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2 Kilometers Of Montreal's Saint-Catherine Street To Be Closed Off And Renovated

Atwater to Bleury Street getting a $95 million dollar facelift.
2 Kilometers Of Montreal's Saint-Catherine Street To Be Closed Off And Renovated

Denis Coderre doesn't want another sink hold debacle, and is going ahead with plans to renovate 2.2km of St. Catherine street. From Atwater to Bleury, one of Montreal's major roads will be overhauled and closed off to cars for major renovations starting in 2016.

The project will cost an estimated $80 to $95 million.

Montreal's mayor announced the plan yesterday, and is fervent in the belief the repairs and renovations need to be done. Work won't begin on St. Cats for another two years, and in the meantime public consultations will be held for input on how to make St. Cats better for pedestrians and cyclists.

Businesses on the busy stretch of St Cats are a little worried about the roadwork. Past construction on St. Laurent put an end to a few establishments, and the many stores and bars on St. Catherine are worried they may meet the same fate. Coderre has promised the construction won't kill business, but how he plans to live up to that pledge remains to be seen.

Renovations to St. Cats could mean a temporary inconvenience to all of Montreal, businesses and citizens trying to get around alike, but Coderre wants to take the oppurtunity to "rethink how we use St. Catherines," so while we may have to live through some annoying construction, the pay off could be worth it. Hopefully, anyway.

Is a St. Catherine renovation necessary?

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