18 Signs You're Hardcore Adult'ing In Montreal

Adulthood creeps up on you real fast.
18 Signs You're Hardcore Adult'ing In Montreal

Montreal is definitely a "Peter Pan" type of city. For those who don't get the Disney reference, the basic idea is that Montrealers stave off adulthood far longer than most. Some lucky folks never give in, and always maintain a student-esque, young adult-ish lifestyle.

Others aren't so lucky.

You may not even know it yet, but you could slowly becoming an adult right here in Montreal. Want to find out? Well, just see if any of the points listed below apply to you. Hopefully they don't, but if they do, my prayers are with your soon-to-be-an-adult soul.

You cringe every first of the month when you have to pay double for a monthly metro pass.

The days of the basically half-off student pricing on STM passes are long gone, and we miss them dearly.

You experience a 2-hour phone call with Hydro-Québec.

No more mom 'n pop to deal with the linguistic labyrinth that is the Hydro-Québec hotline.

You walk by bars on Saint-Laurent and Sainte-Catherines and think "God, I used to go there?"

The shame is real.

You cry with joy when you find a new apartment that has its own washer and dryer

Being happy about laundry is a clear sign of adulthood. Sorry.

And you do the same when heating is included in the rent too

That winter heating bill though.

You don't mind living in Verdun because it's "quiet."

Then you get into the quaint neighborhood charm. Heaven help your adult'ing soul.

You hate on yourself for not getting your drivers license when you were sixteen.

You have to wait an entire year to get a license in Quebec now? Blast younger me for not giving any fux about driving when I straight up didn't need a car.

You stay the hell away from downtown during Frosh.

Before it was fun and cute. Now, it's just hella annoying. Stupid students.

You have opinions on local Montreal politics.

Whether it's for or against Coderre, you're still having conversations your younger-self would have totally tuned out and said "f*cking old people and their politics."

You think about moving to Toronto every once in a while.

Not because you actually like the city better, but because it would be "good for your career." Beware the onset of yuppie-hood as well.

You get "late night" poutine at 11pm

Yeah, it's still kind of late to get a poutine, but it doesn't compare to the 3:30am eating time you used to rock.

You don't go out on Thursdays anymore, because work.

Gone are the days of Thirsty Thursdays, the hangover the next day is just too intense to be worth it. Same goes for Sundays.

You always stop at the dep to grab a bottle of wine when heading to a friends house for dinner.

No more beer, your crew is all classy now. And can we address the fact that you're going to make dinner with a friend, and not just get wasted? You grew up so fast.

You love living around "real people" and not students.

They're just so noisy. Oh God, you're complaining about noise levels now...

You actually read the Métro newspaper you get for free outside the metro station.

How else are you supposed to get your daily dose of news?

You have a liquor cabinet

No more constant trips to the SAQ, now you have the willpower to actually keep alcohol in your house without drinking it immediately.

You walk by people drinking in the park on a Wednesday during the summer thinking "I wish that was me."

At one point, it was. Now that you're adult'ing, you actually have things to do during the week. You know, like work.

You quit your restaurant job for an unpaid internship in your field.

Sure, being a server paid more, but this will add to your career! There's that career thing again...