18 Things To Do During Your Last Year At Concordia University

Tips for an almost graduate.

Okay, Concordia students. Are you ready for a depressing dose of reality? The Fall 2015 semester is less than a month away. I know. It's heartbreaking. If you need a minute to mourn the end of Summer 2015, go ahead and take it. Dry your tears. It'll be fine.

But for some of us, this upcoming semester is going to be bittersweet AF - because it'll be our last Fall semester at Concordia. Forever, possibly. Graduating university is always super overwhelming. Leaving behind a place you love, facing real life (which is always slightly horrifying)... yeah, not a good time. But if you're struggling with what to do to make your last year/semester a memorable one, then struggle no more.

Here's a list of18 Things To Do During Your Last Year At Concordia University:

1. Grab one last pint at Reggie's

Which should be finally reopening its doors in September. Yassss.

2. Eat at People's Potato

If you've never tasted Concordia's free vegan lunch, drop everything and go. right. now. Or just go in the near future. Whatever. As long as you don't graduate without ever having tried one of those morsels of happiness.

3. Get your ducks in a row

Real talk, graduating university is awesome and is something you should be super proud of. And prepared for. Graduation tends to creep up on you, so make sure you've got everything together for life after university (AKA, start prepping for internships/jobs/grad school, etc...).

4. Network

Some people are hella shy, and have spent most of their time at university that way. Well, shy friends, I hear you. If you've been putting off meeting people in university - now's your time to shine. Meet new people, make new friends, add some of them on Facebook, it's all good. Just don't let the opportunity to mingle pass you by.

5. Study at the Loyola chapel

Or, you know, crash a wedding. (Kidding. Don't actually do that.)

6. Ride the shuttle bus before you can't anymore

Enjoy those free student SGW-Loyola rides while you still can.

7. Use up all the extra printing money on your ID

Nobody likes wasted money. Print all the things! (Until your money runs out).

8. Check out the Greenhouse

Which you definitely need to experience at least once during your stay at Concordia.

9. Volunteer on-campus

Which is a pretty legit way to make some awesome memories with some awesome people. Plus, you know, look awesome to potential employers.

10. Get involved in events/activities

Concordia is literally full of student associations, clubs and groups. So if you're down to get involved with the Concordia student body before you leave, it's not a bad idea to join one of them. Or at least go check them out. Especially if they're hosting pub crawls.

11. Go to the top floor of the EV building for dat view

The EV building is, like, 87% windows. Which means that the view from one of the top floors is gorgeous. Seriously. Stop reading this and just go check it out for yourself.

12. Take that super cool class you've been meaning to

Even if your electives are used up. Which sounds counterproductive, but if your schedule is looking kind of empty and you've been dying to take a really fun class... yeah, maybe go for it before it's too late.

13. Join a fun class at Le Gym

Looking at you, Dancing with Attitude. But seriously. Join a fitness class at Le Gym now, while you can still take advantage of that sweet sweet student discount. Morning yoga, anyone?

14. Have a pizza at the Tim Horton's in LB for old time's sake

Once you graduate, the chances are slim that you'll be going back to Concordia just to have lunch. So this might be the last chance you have to scarf down one of those small, cheap pizzas in the LB building. If it tastes like tears, it's because you're crying from all the nostalgia. Stop that. You're in public.

15. Grab a coffee at Cafe Myriade

Because it's delicious and you'll miss it once you grow apart from the downtown Concordia/SGW sector.

16. Pull one last all-nighter at the library

The all-nighter is basically synonymous with 'university student life'. And lucky for us, Concordia's libraries are open long enough to accommodate our sleep(less) schedules. If you're up to the challenge (and/or have no other choice but to pull a library all-nighter, #TeamProcrastination), then pull one last one as an ode to your soon-to-be normal sleep schedule. Unless you're going on to grad school. In which case, maybe think of it as practise.

17. Get to know the Loyola/SGW campus

Explore the campus you know the least. This way, you can confidently say that you've lived the full and complete Concordia experience. Even in 20 years from now, when you don't even remember where the CJ building is.

18. Enjoy yourself

Which is some pretty solid advice, actually. The end of the semester/year will come before you know it, so have fun, study hard, get involved if you're down to - whatever, just make the most of your time at Concordia before you move on to bigger things.

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