20 Adorable Bucket List Restaurants Every Couple Should Go To For A "Date Night" In Montreal

A food quest!
20 Adorable Bucket List Restaurants Every Couple Should Go To For A "Date Night" In Montreal

Every couple knows the struggle of finding a new "date night" restaurant, especially last minute. We all usually end up just going to the closest restaurant we can find or one we call the "go to". But, that's going to stop right here because this is the ultimate bucket list of all the adorable restaurants couples need to try for those date nights!

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There is definitely something on this list for every type of couple and for every occasion! Some are more pricey than others but I am positive that you will find the perfect most adorable one for your next date night!

Alright, for a 514% lowkey night,  you guys really need to check out this Cuban restaurant in downtown Montreal. The food is BOMB, the decor has a modern twist, and their drinks are pretty insane! Plus, everyone wants a lowkey pictures in front of the famous neon sign: all you need is love and mojitos. 

1. Have An Adorable Date Night At L'Gros Luxe

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L’Gros Luxe never disappoints! Not only can you order several dishes and expect nothing less than heaven on a plate, but you won't break the bank this date night! Their menu is fairly cheap so you can impress your date by telling her to order as many things as they like! You can definitely expect the bill to be under $50


2. Have An Adorable Date Night At Deville

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1425 Rue Stanley

If you love some awesome burgers and some even more delicious and larger than life drinks, I suggest checking out Deville! They have these amazing fish bowl drinks, doughnut balls, salads, burgers, and much more to make your mouths water!


3. Have An Adorable Date Night At Venice Mtl

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40 St Francois Xavier St

Feel like you stepped right off the metro and into Venice beach with your date when you enter Venice MTL! Their food is fresh and delicious for a nice treat on a hot day and their decor makes it lowkey AF.


4. Have An Adorable Date Night At Jukebox

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11798 Boulevard de Salaberry

Featuring a variety of options there's really no way on earth you can go wrong with a meal from Jukebox. Oh, and to top it all off? They've got a wide array of delicious desserts, including parfaits, sundaes, and the awesome - and awesomely huge - "Kitchen Sink" dessert.


5. Have An Adorable Date Night At Koa Lua

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1446 Saint-Catherine St W / 1212 Union Ave

Koa Lua just screams VACATION! This restaurant is like a secret vacation spot for you and your date to chill and eat dinner! The ambiance is bright AF and perfect for a A1 night out.


6. Have An Adorable Date Night At La Habanera

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1216 Union Ave


7. Have An Adorable Date Night At LOV

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464 McGill St

LOV is a great location for "date night" if you happen to be one of those vegan couples on a casual day! This organic restaurant places emphasis on locally grown, wholesome ingredients, plus delicious vegan dishes like poutine and brunch!


8. Have An Adorable Date Night At Fiorellino

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470 Rue de la Gauchetière O

A restaurant that would stand the test of time, and bring an authentic Italian experience to the city in which it resides. It has superb dishes that will make both your mouths water!


9. Have An Adorable Date Night At Cafe Santropol

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3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

For a cozy outdoors study date when exam session is underway but you still want to have a date night with bae, I recommend checking out Santropol! Their cute outdoor garden is perfect for a relaxing study session. The garden is beautiful and absolutely perfect for an adorable study date and dinner date!


10. Have An Adorable Date Night At Maiko Sushi

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3339 des Sources Boulevard

Impress the love of you life with Maiko's amazing sashimi "flower bouquets" presentation that comes with every meal! They offer classic sushi that does perfectly with any night of the week.


11. Have An Adorable Date Night At Lola Rosa

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4581 Av du Parc

For a vegetarian or vegan date, I suggest treating them to Lola Rosa! Here they can enjoy delightful dishes of salsas and Mexican inspired treats!


12. Have An Adorable Date Night At Agrikol

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1844 Amherst

Enjoy the hot spring weather at Agrikol's lowkey garden terrasse, or stay inside and be amazing by their wall of liquors! Either way, I promise that you will have a lowkey dinner with your bae. Plus, there bathroom is totally famous!


13. Have An Adorable Date Night At Chambre À Part

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3619 Rue Saint-Denis

This adorable restaurant has an ambiance that is rustic, contemporary,and romantic making it perfect for a sweet date night! They also specialize in French cuisine but they add a vintage twist on it!


14. Have An Adorable Date Night At Hoogan et Beaufort

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4095 Rue Molson, Montréal

For a cute little date, I suggest going to Hoogan and Beaufort! This is honestly a perfect place to go for that extra special person of yours! The food is superb and the location is very charming!


15. Have An Adorable Date Night At Andrea

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3194, boul. Saint-Joseph

This restaurant truly has it all! They serve AMAZING pizza, FRESH seafood, and SUPERB pasta! I've been there so many times and every time I've ordered something new, I have fallen in love!


16. Have An Adorable Date Night At Kampai

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1616 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

For a great birthday dinner, I suggest checking out Kampai! Their Japanese garden beer paired with superb dishes will blow you mind! It's a great place for a dinner date and also a night out with drinks since it turns into a hip bar/club after dinner service!

17. Have An Adorable Date Night At Arepera Du Plateau

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4050 Rue de Bullion

This restaurant specializes in South American delights! It's a perfect place for one of those spontaneous date nights. They offer something for Meat lovers, Vegans,Vegeterians,and they even have Gluten free dishes!


18. Have An Adorable Date Night At Crudessence

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2157 Mackay St

This vegan cafe has sealed the deal on stealing my heart! They offer raw/organic/gluten-free dishes and a great museum like ambiance with stunning art pieces. I guarantee that this will become one of your favorite spots in Montreal.


19. Have An Adorable Date Night At Nini Meatball House

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1752 Notre-Dame St W

Nini Meatball House is the absolute most adorable restaurant for a date night! The decor it subtle and the food is absolutely amazing. Of course they are most known for their mouth watering meatballs and Mac and Cheese balls!


20. Have An Adorable Date Night At Resto Chillax

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3460A Av du Parc

The name says it all! Resto Chillax is perfect for a chill/lowkey date night with your bae. You can already tell that I am unloved since they have cacti everywhere and of course delightful food!


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