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20 Instagram Fit Girls In Montreal That Will Leave You Crazy Motivated For The Gym

Winter is around the corner, and you know what that means. Yes, long nights of hibernation, junk food eating and Netflix binging.

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When March rolls around, though, you may come to the realization that you've gaineda couple pounds and - big shock - you only have two months to get rid of it before slinky summer dress season kicks in; sending you into a spiral of unhealthy gimmicky rapid-solution diets.  It's a yearly tradition.

You don't have to settle for getting in shape at the last minute! 

Autumn is the perfect time to turn a new leaf.  We want to help by showing the fit girls of Montreal that most inspire us to stay healthy and get in shape. Each one with their own unique strategy for fueling motivation and staying fit -  not just for the season, but for good.

1. Build your repertoire of glute exercises and get motivated - follow Personal Trainer @gbootytraining

via @gbootytraining

"Life is inevitably filled with its ups & downs, however if you can look in the mirror and actually see those sacrifices getting you results, it makes life's challenges that much easier - because you know that mentally you can push through and accomplish any of your desired goals."

2. Fine tune your yoga poses and get motivated by following yoga teacher @isabellehoulee

via @isabellehoulee

"Once you decide what you want, make a plan and work on it each and every day. Move past fear or doubt, and remind yourself what you are aiming for. My motivation is a product of my past accomplishments partnered with the idea of future endeavours."

3. For not only fitness motivation but nurtrition tips and guidance follow @lyndsreeves

via @lyndsreeves

"Being active has enabled me to give my everything to people because I have learned to love my health and my abilities. It has given me so much energy and puts me in a positive mood every day. It has been my void, something to look forward to, and somewhere I know I can go and I will feel better no matter what. Whether or not you have a bad workout, I know that I’ll never be mad at myself for going."

4. Girls can lift big weights too - don't believe me -follow Personal Trainer @danapoleakov

via @dana.poleakov

"I am just a girl who loves what she does, and wants to inspire other women to be confortable in their own skin and not try to be someone else. If you have weaknesses - that's fine, so do I! But try to embrace them and to work towards becoming better."

5. Learn how to incorporate dance into fitness by following Dance Instructor @chloebar

via @chloebar

"I really believe in the "change your thoughts, and you'll change your world" concept! I consider myself to be quite mentally strong when it comes to fitness. The feeling (high) that I get after I workout keeps me motivated to always keep coming back for more. I genuinely love it!"

6. Get inpsired and keep your eye on the prize follow Personal Trainer and Bikini competitor @deeyhblondie

via @deeyhblondie

"I keep myself motivated by mainly setting goals for myself. It's too easy to just say: Ok this year I'm getting myself in shape. You gotta be specific. By being consistant every day, you'll realize after a while that it's just part of your lifestyle!"

7. Curious about Crossfit? Follow professional competitor @arian_lloutre for inspo!

via @arian_lloutre

"I have goal and I’m stubborn. Everyday, I like being challenged, it's like a game! It’s fun and I like to laugh."

8. For a mix of lifestyle, fitness and nutrition inspo follow @isabellamazerolle

via @isabellamazerolle

"What inspires me to stay motivated is knowing that I'm able to help other girls get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle. I know that by staying on top of my game, I'm able to help others do the same and that's really motivating to me. I really hope to get girls comfortable in the gym and not feel intimidated since I know it can be scary!"

9) For lifestyle, travel and fitness insperation follow @livvvo

via @livvvvo

"I love the feeling I get after accomplishing something that I first though I could never do, and then raising the bar even higher. If I can wake up before the sun comes up and get through a gruelling WOD, I can pretty much take on anything the day has in store."

10) For lifting insperation follow Kinesiology student @marinavaccafitness

via @marinavaccafitness

"What motivates me to continue working out and eating healthy is the physical and mental strength I'm gaining from it. Focusing less on body weight and more on physical strength has made me healthier in many aspects of my life."

11) For serious fit female insperation follow Personal Trainer @Jacky_g_fitness

via @jacky_g_fitness

"I do this because it makes happy. Every day I make sure to take care of myself. I want to live as long as possible, to be able to see everything in my life. Life is so precious. Everything is possible if you work hard for it."

12) To inspire to push to the next level follow Personal Trainer @inabarbelleworld

via @inabarbelleworld

"I have a go to motto and it's "If you want to acheive anything in life, you gotta start with yourself." Becoming strong physically makes you stronger mentally and only then, you may reach your true potential."

13) Follow @sexyirochka and get inspired to stay in shape and work towards your fitness goals

via @sexyirochka

"I've always been inspired by strong men. To be strong mentally AND physically is a necessity for me, a survival skill. When you pick up the iron, you have no excuses. The more impossible it looks to me, the more I'm attracted to achieve it. I constantly crave the grind. I love pushing through the pain of humiliation, pain of exhaustion, pain of loss, pain of ignorance, pain of unknown. The stronger I become, the happier I live."

14) Get inspired to maximize your core strength and follow @betaniamtl

via @betaniamtl

"Having fun by breaking the routine of my workouts with new challenges where I push my limits to see what my body and mind can achieve keeps myself motivated"

15) For some serious wellness and lifestyle inspo follow @arianetonka

via @arianetonka

"In all honesty what I love about sports is that it builds character. You have to be willing to swallow your pride and suck for a while until you actually get good. The more I take on new types of athletic training I’m not comfortable with, the better I get at dealing with my day-to-day challenges."

16) For overall health and fitness inspiration follow the eye-catching feed of @thefitfatale

via @thefitfatale

"When faced with hard decisions, be it be waking up early to hit a class before the workday, or choosing an alternative to a sugary fave that you normally reach for, each time you make a better decision you feel great and see results."

17) If you're looking for yoga and wellness inspo follow MTL yoga teacher @eveguilbert

via @eveguilbert

"What I love about yoga is that it goes beyond the physical practice. It’s all about working on my inner strength. That’s what keeps me motivated"

18) For motivation on staying strong and healthy follow @maha_sfit

via @maha_sfit

"Fitness helps me to get stronger physically, mentally and to stay healthy. And I'm just obsessed with getting a better version of myself every day."

19) Looking for motivation for getting toned follow body improvement coach @rachelironbarbie

via @rachelironbarbie

"To be honest, I believe fitness isn't about what is portrayed on social media about "perfect" bodies rather I believe it's about acknowledging and loving our bodies. The first step is taking a look in the mirror and beginning to love yourself, love your body, even if it isn't "perfect".

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