20 Insane Online Summer Sales To Check Out Right Now

Cheap hats, heels, kimonos and much more!
20 Insane Online Summer Sales To Check Out Right Now

Shopaholics unite! I know what you're doing. You're at work. You're wishing for the weekend. You're scrolling through endless pages on the Internet, trying to pass the time. That's how you stumbled upon this article. Well, I'm here to give your browsing some purpose.

We all know how this mindless Internet perusing ends. With an empty credit card and a lot of adorable clothes on their way to your house within the next five to fourteen days. Online shopping is a dangerous beast. So, to lessen the blow I've found the biggest sales, and the cutest things in those sales, and put them all in one place. You're welcome.

1. Glee For All Dress

Modcloth: $32.99 (down from 59.99)

2. Funky Socks

Modcloth: $6.99 (down from 11.99)

3. Collegiate-Setter Boot

Modcloth: $12.99 (down from 64.99)

4. It's Fleur the Best Dress

Modcloth: $16.99 (down from 54.99)

5. Motel Cally Halterneck Maxi Dress in Black

Motel Rocks: $20.00 (down from 40.00)

6. Motel Peridot Halterneck Swimsuit in Black and Pink Paisley

Motel Rocks: $20.00 (down from 35.00)

7. Motel Logan Peg Leg Trouser in Dahlia Blue

Motel Rocks: $25.00 (down from 40.00)

8. Jolie Wool Hat - Burgundy

Nasty Gal: $29.42 (down from 58.85)

9. Shoe Cult Chain Reaction Heel

Nasty Gal: $41.69 (down from 83.37)

10. Nasty Gal Make Me Blush Romper

Nasty Gal: $25.01 (down from 83.37)

11. Daisy Street Dungarees

Asos: $30.68 (down from 52.87)

12. Oasis Boucle Check Wrap Cape Scarf

Asos: $29.62 (down from 59.24)

13. Love Rocks Linked Double Cuff Bracelet

Asos: $29.62 (down from 42.31)

14. ASOS CURVE Wrap Jumpsuit in Botanical Floral Print

Asos: $47.60 (down from 95.21)

15. Leather Wallet Case For iPhone 6

Madewell: $33.50 (extra 30% off when you use the code SWEET)

16. Cirque Layering Necklace

Madewell: $34.99 (extra 30% off when you use the code SWEET)

17. Floral Boxy Top

Misguided: $16.00 (down from 30.00)

18. Pineapple Print Pom Pom Kimono

Misguided: $20.00 (down from 30.00)

19. Heeled Jelly Shoes Glitter Pink

Misguided: $10.00 (down from 20.00)

20. Cut Out Bandeau Bodycon Dress White

Misguided: $40.00 (down from 56.00)

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