20 Best Montreal Pizza Restaurants You Need To Eat At If You Haven’t Already

You'll want a piece 'a these.
20 Best Montreal Pizza Restaurants You Need To Eat At If You Haven’t Already

Not going to lie to you guys, I firmly believe that pizza is a dish essential to having good quality of life. Without pizza, somehow things wouldn't look as bright, friends. (Don't even try to tell me I'm wrong here. I won't hear it).

Those of you who feel as strongly about pizza as I do, I've got some great news. Montreal has literally tons of pizza spots, and while there's legit no such thing as a bad pizza - and therefore each and every pizza joint is amazing in its own way - there are a select few places in the city that just so happen to stand out a little bit more.

1. Sapori Di Napoli

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1465 Rue Dudemaine

I've expressed my love for this place numerous times. But honestly, if you've ever been here, then you know exactly why this authentic Italian pizza spot, located in Ahuntsic, is so well-loved by me - and by countless others as well.

First of all, the pizzas here are astonishing. Like, one bite and you might literally get your mind blown wide open - they're that awesome, with a crispy-yet-soft crust that's been cooked to absolute perfection, savoury tomato sauce, and incredibly fresh, high-quality toppings. Even though it's all the way in Ahuntsic, trust me, for one bite of this out of this world pizza, it's more than worth the travel time.


2. Magpie

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16 Rue Maguire

Straight-up, if you're looking for a pizza that'll send you into a whole other world of happiness, look no further. Magpie is here to save your day, and save your entire pizza life, to be totally honest with you guys. I'm not sure exactly what it is about this Plateau spot that propels it to its own special level of awesome. Is it the sauce, perfectly thin and crispy and yet somehow still deliciously doughy? Is it the fresh, tangy, and tasty tomato sauce?

I don't know, guys. I think it's just a combination of everything, formed to create the perfect pie. Protip: although all the pizzas here are fantastic, try the Magpie Margherita. Bocconcini, basil, and tomato sauce come together to form one of the tastiest pizzas you could ever sample.


3. Bevo

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410 St Vincent St

The pizzas at Bevo literally melt in your mouth - that's the best way I can describe them, to be honest. The dough is so light and crispy that it's a little hard to believe you're eating actual pizza dough and not some kind of tasty, magical, thin, crispy slab of pure, 100% awesome.

Not only is the dough on a level all on its own, but the toppings are incredibly fresh and high-quality as well, making for one seriously out of this world pizza experience. Plus, Bevo offers up a super trendy and intimate atmosphere, making it one seriously cool place for a date, a get-together, a birthday, or, well, anything, basically.


4. Di Menna

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6313 Rue Jarry E

This St. Leonard restaurant might seem a little out of the way for some of us, but trust me when I say that this pizza is more than worth the travel time. The crust is crispy and doughy, the pizzas are fresh, cheesy, and delicious, and the abundant toppings are flavourful and straight-up yummy.

But Di Menna doesn't just do tasty pizzas. They've got an extensive menu, full of out of this world delicious dishes (although, in my opinion, the pizzas here are the star of one seriously amazing show), like their mouthwatering meatballs, sauteed garlic butter shrimp, and much, much more.


5. Artigiani

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4657 St Denis St

Located in the Plateau, this spot is like a food lover's legit paradise. If you're in the mood for tasty, fresh, authentic Italian pizza - or pasta - then this is one spot you should seriously get yourself to, ASAP.

All of their pizza is baked fresh in their wood-burning oven, making for a seriously authentic (and amazing) taste. Plus, their menu features out of this world pizza options, like their Pancetta pizza, featuring crisp dough, savoury sauce, slices of tasty pancetta, fresh mozzarella, and red onions, or their Salsiccia E Rappini focaccia, with sausage, rapini, olive oil, fresh mozzarella, and herbs. All the yums? You know it.


6. Prato

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3891 St Laurent Blvd

The Margherita pizza here is outstanding, which is always a good sign - pizza Margherita is super simple, and any place that can nail that is a stellar place in my book. The Margherita pizza at Prato is mouthwatering, featuring their fresh, crispy, thin crust, tangy tomato sauce, fresh cheese, and basil, all of which comes together perfectly for a dish you won't soon forget.

Of course, if you're a fan of a pizza wih a little more toppings, then no worries. This Plateau spot has an extensive pizza menu, with options that feature prosciutto, peppers, sausages, and much, much more, making this restaurant the perfect place to bring any pizza lover in your life.

7. Mangiafoco

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105 St Paul St W

Searching for a place that'll serve you up a unique, high-quality, authentic pizza pie? Well, stop the search. You've found Mangiafoco, so you've found your brand new pizza spot bae, right in Old Montreal.

One taste of the pizza here confirms the fact that every single pie is made with fresh, top-notch ingredients, and a little dash of love. But if the amazing taste wasn't enough, then consider the fact that their pizza dishes are unlike any you'll encounter, like their Omardo, with lobster bisque and mozzarella de Bufala, or their Burratina, with speck, parmigiano Reggiano, and burrata cheese.


8. Pizzeria Dei Compari

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1668 Rue Saint-Denis

Pizza lovers, prepare to drool. This pizza spot combines everything you need in order to have one seriously out of this world meal - they've got a friendly atmosphere, inexpensive prices, super fair portions, fresh ingredients, and tasty food, all coming together to make sure you have one top notch dining experience.

Although Pizzeria Dei Compari has other items on the menu - like their outstanding pasta dishes - the pizza here is something you could write actual symphonies about, it's that good. Cooked in a wood-burning oven, and featuring a tasty thin crust and an abundance of delicious toppings, this downtown Montreal spot will very quickly become your newest fave.

9. Il Fornetto

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1900 Boulevard Saint Joseph

Can we talk about the vibe at Il Fornetto for just a minute? Because this Lachine restaurant offers an incredibly warm, welcoming, and friendly vibe - plus, its terrasse overlooks the canal, which makes it the perfect spot for a romantic date, a gathering, or pretty much anything, to be completely honest with you guys.

Of course, no matter how awesome the atmosphere here is, the food is ten times better. Seriously. Their pasta and veal dishes deserve a shoutout for being amazing, but their pizzas? I don't even have words to describe the taste euphoria that are the pizzas at Il Fornetto. Although all of their pizzas are super tasty, my personal fave? Their Capricciosa, with sausage, pancetta, mushrooms, oregano, fresh tomatoes, and mozzarella.


10. Pizzeria Napoletana

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189 Rue Dante

This spot serves up authentic and tasty thin crust pizza, with classic, fresh toppings and dishes that are constantly delicious and top-notch. And, although Napoletana is known for its pizza, their overly delicious pasta is definitely deserving of a huge shoutout, as well.

But back to their pizzas. This BYOB Little Italy restaurant boasts a huge selection of crispy, flavourful pizzas, each one with their own tasty twists and every single one incredibly delicious. Honestly, I'm here a ridiculous amount - and I'll keep coming back for more, this spot is just too good. Although every pizza will leave you with a big smile on your face, my personal favourite is their Donatella, with prosciutto cotto, ricotta, and arugula. Yum.


11. No. 900

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1248 Rue Bernard O

Okay, pizza loving friends, prepare to be amazed. No. 900 has certainly made a huge splash on Montreal's pizza scene as of late, and if you've ever been there, then you know exactly why. The food is fresh, authentic, and downright awesome.

Plus, they offer pizzas you might be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. An example of their mouthwatering, unique menu items? Their Mortadelle Calzone, with tomato sauce, fior di latte, arugula, egg yolk, and parmesan, and their Ricotta pizza, with pistachio pesto, arugula, fior di latte, and lemon zest. Sounds delicious? You know it does.


12. Bottega

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65 Rue Saint Zotique East

Oh, how I love Bottega. First of all, their appetizers here are amazing - my personal favourite is their arancini dish, a deep-fried rice ball stuffed with mozzarella and prosciutto cotto that's so good it might just rival my grandmother's own (sorry, nonna) - but seriously, there's no going wrong here.

And the same an be said of their tasty pizzas. Made in a beautiful wood-burning oven, doughy and crisp and cooked to absolute perfection, the pizzas here are so delicious you might just cry shameless tears of real, actual joy. Many of their pizzas are on the more simple side, allowing for the quality of the ingredients to really shine through, but if you're down for something with a little more pizzaz, try their Capricciosa, with San Marzano tomatoes, prosciutto cotto, oyster mushrooms, olives, basil, and artichokes.


13. Como

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577 Taschereau Blvd

Ask anyone in Montreal's South Shore what their favourite pizza place is, and there's a good chance they'll say Como. This spot is well-loved by anyone who's ever had the great fortune of having a taste of the mind-blowing pizza here, and for one good reason: the pizza is mind-blowingly amazing.

With thick crust, fresh toppings, and a whole lot of yummy cheese, there's no possible way you can go wrong ordering up a pie from this place. And although their menu is huge, and features a whole bunch of other awesome dishes (including breakfast fare), their pizza is a clear standout - especially their Como Pizza, featuring meat sauce, ham, pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.


14. Gema

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6827 Rue Saint Dominique

I honestly don't think anyone is surprised anymore when I tell them that Gema is my life. Because to be totally honest with you guys, it seriously is. This spot boasts a trendy and intimate vibe, which makes it the legit perfect spot for a little date; and its warm and friendly atmosphere also puts it on the map as one of the best places you could go to for a friendly gathering or get-together, as well.

And their pizzas? Don't even get me started, honestly. Each crispy, slightly doughy pizza is topped with the highest quality of fresh ingredients, meaning that you're going to get the tastiest possible dish ever, hands down, every single time you come. All the pizzas here are tasty, but my personal favourite is their Vetri, with homemade mortadella, pistachio pesto, pecorino, and Quebec mozzarella di buffala.


15. La Bella Italiana

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5884 Jean Talon St E

Situated in St. Leo, La Bella Italiana's pizzas are pretty much exactly what all pizzas absolutely should taste like. First of all, the restaurant itself has a super classy-yet-modern vibe, which is why it's one of the best date places to go to in St. Leonard (and their super welcoming atmosphere also happens to make it an awesome place for a celebration or gathering, as well).

Second of all, the food here? Yeah. Amazing. I don't even want to truly get into the feelings I feel when eating one of these pizzas, because that emotional journey might take forever to describe. All I will say is that the pizza here is phenomenal, served up piping hot straight out of their wood-burning oven, with doughy crust, melty cheese, and fresh toppings piled high, making for a pizza experience you won't soon forget.


16. Gigi's

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302 Chemin du Bord-du-Lac-Lakeshore

At this stage in the game, if you don't know about Pizzeria Gigi, then you've seriously been missing out. Not only is this spot loved by any and all who try it, but it's also been around forever, meaning that people have been flocking to this place - and will no doubt continue to flock here - for a very long time.

The crust here is thick, doughy and delicious, and the sauce is sweet and savoury. Their fresh and tasty toppings tend to be piled high, making this perfect for anyone who's in the mood for a classic, straight-up, no frills, delicious pizza. Plus, bonus points for their central location and their signature friendly service, making it an awesome spot to go to with friends... Or by yourself, even. No judgement.

17. Pummaro

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5205 Rue Sherbrooke O

This NDG restaurant seriously knows how to serve up one incredibly awesome and authentic pizza, friends. First of all, the spot itself is super welcoming and cozy, with an allover chill vibe, which makes it an awesome spot to go to with your friends, with family, or on an adorable pizza date.

But the food here truly takes the cake. They've got tons and tons of pizzas for you to choose from, and although some of them do feature more classical toppings, many of them offer a unique spin on things, like their Carbonara, with mozzarella, pancetta, caramelized onions, and eggs.


18. Amelia's

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201 Milton St

Honestly, Amelia's is an actual institution in this city. Once known as Amelio's, this proud pizza parlour - located in the McGill Ghetto - is most famous for its White Pizza, featuring their signature tasty, buttery dough, and lots and lots of cheese.

Seriously, for anyone who loves cheese just as much as they love pizza, this dish is literal heaven. Even if you're not a huge fan of cheese (I cannot relate to this, TBH), you've got to appreciate this simple-yet-mindblowing Montreal staple. And even if you can't? No worries. Amelia's serves up many, many different pies, all of which are incredibly awesome.


19. Pizza Mama Sofia

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6705 Sherbrooke St W

The concept behind Mama Sofia is seriously unique. They create your pizza fresh, right in front of you, made to your specifications... But they don't cook it. You get to do that, in the comfort of your own home - which means that you'll be getting one incredibly fresh pizza, cooked exactly how you like it, 100% of the time.

With fresh ingredients, a huge pizza selection (you can choose between Mexican, Smoked Salmon, Tropical, and much more), and a stellar concept - that just so happens to ensure that you're getting the most fresh and tasty pizza out there - you know that this spot is a sure winner, and it's no wonder that they're making a huge splash in Montreal's pizza scene lately.


20. Miss Italia

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1380 Victoria Ave

Miss Italia's been around forever - since the 1960s, even - so you know it's awesome. The restaurant game is hard, and any place that can stay open for a literal half a century is pretty much golden in my book.

Just one taste of any of their awesome dishes will tell you exactly why this spot's got such phenomenal staying power; but let's ignore the fact that this South Shore spot has withstood the test of time for just one minute, though, and focus on the food. Because, honestly, it's delicious. Their menu also happens to feature a whole bunch of tasty, fresh, and high-quality pizzas, like seafood, pepperoni and bacon, and bruschetta, meaning no matter what you're down for - they have your back.


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