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$1 BIXI Bike Day In Montreal

In honor of World Car Free Day.
$1 BIXI Bike Day In Montreal

Next Tuesday (September 22nd) is World Car Free Day and the city of Montreal wants to encourage you to participate. 

In order to make it easier for you to leave your car at home, BIXI bike rentals will only cost you $1 all day long. So if you've never used a BIXI, now's your chance to try it out for cheap.

Now I know what you're thinking. There probably won't be enough BIXIs available that day. Some BIXI stands see way more traffic than others but luckily, the city planned ahead and BIXI teams will be on site to make sure there are plenty of bikes available.

Unfortunately, this holiday is on the 22nd not the 23rd. That's because this year, Yom Kippur lands on the 23rd. This a Jewish holiday where one must fast and spend 25 hours without using any kind of electricity. So a lot of people already won't be using their cars day.


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