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21 Awesome Things You Should Do In Montreal This Summer If You Haven't Already

There's still lots of time left.
21 Awesome Things You Should Do In Montreal This Summer If You Haven't Already

Let's all join in on a collective sigh; it's August already, and the dreaded end of summer is approaching at an alarming rate. And trust me, I hate to be the person to say that, because with school looming on the horizon, no one wishes that summer would last forever more than me.

But the truth is that the month of August is just beginning, and we should all be more motivated than ever to enjoy this beautiful season and all it has to offer. Summer in Montreal is always eventful, and although you might feel like all of the major festivals and attractions are long gone, there are still tons of awesome things left to do in the city.

So it's time to make the most of what we have left, and wholeheartedly embrace the last month of summer. Whether it's something as simple as sipping coffee on a terrasse, or partying hard at a music event, don't let the imminent end stop you from participating in all of the fun and exciting summer experiences Montreal has to offer.

1. Spend a Sunday dancing at Piknic Electronik

A photo posted by Charles Burroughs (@charlesburroughs) on

2. Ride your bike down the Lachine canal and have a beer (or three) at Terrasse St. Ambroise

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A photo posted by Daphne Jane (@loveyourselfxx) on

3. Spend an evening at the beautiful Jardins Gamelin

A photo posted by Jardins_Gamelin (@jardins_gamelin) on

4. Take a stroll under St-Catherine street's pink balls

A photo posted by @elisabethmac on

5. Enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon at Tam Tams

A photo posted by Maya (@maya53) on

6. Take a walk through the Plateau to see all the new street art

A photo posted by Jolene (@jlener) on

7. Visit one of the city's awesome rooftop gardens

A photo posted by •••Anaïs Boisvert••• (@ananacomeon) on

8. Sip your morning coffee at one of these gorgeous cafe terrasses

A photo posted by Deryn Macey (@runningonrealfood) on

9. Then head to one of these rooftop terrasses to get your drink on

A photo posted by taylor neal (@tay.neal) on

10. Rent a paddleboat or kayak on Beaver Lake, the Lachine Canal, or in Old Port

A photo posted by Frédérique PT (@ffredfou) on

11. Check out the many delights at the Jean Talon Market and Atwater Market

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A photo posted by Ray ?? (@rayferee) on

12. Have a boozy picnic at one of Montreal's many beautiful parks

A photo posted by Anastasia (@naastyaag) on

13. Test your adrenaline limits on the crazy rides at LaRonde

A photo posted by La Ronde OFFICIEL (@larondesixflags) on

14. Party it up like a celebrity at Beachclub

A photo posted by Beachclub (@beachclubmtl) on

15. Partake in the city's Pride Parade on August 14th

A photo posted by Mériem * (@m.ledore) on

16. Pretend you're on vacation and relax on Jean Doré beach for a day

A photo posted by Lost Boy ? (@neverland.dlp) on

17. Take a photo in front of the blue wall at La Diperie with your ice cream in hand

A photo posted by Daisy An (@daisyxinyue) on

18. Venture to the floating boat cafe for a unique experience

A photo posted by Emma (@emma.tellier) on

19. Treat yourself and your S/O to a day at Bota Bota spa

A photo posted by Alexe Grenier ? (@alexegre) on

20. Spend a day at the Botanical Gardens

A photo posted by Kim Marinelli (@kimmberleeem) on

21. Be adventurous and try Ziplining through the Old Port

A photo posted by Tourisme Montréal (@montreal) on

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