19 Best Montreal Greek Food Restaurants You Need To Eat At If You Haven’t Already

Montreal is known for their diverse range of restaurants and some of the best happen to be those that make souvlakis, gyros, spanakopita, and more. Of course I am referring to those spectacular Greek restaurants around the island, which happen to be some of my favorites!

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Everyone should know where to get the best gyros in town, especially the one closest to where you live or work. So, to help us all crush our pita cravings, I suggest checking some of the restaurants below that have been divided my borough. Trust me, they are some of the best in town!

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Plateau & Mile End Greek Restaurants  :

1. Le Jardin de Panos

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521 Avenue Duluth E

For some delightful Greek food as you sit in a gorgeous garden terrasse, then I recommend checking out Le Jardin de Panos! Featuring classic Greek dishes, such as their tasty, flaky Spanakopita and their straight-up delicious scallop brochette, you'll fall in love!


2. Philinos Restaurant Bar

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4806 Av du Parc

Philinos features authentic, traditional Greek food like never before! However, their most amazing treat has to be their moussaka and gyros. I honestly can't believe how spectacular the food is.


3. Estiatorio Milos

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5357 Av du Parc

Milos is THE place to be for a more gourmet experience! Their Greek dishes truly take the cake on being AMAZING! But who could forget their raw bar that features some fabulous seafood creations.


4. Mythos Ouzeri Estiatorio Restaurant

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5318 Av du Parc

This restaurant features both Plateau vibes and traditional Greek dishes. Their menu is chalk full of options so there is 514% something on this menu for everyone! I suggest their juicy and tasty lokaniko sausages.


5. La Maison Grecque

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450 Avenue Duluth Est

This vintage vibes restaurant has a talent for making mighty great Greek food! You can order HUGE dishes as you sip on some fresh red wine in their mini backyard terrasse.


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Downtown & Old Montreal Greek Restaurants :

1. Molivos

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2310 Guy St

This nautically themed Greek taverna will make you feel like your eating on an island with their seafood creation! This Greek food is superb and honestly, they always have fresh catches!


2. Restaurant Ikanos

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112 Rue McGill

This traditional Greek/Mediterranean restaurant comes with a modern twist! Their raw bar features snow crab and Northern Divine caviar. But, if that's not your style, they still have those traditional Greek dishes.


3. Pireas

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363 de la Commune St E

This two floor Greek resto-bar has truly won over my heart! Their food and ambiance makes me want to go back everyday! Their menu has a great variety and I 514% bet you'll have a great time.


4. Sparta Rotisserie & Grill

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4024 Saint-Catherine St

This casual Greek BYOB cafe is truly great for any day in Montreal! With a beautiful exposed-brick wall & a menu of grilled chicken, salads & kebabs, you will 514% have a great meal.


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West Island Greek Restaurants:

1. Marathon Souvlaki

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3313 Boulevard des Sources

At this point, every Montreal Greek food fan knows about Marathon. And, if you don't? Then you need to get yourself there, ASAP. Marathon's is LEGIT my favorite Greek restaurant. I've been there multiple times and trust me, it never disappointing.


2. Rotisserie Panama

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11604 Salaberry Blvd

If you love grilled lamb, chicken & fish amid modern Mediterranean-inspired decor the you will love Rotisserie Panama! They have a tapas styled menu and great treats for everyone.


3. Restaurant La porte grècque

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4600 Sources Blvd

This fabulous restaurant is more on the fancy side and a bit pricey but trust me, you will LOVE IT! They have great seafood and my have dish is 514% their shrimp!


4. Athena Pizzeria​​​​​​​

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10421 Boul Gouin O

This casual Greek restaurant and pizzeria sure does take the cake on being great for lunch or when you are in a hurry! You can enjoy some great pitas, gyros, and of course pizza!


5. Grill Sélect

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2756 Saint-Charles Blvd

Grill Sélect is a causal family businesss that has a great authentic menu! With rice, pitas, and much more options involving seafood, you won't regret coming here!


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Mile-Ex & Parc Extension Greek Restaurants:

1. Marven's

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880 Avenue Ball

This local Greek eatery is known for fried calamari! You can enjoy their 70's decor as you munch on some lamb and scrumptious gyros with a side of calamari.


2. Nostos

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9530 Boulevard de l'Acadie

If you love that classic flavorful Greek food, then Nostos is the place to be. Their tender pork souvlaki and tangy tzatziki sauceis legit HEAVEN! Oh, and don't forget about their creamy taramasalata as an appetizer.


3. Village Grec

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654 Rue Jean-Talon O

This place specializes in LIT Souvlakis! Their authentic dishes will literally make your mouth water. I mean just look at that picture! I'm getting hungry just looking at it.


4. Tripolis Restaurant

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679 Rue Saint Roch

For a good price and fabulous meal, I guarantee you will be pleased at Tripolis! All their dishes are absolutely delightful and very consistent. I mean you will just adore it!


5. Fameux Gyros Elatos

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550 Jarry St W

If you want to enjoy the absolute best and authentic home-style baked Greek pizza in Montreal, then you MUST come to Famous Gyros Elatos! Every bite will bring you the true flavors of Greece.


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