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19 Majestic Canadian Mountains To Ski At Least Once In Your Life

It's skiing season! From British Columbia to Quebec, we have, in Canada, absolutely breathtaking mountains where you can go ski and have the best fun of your life.

Any mountain listed in this article is available for beginners. Every station has the proper runs for new fans of the sport and installations are properly placed for you to learn in a safe and fun environment.

Let's do this!

Mont Sainte-Anne

Mont Sainte-Anne, located 30 minutes off Quebec City offers one of the best experiences in our province. It's only a small 3h drive and tickets are regular cost.

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Stoneham is close to Mont Saint-Anne and its direct competitor. The mountain offers a wide range of jumps for ski experts and some pretty dope runs for beginners. It is around 3h45 minutes from Montreal.

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Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is well known by skiers around the world and an incontestable winner for Quebec residents all winter long. It is only around 2h to get there from Montreal!

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Mont Saint-Sauveur

It is to note that Mont Saint-Sauveur incorporates AVILA as well. You have the chance to choose between the best ski parc in the province or beautiful and pretty easy tracks. The mountain is only 50 minutes from Montreal.

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Mont-Blanc is right next Tremblant! Known for its beautiful sous-bois and extremely low ticket prices, head there for a beautiful day of riding.

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Mont Chantecler

Chantecler is extremely underrated! It is one of the best ski stations in Quebec for competition skiing! Only around 1h from Montreal.

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Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb, located in British Columbia, is the #1 ski station in Canada due to its huge amount of tracks (200) and hundreds of beautiful off tracks as well.

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Banff, located in Alberta, is a wonderful station to enjoy the nicest ski village of Alberta and amazing ski tracks.

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Le Massif

Le Massif, right next to Mont Saint-Anne & Stoneham, is just magical due to having the St-Laurent flowing right next to you as you enjoy the tracks!

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Fernie, located in British Columbia, is an absolutely breathtaking mountain with many beautiful and fun institutions at the bottom of it.

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Kicking Horse

Kicking Horse is the direct competitor to Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia. It is lesser known due to its location being far from Vancouver but it is still great and worth checking out.

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Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort, located in Ontario, is the spot to enjoy some skiing if you are around TDot or heading to Ontario in the upcoming months.

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Located in Nova Scotia, Martock is a little beauty. Do not miss out on your chance to enjoy some skiing on one of the greatest mountain to learn the sport!

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Crabbe Mountain

Located in New Brunswick, the mountain offers challenging tracks for experienced skiers.

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Sun Peaks

Also a wonderful time in the summer, Sun Peaks is a wonderful ski resort to try out this winter! Located in British Columbia.

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Ski Whitewater

Located in Nelson, BC, Whitewater offers a lot of fun activities for everyone from summer to winter. Head to their website to know all about it!

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Big White

Big White "Canada's Favorite Family Station" is your perfect station for a lovely skiing time just as their slogan states.

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Red Moutain

Also called Red Resort, Red Mountain is the way to go if you wanna grab a perfect ride in one of the biggest moutains Canada has to offer.

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