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20 Acts You 100% Do Not Want To Miss At Osheaga 2014

The biggest summer music festival in the city is back!

Photo cred - STM

Every year, indie fans from across Canada come together in Montreal for the Osheaga festival. The 3-day event has become a staple of every Montreal summer and always hosts the biggest and best up & coming artists in the indie genre. Over the years, the festival has grown to include a ton of other musical styles; folk, alternative, rock, pop, and more recently they've included an entire stage for electronic music.

This year, there will be six stages spread across the Osheaga grounds, as well as a ton of after parties and events across the city starting on July 31st. There will be an insane amount of food for you to choose from (food trucks will of course be there!) and in classic Osheaga style, tons of kiosks to keep festival-goers occupied throughout the day.

Enough about the food- the best part of the weekend is obviously the music, and we've got your absolutely-do-not-want-to-miss list of musicians that you need to check out. Some are up & coming, others  are already big names, but either way? Make sure you head out and see every single one of them.

Click here for the 20 Acts You 100% Do Not Want To Miss At Montreal's Osheaga 2014 >

Duke Dumont

Sunday August 3rd @ 5:00PM

Genre: Deep House/Techno

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Duke Dumont is going to be bringing an entirely new vibe to Osheaga this year as one of several DJ's to be performing. No matter your musical genre of choice, you may recognize Duke Dumont's hit song 'I Got U' ft Jax Jones AKA possibly the greatest song (and music video) for summer ever. If you enjoy his music on Sunday afternoon, make sure you check out his after party at Le Belmont, presented by Osheaga!

Details here: Duke Dumont Osheaga Afterparty


Sunday August 3rd @ 8:20PM

Genre: Electronica/Pop/Rock

Why you don’t want to miss out:

The 17 year old songstress hardly needs any introduction; chances are you've seen (or heard of) one of her strange live performances, and it's TIME you see it for yourself! Seriously though, despite the critiques you might hear, Lorde's debut album 'Pure Heroine' is a stunning release, and we're stoked to see her on this year's Osheaga lineup.


Friday August 1st @ 7:30PM

Genre: Electro-Funk/Synthpop

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Montreal natives Chromeo have been basking in the success of their most recent album, and rightfully so. The record is FANTASTIC. The duo always seem to be changing and evolving their music, but fans are loving it. Since Osheaga is a Montreal-born festival, it just seems right to have these guys performing in support of 'White Women', not to mention they put on a killer show every time!


Friday August 1st @ 9:05PM

Genre: Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk

Why you don’t want to miss out:

How could you NOT be excited to shake it like a polaroid picture?! It's hard to believe that the eccentric duo will be making an appearance at Osheaga this year (and a big one, they're closing night number one!) but you better believe it, and you better be ready. There is NO doubt that it's going to be an absolute riot.

Le Trouble

Friday August 1st @ 1:00PM

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Le Trouble are an up and coming band from Montreal with unprecedented energy and an incredibly unique sound. From the first track on their EP 'Reality Strikes' you're dancing along to their catchy, funky beats. Since they are one of the first bands to be performing on the first day, make sure you get to the site extra early and head over to support local talent!

The Mowgli's

Friday August 1st at 1:20PM

Genre: Alternative/Rock

Why you don’t want to miss out:

If the band name doesn't sound familiar, chances are their songs will. The Mowgli's are blowing up in the music scene (and on a radio station near you) with their distinct blend of upbeat pop-alternative hooks. Don't let their early set time fool you; these guys have performed alongside other big names and have been leaving quite the impression after every one of their live shows. Get there early on day 1, it'll be worth it!

Childish Gambino

Friday August 1st @ 5:35PM

Genre: Hip-Hop

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Donald Glover hardly needs an introduction- chances are you know him as Troy Barnes from the hit NBC TV series 'Community' or you've followed his career in some way. He's been around the music scene for several years now but more recently truly started making a name for himself. His charming, funny personality definitely comes out when he's on stage, not to mention in his music too. We can't wait to see his show!

Jack White

Saturday August 2nd @ 9:05PM

Genre: Alternative/Rock/Blues/Garage Rock

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Previously half of the infamous duo 'The White Stripes', Jack White has been focusing on his solo career and doing an amazing job at it. No doubt he will be known as a musical legend for a long time to come; his closing performance of night two at Osheaga is literally a NOT ALLOWED to be missed event.

Volcano Choir

Saturday August 2nd @ 4:25PM

Genre: Experimental Indie/Folk Rock

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Have you ever heard of a little band called Bon Iver, fronted by the insanely talented Justin Vernon? Ever wonder why Volcano Choir sounds oddly **exactly the same** as Bon Iver? Trust us, if you sorta kinda like Justin Vernon's sound, you may very well leave Osheaga completely in love with it. He may put on one of the most stunning performances in music of his generation!

Serena Ryder

Saturday August 2nd @ 3:00PM

Genre: Folk Rock/Indie Rock

Why you don’t want to miss out:

You probably remember Toronto native Serena Ryder for her insanely catchy indie/rock song 'What I Wouldn't Do' that took over the airwaves in 2012-2013. That entire album is actually fantastic, and so is Serena. She brings a bit more of an edgy sound to the normally indie-fueled festival, and we seriously can't wait to rock out with her. She's definitely going to be bringing a TON of energy to Saturday's lineup!

Local Natives

Saturday August 2nd @ 3:40PM

Genre: Indie Rock/Indie Pop

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Local Natives are fantastic, that's really all there is to it. They fall more on the side of indie with a side of rock and pop, which make them the perfect fit for an afternoon show right in the middle of Osheaga. Their album 'Hummingbird' is perfect for summer. We predict sunshine and good times for their set!


Saturday August 2nd @ 1:00PM

Genre: Indie/Rock

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Wildlife are repping Canada this year at Oshega, and after the release of their most recent record 'On the Heart' they're doing a pretty kickass job of it too. Their music is equal amounts upbeat, catchy, and well written. It's impossible to give them a listen and not find a song to fall in love with. Their set is undoubtedly going to be one of the best rock-infused indie shows of the day!

Bombay Bicycle Club

Sunday August 3rd @ 2:25PM

Genre: Indie/Rock/Alternative/Pop/Folk

Why you don’t want to miss out:

If you give Bombay Bicycle Club a listen, you'd probably spend a lot of time wondering what kind of music they're actually playing. The truth is, their genre is incredibly difficult to pinpoint- but that's the beauty of their sound. Their latest album 'So Long, See You Tomorrow' is beyond brilliant (although other people might tell you differently) but we promise, it's worth stopping by on Sunday afternoon to see what they're about.

Vance Joy

Sunday August 3rd @ 3:00PM

Genre: Alternative/Rock/Indie/Folk

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Australian singer/songwriter James Keogh (better known under his moniker Vance Joy) jumped the charts with his insanely catch folk tune 'Riptide'. The 26 year old only has one EP under his belt and already has half the world that's fallen head over heels for him. With an album set for release this Fall, his set is bound to be filled with tons of new music for you to discover beyond the 5 you already love.

The Temper Trap

Sunday August 3rd @ 5:25PM

Genre: Indie/Rock/Pop

Why you don’t want to miss out:

You may remember The Temper Trap after the huge success of their single 'Sweet Disposition' which is still a favorite in many iTunes libraries today, but the band has two full albums worth of music for you to fall in love with. Although they haven't released a new album in two years, they also haven't played Montreal in as long as we can remember, so it's time to get familiar with both their records and sing along next weekend!

Arctic Monkeys

Sunday August 3rd @ 9:20PM

Genre: Indie/Rock

Why you don’t want to miss out:

You'd be crazy to go all the way to Osheaga and miss a set by these guys. They're now veterans of Osheaga having already played the festival before, so you know you're in for a treat. They already know exactly what Montreal loves to hear and we've all been waiting to have them come back! Not to mention their last album was said to be one of their best, so you won't want to miss hearing those songs live.

Lykke Li

Sunday August 3rd @ 9:55PM

Genre: Indie/Alternative/Dream Pop

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Lykke Li is one of those beautiful musicians that you just need to see live at least once in your life. Her music is haunting and introspective, but stunning too. Her set will likely be a mix of her three records, particularly her 2014 release 'I Never Learn' which has a particularly dark vibe to it. As one of the closing acts of this years' Osheaga, we're very excited to she transforms her music for a live show.


Friday August 1st @ 1:30PM

Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie Pop

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Bleachers is the experimental indie pop side project of Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist for the band 'fun.' Don't let his musical background fool you; Bleachers has an incredibly distinct sound, faraway from anything you might have heard Antonoff perform in previously. With a style of their own, Bleachers released their debut album 'Strange Desires' in July 2014, and will be making their debut in Montreal at Osheaga. How exciting!

Half Moon Run

Sunday August 3rd @ 6:30PM

Genre: Indie/Rock/Folk

Why you don’t want to miss out:

Montreal natives Half Moon Run always put on a stunning show. If you’re as addicted to their album as we are, you’re in for a treat; they sound even better live, and they already sound brilliant. Although they haven’t released any new music in several years now, we’ve got our fingers crossed that they unveil some new songs at Osheaga on top of their current hits!


Sunday August 3rd @ 5:40PM

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock

Why you don’t want to miss out:

You know those musicians that immediately catch your attention because they have a unique voice? Lead vocalist Steve Garrigan is that one-of-a-kind singer that will have you intrigued from the start. Kodaline has already been featured on a slew of TV shows and movies as well, but their live shows are even better than catching a stray song on your favorite episode of Grey's Anatomy. Make sure you check them out!

What bands can't you miss at this year's Osheaga festival?

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