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20 Best Answers To ‘Why Are You Still Single?’

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20 Best Answers To ‘Why Are You Still Single?’

If you’ve been single at some point of your life or are single right now, you’ve for sure gotten the worst question of all time, “Why are you still single?” Seriously, WTF kind of question is this. Like, why are people even asking this. Usually, the person who asks such ridiculous questions is in a long-term "committed" relationship. The usual follow up is a long speech about how it’s ok and that you shouldn’t worry about finding your better half... "You'll find them when the time is right". Thanks, but no thanks. As if they’ve got life figured out or they’re some sort of relationship guru. And you just smile and nod, patiently thinking to yourself, “FML, FML, FML…” So here are 20 best answers to the world’s most awkward question, “Why are you still single?”

1. Have you ever heard of married super heroes? Exactly.

2. Because I haven’t forwarded that chain message back in 2005.

3. Because I want my cat to grow up in a peaceful environment.

4. Because I’m insane and emotionally unstable.

5. Because… *start crying uncontrollably*

6. Because the other side of my bed is taken by my cat, laptop and remotes.

7. Why are YOU still in a relationship?

8. If I tell you, I would have to kill you.

9. Because I’m too busy building my empire, bish.

10. Because you have to be freaking amazing to change my relationship status.

11. If you could go ahead and mind your own fucking business, that would be great.

12. Are you hitting on me?

13. I’m actually in a relationship with poutine.

14. Because I hate people.

15. Netflix and Wine is my boyfriend. He’s really great.

16. I’m just lucky like that.

17. Because I’m not ready to give up my great sex life yet.

18. It gives my parents something to look forward to.

19. Because ain’t nobody got time for that.

20. I am a unicorn, I don't date humans.

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