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18 Ways To Feel Like You're In A Different Country Without Leaving Your Montreal Home

Staycation, anyone?
18 Ways To Feel Like You're In A Different Country Without Leaving Your Montreal Home
  • When it comes to finding things to do at home, we must continue to come up with fresh ideas to make sure our days don't get boring.
  • So, we put together 18 ways for you to take pretend trips across the globe all from the comfort of your apartment.
  • Happy staycationing!

Travelling is something I know many locals Montreal look forward to. Not because we don't love our city, but because diving into a new place or culture is an experience most of us seek. So, with this in mind, and knowing that everyone is looking for things to do at home right now, MTL Blog came up with 18 ideas you can do in your apartment to pretend you're globetrotting!

There are so many things you can do to give you the illusion of being in a different country without having to leave your living room. 

Take a trip to Costa Rica by decorating your apartment with plants, or pretend you're at a club in Berlin while listening to live DJ sets in your living room.

While it may not be the same thing as travelling, it can be just as fun. Life is what you make it, right?

And of course, trying different cuisines is always a trip in itself.

Check out our ideas for ways to feel like you're on a trip around the world while being in your living room. The options are endless!

Hang A Hammock In Your Apartment & Read A Book As You Would Do In Bali

I would love to be in Bali right now. Surrounded by nature and reading a book in a swing... So I figure, why not pretend and swing on a hammock from inside your home?

Turn your phone off, have a new book delivered to your house, and enjoy a fake day in Indonesia.

Decorate Your Apartment With Tons Of Plants To Feel Like You're Living In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of my favourite vacation destinations and one of the reasons I love it so much is because of all the lush greenery that surrounds you.

Why not order some houseplants from local shops and turn your apartment into Costa Rica?

It'll be like having the rainforest brought right to you!

Put Everything Left In Your Freezer On A Grill & Feel Like You're At A South African Braai

Take this time to finally cook up all the forgotten things you have sitting in your freezer!

And while you're at it, blast Jeremy Loops' music and imagine you're at a South African braai.

Pretend You're In Mexico & Have A Taco Party

There's nothing that screams Mexican vacation more than tacos. So, might as well fake a trip and order in as many tacos as our stomachs can handle, right?

While you're at it, mix yourself up a margarita to complete the meal.

See where to order from!

Order Cocktail Kits Right To Your Door & Imagine You're In The Bahamas

One thing I especially miss about bars right now is getting to try all kinds of new cocktails.

Luckily for us Montrealers, some places are offering cocktail kits for delivery!

See where to order from.

Have A Dreamy Movie Day & Pretend Like You're On A Trip Around The World

From Eat, Pray, Love and The Bucket List to Julie & Julia and Into The Wild, movies have a way of taking you on an unexpected journey around the globe.

Time to turn off your phone and dive into a cinematic adventure that'll take you out of Montreal and into an imaginary plot you've never experienced before.

Act Like You're In Hawaii & Make Your Own Poke Bowls

Poke is not only fresh and delicious, but it's a Hawaiian meal that can be recreated right in your kitchen.

Take advantage of any free time you may have by learning how to make your own. This dish will magically transport you to Hawaii!

Listen To Local DJ Sets & Imagine Your Living Room Is A German Club

While being cooped up in your apartment, you have every right to dance like no one is watching... Because let's face it, no one is.

Check out this list of local DJs and get in the mood for a good party, one that can almost resemble the epic nightclubs in Berlin!

Wear A Barret, Order Croissants & Live Like You Would In Paris

Sip on coffee, nosh on a croissant, wear a barret, and blast Edith Piaf.

Just like that, you'll be on your way to Paris, without ever leaving your house.

Check out bakeries that deliver in Montreal here.

Make Yourself Some Mint Tea & Pretend You're Having Breakfast In Morocco

Nothing is more calming than a warm cup of mint tea. Plus, your insides will thank you for it.

So, close your eyes, picture all the colours of Marrakech, and sip away!

Buy An Inflatable Pool, Put On A Bathing Suit & As Like You're In Florida

Florida is a go-to destination for so many of us, especially for those who love swimming.

If you're looking for that Florida experience, why not purchase an inflatable pool, put on a bikini, and bring the beach right into the comfort of your own home?

Order Sushi & Eat On The Floor Like You're In A Japanese Restaurant

There's nothing like devouring sushi in Japan.

Until your next trip can happen, why not check out one of the many local sushi spots offering take out and delivery?

And, to make you really feel like you're in Japan, set yourself up with your meal on the floor!

Set Up A Tent & Pretend You're Camping Up North

Who says camping needs to happen outside?

Set up a tent, add a fire feature to your television and light a wood smelling candle, and voilà — you'll be connecting with the fake outdoors.

Order A Rotating Star Machine That Makes It Feel You're Watching The Northern Lights In Iceland

I love the idea of bringing the Northern Lights into your living room!

And thanks to Amazon, we can do exactly that.

Buy one here!

Eat Mountains Of Pasta Like You Would In Italy

There are few things as comforting as noshing on a giant plate of pasta. With this in mind, why not pretend you're in Rome by ordering in some authentic Italian cuisine? With a little red wine too, of course.

La vita will be bella after this!

Get ideas of where to order from here.

Do An At-Home Spa To Feel You're In Arizona

For those of you who have yet to experience a spa in Arizona, it's a truly remarkable experience.

Since we're unable to make it to Arizona, why not create the spa experience in your home with some of incredible local Quebec products?

Pretend To Be In Cali & Make Some Alcohol Infused Popsicles

With every bite, you take you'll be transported to somewhere hot and fabulous — somewhere like Malibu.

I can almost guarantee these fun popsicles will give you the illusion of being on vacation, especially if you eat them from your new inflatable pool.

Here's a recipe!

Order Greek Food & Pretend You're Next To The Mediterranean Sea

Many Greek restaurants around Montreal are helping bring Mediterranean cuisine right to our front doors.

Just close your eyes and with every bite, you take you'll be one step closer to one of the many Greek islands!

Enjoy your staycation!

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