19 Montreal Dates For Couples Who Have Been Going Out Forever And Are Bored Of Everything

Story of my relationship!
19 Montreal Dates For Couples Who Have Been Going Out Forever And Are Bored Of Everything
Chris Sharma Alex Puccio

This is literally the story of my 4 year long relationship! Being a typical Montreal couple for a long, long, LONG time has left my boyfriend and I bored since we have been going out FOREVER!

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I am positive that we aren't the only couple so, to help us all out I have composed this AMAZING list of new, fun, and different dates to go on with your partner! Montreal is a great city with a bunch of new things to try to keep that adventure in your relationship! Now, it is no lie that I have actually gone to some of these places on the list with my boyfriend before but, they are insanely fun to go to again!

1. Stop Being Bored And Go See Butterflies Fly Free

The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. 🦋 #madeanotherfriend #igotluckywiththisone

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Montreal Botanical Gardens - 4101, rue Sherbrooke Est

Step into the almost spa-like setting of the Main Exhibition Greenhouse, where the heat and the flowers’ sweet fragrance help you forget winter. All around you, hundreds of colourful butterflies flit joyously about amidst the lush greenery, filling you with a sense of lightness and inviting you to relax.

2. Stop Being Bored And Go To Archery Combat

About last night! . . . . #Tonoffun #Goodfriends #Happybirthdaysarah

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3955 rue De Rouen

Archery combat is very similar to dodge ball and paintball since they all have the same rules and goals. In other words, it is basically Archery tag where you must eliminate your enemies aka your date. The Montreal location, Combat d’Archers Montréal, is a 10,000 sq/ft arena that includes obstacles. You are armed and protected while having a crazy time with your special someone. This is 100% something new that both of you need to try ASAP!


3. Stop Being Bored And Go Escape A Maze

FAIL‼️ #amazemontreal #canyouescape #socloseyetsofar 🤔🤔

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3550 Rue Saint-Jacques

If you dig mysteries, try one of Montreal’s escape games! They are escape games in the sense that you have to solve puzzles, find clues, and use codes to escape and solve mysteries. You can compete with your partner against the odds or you can compete against your partner by seeing who can find the most clues or solves the most mysteries. My personal favorite is the challenging A/maze game! It’s so difficult that only 10% have ever finished it. So get your thinking cap on!


4. Stop Being Bored And Go To Zero Gravity Yoga

Tried something new 😊💪 #antigravityyoga #thesweatlifeMTL

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2070 Rue Peel Montreal, Quebec

It’s official, Montreal has anti-gravity yoga! You can now fly through the sky in Montreal at Club Sportif MAA. Some call it aerial yoga or zero gravity yoga but whatever you call it, it’s cool AF! Anti-gravity yoga is a new kind of workout invented by aerial performers. It involves performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, pilates, and aerial acrobatics for a total-body workout. So book your class ASAP and spend a fabulous new date by flying through the sky!


6. Stop Being Bored And Go Horseback Riding

Johnny Cash wrote it. George Strait sang it. We did it. She's is a Beauty!

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Run wild and free with that special someone and two horses! Horseback Riding is honestly super fun and a great crazy activity to do with that special someone. You may not think that horseback riding is so crazy but trust me, once you get on a horse you'll see! I suggest checking out Ranch Double G in Mascouche for a superb time.

7. Stop Being Bored And Go White Water Rafting

#whitewaterrafting in the #lachinerapids #montreal 🌊😎🤘🏻 #summertimemadness #raftingmontreal #epic thanks to our awesome guide @cvatman 😁🙌🏻

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Montreal happens to have the perfect activity for that adventurous couple! White Water Rafting is so much fun and you can do it right here in Montreal on the Lachine Rapids. If you are looking for thrill, then white water rafting is the place to go to in Montreal.

8. Stop Being Bored And Go Skydiving

Quand est ce qu'on recommence ?! #hooked #parachute #freefall #bucketlist #iwannadoitagain

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29 route 125, Saint-Esprit

For that adventurous date who has been nagging you to do something crazy, why not experience Parachute Montreal together! Here you two will enjoy a wild jump straight out of a plane but don’t worry, you will land safely thanks to the other 75 years of experience at Parachute Montreal.


9. Stop Being Bored And Go To The Shooting Range

Draco season 🔫🎯

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5186 Chemin Queen Mary

Why don’t you try something crazy and new with your date! I suggest going to Tir Du Soleil for some shooting and rubber bullets. It’s a grat way to break the ice and to just have a fun time with one another.


10. Stop Being Bored And Go Trampolining

Calm before the ped day chaos. I love places that encourage fitness while having fun at the same time. • #skytag #fitnessfun

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If you don't want to be too crazy but you and that special someone are craving some sort of activity, why not go trampolining at Sky Tag in Montreal's West Island. It is truly fun for everyone and it's a great way to spend a Friday night especially if you are bored at 11pm.

11. Stop Being Bored And Go To Le Ceramic Café

🖌🎨 I recommend painting stuff as a mental training for everyone out here. It takes patience, creativity and no fear of being ashamed of your non-artistic side. Besides that, this is super fun😽

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4338 St Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

If you want a more relaxing and creative new activity to do on a date, then head down to the Ceramic Café! You can enjoy a lovely painting experience with you even more beautiful date while keeping yourself warm with some nice coffee!


12. Stop Being Bored And Go  To AeroSim Experience

Piloter un F-16... Check✔️

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177 autoroute 440 suite 201, Laval

Feel like you are taking off to your dream destination with your date by checking out Laval’s flight simulator. AeroSim Experience is a flight simulator of a boeing 737NG. You are the one taking control against the sky! It’s an amazing experience especially for those who have always dreamed of being a pilot and love new things.


13. Stop Being Bored And Go Pole Dancing

#Repost @mpdsmtl with @repostapp ・・・ Want to get your Iron X? Come and sweat at Pole Conditioning class at 5:45pm with #freshface to our #mpdsmtlsquad Victoria #mpdsmtlspotlight

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50 Rue Saint-Jacques

If you and your date absolutely love trying new things, then I recommend trying pole dancing! It’s a blast and a great way to share some good laughs on your unique date! It’s also a great winter workout so be sure to check out Milano Pole Studio!


14. Stop Being Bored And Go To A Spa Day

little spa day😛

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Vieux-Port de Montréal, Entrée McGill Coin De la Commune et McGill

When you and your date are constantly on the run trying fun new activities, us this as an excuse to go to the spa and chill out! At Bota Bota you can enjoy a relaxing time for your special someone while celebrating all the new things you have tries out!


15. Stop Being Bored And Go Sky Venture

Skyventure🌪⚡️ #drewdrewwasthebest

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2700 Avenue Du Cosmodôme

It’s the first ever free fall simulator in Canada. Visit Sky Venture and learn to like you are sailing over the sea! It’s the next best thing to a vacation and a great way to spend a first date that you will never forget!


16. Stop Being Bored And Go Rock Climbing

Paradis de la grimpe...#Escalade #Climbing #Montréal #AllezUp @allezupmtl

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1555 Rue St-Patrick

For that fit date of yours, why not surprise her and finally take her to Allez Up! Here you two can rock climb your night away and have a blast as you work out that upper body. It is honestly super fun and a great way to try something new without traveling very far!


17. Stop Being Bored And Go Surfing

Y'en a qui vendent du linge, d'autres qui servent de la bouffe, Moi je surf .. 🤔🏄🏼 #oasis #oasissurf #dix30 #unejobquejaime

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9520 boulevard Leduc, suite 01 Brossard

If you know that your date just loves summer way more than winter, then I suggest taking them to an indoor surfing arena! Hit up Brossard’s Oasis Surfing for surfing, drinks, and food! So you can hit the waves and try something new with your date.


18. Stop Being Bored And Go Zip-Lining

Treetop adventures!! 🌲#AerialTrekking #Ziplining #Abraska #Rawdon #Quebec #Canada

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Have a wild forest adventure and fly through the trees at Abraska! You and that special someone will enjoy a great summer day by zip-lining through the trees. This activity is perfect for that adventurous couple who love heights and nature!

19. Stop Being Bored And Go To A Cooking Class

Chef on call 👩🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳

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444 Saint-Francois-Xavier

Have fun and enjoy a French inspired meal that will impress your date AF! It’s about $40 to cook at Atelier & Saveurs and honestly a blast! This is a great new date because you both will be busy cooking but also talking and making great memories with a delicious dinner as a result... I hope!


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