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19 Struggles Of Being Broke In Montreal

#7 You constantly find yourself having to choose between smokes or food.
19 Struggles Of Being Broke In Montreal

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The struggle of being broke is one that many Montrealers know all too well. While, yes, for a major Canadian city Montreal is pretty cheap, that doesn't make being broke while living here feel any easier. As a starving student myself, I've become very familiar with the ups and downs of being on a strict budget in Montreal. What I've learned is that the one good thing that comes of it is that you can commiserate with all of the other broke people in the city, so when you're reading through these, just know that you're not alone.

1. Your apartment always too hot in summer and too cold in winter thanks to the Hydro Quebec prices

2. When you go to 2 Chow you can only get the chow - no spring rolls or tempura for you

3. You felt that $0.25 STM fare increase big time

4. Window shopping on Saint Laurent might as well be a new torture method

5. You’ve resigned yourself to only drinking Boreal

6. Between the crazy gas prices and the cost of parking, having a car is out of the question

7. You constantly find yourself having to choose between smokes or food

8. Eating out frequently consists of going to one of these cheap eat establishments

9. You’re genuinely scared of getting a jay walking ticket because you know you can't afford that

10. You moved to the outskirts of the city purely to save money on rent

11. Being told there’s an interact minimum at the dep is a serious blow to the heart

12. You’ve had to memorize what night of the week your favourite bars have cheap drink deals

13. Getting a parking ticket because you’ve driven to a part of the city that you don’t know ruins your entire week

14. Every year you make sure to milk your birthday for every free thing that it’s worth

15. You have to avoid all touristy areas because they’re just way too expensive

16. You’ll only consider taking a cab somewhere if there are multiple other people to split the fare with

17. Finding out an event is free brings you more joy than you ever thought possible

18. Pre drinks at home are always a necessity, because aint nobody got enough money to do that at a bar

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