20 Bucket List Coffee Shops To Try Downtown Montreal, Le Plateau, Mile End, & Little Burgundy

OK, so I have this conversation with my friends EVERY week. Whenever we want to go out and do homework or simply share a coffee together, we always have this problem of finding somewhere to go depending on how far we want to travel. Are we in the mood to stay Down Town or venture to the Mile End? Then the question arises umm.... What Coffee Shop do we go to in that area?

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Well, not to worry! To help us all out I have composed this list of A1 coffee shops that are located in four of Montreal's most popular burrows! So, choose your location and get on that coffee shop grind.


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Mile End Coffee Shops:

1. Butterblume

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5836 Boul St-Laurent

Not only is the name Butterblume insanely cute but, this cafe sure does live up to its name since the inside is so esthetically pleasing. They have adorable, floral-infused decor and trendy atmosphere. Plus, they have such fresh food that your heart and taste-buds will melt!


2. Café Olimpico

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124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest

This cute Mile End spot if perfect for a quick afternoon coffee You can enjoy Italian delights with you friends after a long day at work. So, make a pit-stop for fresh treats at Cafe Olimpico! It's cute, delicious, and perfect for any day.


3. Cafe Melbourne

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4615 Boul St-Laurent

For some Australian treats in the Plateau Area that will help you with you Western Civilization assignment, this is the place for you! You can munch on some yummy grub and enjoy a superb coffee in this absolutely adorable cafe where you can study hard.


4. Café Plume

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av. Mont-Royal O

This cafe is cute AF and perfect for a chill day. If you can your friends ever happen to be walking in the Plateau area, then this is a great spot to make for a lowkey snack!


5. Arts Cafe

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201 Avenue Fairmount O

For a stylish vintage cafe that is perfect for sweet, sweet loving, I recommend checking out Arts Cafe! They serve breakfast and it then transforms into the perfect cozy and comfy location. This cafe is absolutely great to for a sweet short date to really get to know someone.


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Plateau Coffee Shops:

1. Bar Darling

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4328 St Laurent Blvd

Yes, all of your dreamshave come true! You can now have Tequila at 1PM to start off your day and coffee at Midnight to keep you up for a LIT AF night ahead at this amazing bar. So, forget about those average places that just serve dinner and then transform into a bar and check out Bar Darling where you can enjoy all of life's wonder... Coffee and Alcohol.


2. Le GAB

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4815A, St-Laurent

This coffee shop will literally make you feel like a lowkey professional from New York City! It is more flexible and dynamic than a traditional collaborative space, more convenient and professional than a coffee shop, and cheaper than both of them. In short, you’ll be smiling. All the time!


3. Café Nocturne

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19 Prince Arthur O

This artsy cafe is great for when you just want to bust out your drawing book and sketch away. It's a great location for inspiration and for espresso of high quality.


4. Café Névé

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151 Rachel East

The first time I walked past Café Névé, I was in absolute shock and I ran in. Not only is it so lowkey, but they also have A1 espresso! The ambiance is chill and perfect for catching up with your BFF over from lovely espresso.


5. Café Replika

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252 Rue Rachel Est

This Turkish cafe sure does serve up a delicious selection of omelettes with a distinct Mediterranean flare. Their savory omelet with sausage and feta is literally to die for especially when paired with their great coffee!


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Downtown Coffee Shops:

1. Leaves Cafe

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2051 Rue de la Montagne

This cafe is literally a dream come true. Not only do they sell vegan treats and even vegan lattes but, they have cacti EVERYWHERE! Yes, for those who do not know me I AM OBSESSED with cacti so, you could only imagine that Leaves Cafe is by far my favorite place in Montreal.


2. Cafe Spoon

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2183 Rue Crescent

Situated right on Crescent street, this downtown cafe is trendy AF, seriously adorable, and 100% the place you want to be.Their coffee is so good that it is definitely worth the wait on a busy day!



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1455 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

HVMANS has a lit Down Town vibe and a lowkey ambiance that makes it perfect for snapping pictures, doing homework, or grabbing a coffee on the go! I have to say that this is now one of my new favorite places in Montreal.

4. Café Myriade

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1000 Sainte Catherine Street West

Café Myriade is most known for their exquisite coffee in both their Mile End and Concordia University locations. Teaming up with Club Monaco, Café Myriade Monaco is located directly inside the trendy shop on Sainte-Catherine Street. It's the perfect cafe to stop at before you've shopped and dropped since you can enjoy some great espresso to keep your energy up!


5. Cafe Parvis

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433 Rue Mayor

This cafe is perfect for when you just want a naturally cute day vibe. The cafe is adorable and great for an intimate and charming time. So, when you just want to make sure everything is actually perfect, this is the place for you! I mean who doesn't love a plant filled coffee shop that smells like freshly brewed coffee!


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Little Burgundy Coffee Shops:

1. Café Lali

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1850, Notre-Dame O

For a nice view from on top of what looks like a balcony in the middle of a coffee shop, I recommend having a chill time at Café Lali. The cafe has been inspired by the owners various travels across the globe! So you can just imagine all the inspiration within this coffee shop. It's chill AF!


2. September Surf Cafe

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2471 Rue Notre-Dame O

This newly opened cafe is the definition is simply cute. They have a casual atmosphere that isn’t over the top. In other words, it’s a simple lovely cafe that is perfect for a little snack. You won’t be overwhelmed by plants or the increasing white walls here!



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2695 Rue Notre-Dame O

This little cafe is located right near Atwater Market and the Lachine Canal! So after a nice cup of coffee, I suggest taking a romantic walk along the water and maybe even buying some delightful fresh fruits!


4. Cafe Bloom

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1940 Rue Centre

Cafe Bloom is 100% the place to be if you love hipster cafes and gorgeous tiled countertops! This cafe is so cozy and definitely a great location to go this winter and enjoy a warm beverage.


5. Canal-Lounge

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The Canal near Atwater Avenue

Feel like you are in Amsterdam floating on a gorgeous boat while drinking fabulous coffee! But, instead you are right here in Montreal! Yes, the Canal-Lounge is going to re-open this spring so be sure to check it out ASAP.


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