19 People Have Now Died Because Of The Montreal Heat Wave

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19 People Have Now Died Because Of The Montreal Heat Wave

Record-breaking heat has stifled the city of Montreal. Cities are always hotter than their surrounding areas, but the convergence of Moving Day, high levels of smog, and power outages have made these high temperatures especially dangerous.

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At least 19 people have now died in southern Quebec as a result of the heat. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can set in quickly if someone is dehydrated and exposed to the sun for too long a period.

12 people, most of them elderly, have died within the municipality of Montreal. The other 7 people lived in the surrounding area. 

The old are especially susceptible to extreme heat. So make sure to check in on your elderly friends and neighbours.

In a city built for the brutal cold of its long winter, the heat can be particularly striking. Local retailers have run out of air conditioning units, while the price of fans has skyrocketed.

City officials have extended public pool hours and opened cooling stations throughout the island.

This current heat wave is expected to subside by tomorrow, when temperatures will resettle around a refreshing 26 degrees.

In the meantime, drink plenty of water and avoid the sun. The STM is giving away free passes to combat smog and for pedestrians to avoid travel on hot, exposed pavement.

Stay tuned.

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