18-Wheeler Truck Fell Off A Montreal Bridge This Morning

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18-Wheeler Truck Fell Off A Montreal Bridge This Morning

Are you having a bad day? Well you're definitely having a better day than one particular truck driver.  At 6:30 am the driver was on the Ile Aux Tourtes Bridge on the western tip of the Island of Montreal when his 18-wheeler truck accidentally flipped over the protective railing. The massive truck fell into the water below according to CJAD.

Lucky for him, the driver wasn't killed and didn't suffer any major injuries. Two fishermen who were nearby came to the rescue and pulled the driver out of the trucks cabin.

No news on how exactly the accident happened, all that's known is that the driver lost control of his truck.

Rescue crew were kind enough to wait for the morning rush to end before removing the truck from the water.

Photo cred - emily-campbell

A verified TikTok account, named @restepepe, features elderly Quebecers doing things young Quebecers would be able to do if they got their COVID-19 vaccines — like twerking at a pool party, TikTok dances with friends and beauty blender tutorials for a night out.  

The account, which amassed over 500,000 followers since its first video last December, is run by three senior citizen influencers and the Quebec government. It's part of a campaign to "encourage the youth" to get COVID-19 vaccines and it's making use of TikTok — or, as it's called in @restepepe's bio: "TicTac." 

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