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18 Romantic Places In Montreal To Bring A First Date To Ensure You Get A Second Date

First dates are a breeze when you live in Montreal, especially during the fall! Montreal has a variety of activities that are perfect for that perfect girl you've been dying to take out! No only do we have fun outdoors fall activities but we also have great indoor activities!

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So, if you want to assure yourself a second date, I recommend checking out the list below so that your first date is extra special! It's fall and love is in the crisp air so don't miss out on an amazing first date with an even more amazing girl of your dreams.

1. Spend Your First Date At The Botanical Gardens

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For a beautiful night and a superb first date, I suggest taking that special someone out to the lights festival at the Botanical garden. It is absolutely stunning and it’s a great way to impress that special someone. You can walk through the whole park throughout the night and enjoy the crisp fall air.


2. Spend Your First Date At Paint The Nite

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If you happen to be taking out the more artsy girl, I suggest taking her to paint night! I honestly have so much time when I go! Simply go on their website and choose an event, which has a specific theme, and buy your tickets. You can break the ice and get to know each other over painting and drinks.


3. Spend Your First Date At Allez Up

A photo posted by Sunny Stanila (@stanilas) on

1555 Rue St-Patrick

For some athletic fun with your date, I suggest bringing them to Allez up for a superb time! Here, you can get to know each others strengths and weaknesses! Plus you can even get somewhat competitive and have some good laughs!


4. Spend Your First Date Pumpkin Picking

A photo posted by Alexandre Roy (@royboy1289) on

It just wouldn't be fall without pumpkin picking! So, if you happen to know your date a little better, I suggest taking a road trip to one of Montreal's closest pumpkin patches! This is a really fun first date that includes cute pictures and good memories.

5. Spend Your First Date Apple Picking

A photo posted by Nadia Laccitiello (@nadialacci) on

While your pumpkin picking, you might as well hit up the apple orchards! Apple picking is surprisingly romantic with a fun twist! You can help each other find the perfect apples while having a perfect first date!

6. Spend Your First Date At Le Ceramic Café

A photo posted by V??? (@vanesswgs) on

4338 St Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

For a low-key relaxing first date, I recommend heading to the Ceramic Cafe! Here, you and your date can paint the night away! If you are nervous about running out of things to say, don't worry! You guys will be so focused on painting half the time!


7. Spend Your First Date At Ateliers & Saveurs

A photo posted by Mouna Achouri (@mounaach) on

444 Saint-Francois-Xavier

Ateliers & Saveurs is a hands-on class led by professional chefs. You will specialize in cooking divine french cuisine! This is fun and a great way to get to know your date and enjoy some delightful food that you just made. It's a great first date since there are other people, chefs, and hands on activities to keep the nerves down.


8. Spend Your First Date Horseback riding

A photo posted by Catherine Abbott Horowitz (@catherinejesse) on

1271 Chemin Saint Louis, Saint-Lazare

The horse ranch in St. Lazare is only 15 minutes from downtown Montreal where you can enjoy horseback riding with that special someone this fall! The paths are absolutely gorgeous and the horses are lovely. So, you and your date can enjoy a lovely nature ride with some of the cutest horses.


9. Spend Your First Date At Tir du Soleil

A photo posted by @aline_assaf on

5186 Chemin Queen Mary

Why don’t you try something crazy and new with your date! I suggest going to Tir Au Soleil for some shooting and rubber bullets. It's a grat way to brak the ice and to just have a fun time with one another.


10. Spend Your First Date At Fabergé For Brunch

A photo posted by V (@cestvrai_) on

25 Avenue Fairmount O

For a delightful brunch this fall with your date, I suggest heading down to Fabergé. This is a great place to go with your date since they serve fabulous breakfasts! You can enjoy some fresh food and a great warm coffe this fall with your date which will guarantee you another date !


11. Spend Your First Date At C’ChoColat For Dessert

A photo posted by Annie-claude Boursier (@annieclaudeboursier) on

1255 Rue Bishop

Show your date something truly amazing by taking them out for a wild dessert! This fall, treat your date to a C’Wow from C’ChoColat! The C’Wow is also known as a chocolate bomb where someone pours hot caramel over a chocolate dome that melts and reveals sweet treat underneath!


12. Spend Your First Date At Mount Royal

A photo posted by François Séguin (@frseguin) on

Take a lovely bike ride through the paths filled with orange and red leaves in Mount Royal as a romantic yet athletic first date! I suggest doing this towards 6 pm so that you can enjoy the sunset afterwards and have some deep conversation to get to know your date.

13. Spend Your First Date At  The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

A photo posted by Almigz (@always_sicilian) on

1380 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1J5

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts contains beautiful art galleries with hundreds of paintings and archaeological artifacts such as mosaics, frescoes, statues, and much more! It is a must do date at least once in Montreal! So, be the first to take your date there.


14. Spend Your First Date At Cafe Santropol

A photo posted by Elliott Keller (@elliottjkeller) on

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

If you enjoy garden terrasses and enjoy that hipster environment, then I suggest taking your date to the beautiful Cafe Santropol! This cafe is honestly stunning and it is a perfect place to take your beautiful date too especially if it's a first date.


15. Spend Your First Date At Abraska

A photo posted by Charlotte Corran (@charcorran) on

If you want to fly through the trees with your girlfriend this fall, then I suggest heading to Abraska! Here, you and your date can zip line through the reds and oranges of fall for a truly beautiful time. This is a must do date for a fun day getaway.


16. Spend Your First Date At Oasis Surf

A photo posted by MARIE-PASCALE B (@marie.coconut) on

9520 boulevard Leduc, suite 01 Brossard

If you know that your date just loves summer way more than fall, then I suggest taking them to an indoor surfing arena! Hit up Brossard’s Oasis Surfing for surfing, drinks, and food! So you can hit the waves and have a swimingly well fist date!


17. Spend Your First Date At A/Maze

A photo posted by A/MAZE Montreal Escape Game (@amazemontreal) on

3550 Rue Saint-Jacques

If you dig mysteries, try one of Montreal’s escape games! You and your date will have to solve puzzles, find clues, and use codes to escape and solve mysteries. My personal favorite is the challenging A/maze game! It’s so difficult that only 10% have ever finished it. So get your thinking cap on!


18. Spend Your First Date At Atwater Market

A photo posted by Nancy Essebag-Christie (@nanceess) on

For a simple yet sweet first date, I suggest heading to Atwater Market! You and your date can enjoy fresh food, sweet treats, and fall colors everywhere! It is honestly a great place to bike to and to get to know your date over some freshly made cheesecake.

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