait for? Their superb dishes that are paired with gourmet wines!


5. Start The Countdown At Lawrence

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5201 Boul St-Laurent

What's the wait for? Their scrumptious brunches and classy atmosphere.


6. Start The Countdown At Le Robin Square

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520 Boul St-Laurent

What's the wait for? Their freshly melted Mac and Cheese.


7. Start The Countdown At Pizzeria Napoletana

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189 Rue Dante

What's the wait for? Their amazing homemade Italian pizzas!


8. Start The Countdown At Fabergé

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25 Avenue Fairmount O

What's the wait for? Their Instagram worth breakfast dishes!


9. Start The Countdown At Kampai

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1616 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

What's the wait for? Their Japanese garden beer paired with superb dishes!

10. Start The Countdown At Satay Brothers

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721 Notre Dame Ouest

What's' the wait for? Their amazing bao buns!


11. Start The Countdown At L'Gros Luxe

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Plateau | Mile End | Sud-Ouest

What's the wait for? EVERYTHING... everything.


12. Start The Countdown At C’choColat

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1255 Rue Bishop

What's the wait for? Their C'WOW/Chocolate bomb!


13. Start The Countdown At Mandy's

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5033 Sherbooke Ouest // 201 Laurier Ouest // 2067 Crescent

What's the wait for? Their salad that is heaven in a bowl.


14. Start The Countdown At Café Lola Rosa

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4581 Av du Parc

What's the wait for? NACHOS!


15. Start The Countdown At Boustan

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2125 Rue Guy

What's the wait for? Lebanese food that will get you addicted!


16. Start The Countdown At Cacao 70

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Multiple locations

What's the wait for? Chocolate. Chocolate. And more chocolate.


17. Start The Countdown At Dirty Dogs

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25 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

What's the wait for? Mac and Cheese Poutine.


18. Start The Countdown At La Diperie

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68 Ave des Pins E

What's the wait for? Do I dare even say....ICE CREAM


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