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20 Best Montreal Breakfast Restaurants You Need To Eat At If You Haven't Already

The most important meal of the day!
20 Best Montreal Breakfast Restaurants You Need To Eat At If You Haven't Already

Breakfast is definitely one of my favourite meals of all time. If I could eat breakfast for all three meals of the day I probably would. That sounds crazy but there's just so many great options you can have at breakfast like eggs benedict, crepes, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, omelettes and so much more!

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Lucky for us, Montreal is home to some insane breakfast spots all over the city. There's some amazing ones located in the 5 main boroughs of Montreal that offer the best breakfast foods there is! 

If you're looking to explore a new area for breakfast, or you're looking for somewhere near you, these are some of the best options you'll find in the city! 

Breakfast In The Plateau 🍳 🥓

Breakfast In Saint Henri 🍳 🥓

Breakfast In Old Montreal 🍳 🥓

Breakfast In Downtown Montreal 🍳 🥓

Breakfast In Little Italy 🍳 🥓

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1. Restaurant L'Avenue 

via @anas.tasiiaa

922 Mont-Royal Ave E

This plateau restaurant makes some unreal breakfast dishes that are a must-try for every true Montrealer. They make crazy eggs benedict's like their crab cake benedict, steak and eggs benedict or their smoked meat benedict! They also have tons of delicious sweet items to choose from as well.

2. Au Festin De Babette 

via @melaniedsj

4085 St Denis St

This is probably one of the cutest breakfast restaurants in the entire plateau area. They serve amazing breakfast combos, my favourite is the smoked salmon eggs benedict that comes with a small dish of scalloped potatoes, soup of the day, salad and a cup of chocolate mousse for dessert! It's basically heaven on a plate.

3. The Sparrow 

via @amymariemckay

5322 St Laurent Blvd

This cute plateau restaurant offer some awesome breakfast foods every weekend that you've got to try ASAP. Try their Turkish Breakfast Plate, Shakshuka, or their Steak and Eggs! They also serve awesome breakfast cocktails so you can get a little tipsy in the morning.

4. Arts Cafe 

via @brunchmtl

201 Avenue Fairmount O

I love this breakfast spot because it's just so unique to Montreal. The inside is decorated with hundreds of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling and it gives off a casual and cool cafe vibe. You can try their breakfast poutine, breakfast sandwich, eggs benedict or french toast, all paired with a yummy latte of course!

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1. Foiegwa 

via @bigregoire

3001 Notre-Dame St W

This new Saint Henri restaurant has an insane breakfast menu. The restaurant has a chic diner feel with high quality food like their fried chicken and waffles, blueberry pancakes, and make your own eggs benedict!

2. Spanel 

via @bauerquidejeune

1960 Notre-Dame St W

This gourmet crepe is a staple for all breakfast lovers. They make amazing sweet crepes like their Kinder Surprise crepe, Nutella and Banana crepe, caramelized apple crepe, and so much more. They also have mouth watering savoury crepes like their ham and cheese crepe, smoked salmon crepe and their strawberries and brie crepe!

3. Bagel St Henri

via @puppuq

4354 Saint-Antoine St W

This cute little bagel shop in St Henri makes some of the best breakfast you'll find in this area. They have amazing breakfast sandwiches, served on their house-made bagels of course, eggs florentine, omelettes and eggs benedict! They also have a secret terrasse in the back to enjoy your meal outside this summer.

4. Arthurs Nosh Bar

via @pizzamakesmehappyy

4621 Notre-Dame St W

This Jewish-inspired restaurant serves up some amazing dishes that you must try on your next breakfast date. Try their challah french toast, cottage cheese pancakes, and their shakshouka! Pair your breakfast with one of their awesome breakfast cocktails as well.

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1. Olive & Gourmando 

via @coffeewithlin

351 Saint-Paul St W

The first time I ever came to Montreal I went to this breakfast place and it was such an amazing experience I decided to move here for good. Just kidding, I moved here for lots of other reasons but this breakfast spot probably contributed to my decision in some way because it's awesome! They serve a ton of French pastries and healthy breakfast options like chia seed pudding, smoothie bowls, and brioche french toast!

2. Muru Crepe

via @lanapha

362 Notre-Dame St E

If you can't guess from the title, this spot serves crepes, but not just any crepes! These crepes aren't only delicious they're gorgeous to look at, you almost won't want to eat it.. almost. Try their ham and cheddar crepes, Thai crepe, berry and chocolate crepes, and so much more!

3. Bar A Beurre 

via @sassyuqing

350 Notre-Dame St E

This cute little bakery in Old Montreal is perfect for a high tea breakfast. You can choose from all kinds of teas to pair with a platter of desserts like their freshly made croissants, cupcakes, macarons, scones, and breakfast sandwiches!

4. Vallier Bistro

via @carlysakolove

425 McGill St

This stylish breakfast spot is perfect if you're looking for breakfast foods that double as comfort foods. Try their oven baked french toast, eggs benedict, steak and eggs, or their duck confit grilled cheese!

For Breakfast In Downtown Montreal, Click "NEXT"

1. Les Enfants Terrible 

via @kgibeault5

1 Place Ville Marie

This gorgeous restaurant is located on the top of Montreal's tallest building, Place Ville Marie. The best part is? You can also enjoy breakfast here with a stunning view of the entire metropolis of Montreal!

2. Le Cartet 

via @gingeralepapi

106 McGill St

Eat your breakfast in style at this chic spot in downtown Montreal! Enjoy classic breakfast dishes like crepes, eggs benedict and avocado toasts. They also have a sunny terrasse for the summer so you can enjoy your breakfast outdoors.

3. Suite 701 

via @lafacieats

701 Côte de la Place d'Armes

If you're searching for a super classy breakfast, this is the place to go. You can make this a big event by dressing up, ordering mimosas to get day drunk on, and enjoy your fancy meal on the sunny rooftop terrasse!

4. Holder Restaurant 

via @lachicdemoiselle

407 McGill St

Enjoy a high class breakfast at this downtown restaurant. Enjoy a selection of eggs benedict, french toast, all kinds of omelettes, and tons of amazing savoury and salty crepes!

For Breakfast In Little Italy, Click "NEXT"

1. Santa Barbara 

via @ondejeune

6696 Rue de Saint-Vallier

This spot probably has the most beautiful breakfast food I've ever seen in my life, I mean just look at it! You can try their unreal avocado toasts, apple and maple crepes, and shakshouka!

2. Le Butterblume 

via @bertexertier

5836 St Laurent Blvd

This adorable flower shop/cafe/breakfast spot is a must visit in Montreal's Little Italy. They serve the prettiest toasts you'll ever see, brisket and eggs, sweet and savoury crepes, and cute granola bowls!

3. Le Vieux Velo

via @yesmini_

59 Rue Beaubien E

This cute Little Italy breakfast spot is famous for their delicious eggs benedicts! You can get smoked salmon benedict, bacon benedict, avocado benedict and a whole lot more!

4. La Recolte Espace Local

via @mtlepicureans

764 Rue Bélanger

This restaurants has an emphasis on local and organic products that they use to make their amazing breakfast dishes. They make some unique dishes like Korean crepes, mushroom tart, smoked trout blintzes and some usual dishes like eggs benedict. The one thing they all have in common is how delicious they are!

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