20 Best Montreal Poutines Restaurants You Need To Eat At If You Haven't Already

Quebec is the birth place of poutine, which is one of the main dishes that all of Canada is known for. It's honestly such a genius invention. Who doesn't love fries, gravy and cheese? No one! So what could be better than putting that all together to make one amazing dish? Nothing!

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Everyone here LOVES poutine because it's like heaven on a plate. That's why we have so many insanely delicious poutine dishes here in the city. So many I can split this list up into 4 different boroughs!

So, if you're in any of these areas in Montreal RIGHT NOW while you're reading this list, pick your favourite spot and go get a poutine ASAP. Because I know you're going to be craving one after you read this. 

Best Poutine In Le Plateau 🍟

Best Poutine In Downtown Montreal 🍟

Best Poutine In Old Montreal 🍟

Best Poutine In Saint Henri 🍟

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Best Poutine In Le Plateau: 

1. Patati Patata 

via @taste.montreal

4177 St Laurent Blvd

This Plateau poutine shop is famous for it's late night cheap eats. They're open until 2 am every night making it the perfect place to stop after your long night out partying on St Laurent. Try their unreal poutine for delicious gravy packed meal.

2. La Banquise 

via @seangasperson

994 Rue Rachel E

Of course this spot had to make the list. Every good Montrealer knows that La Banquise is the best poutine place in the city because of three main things:

1. They're open 24 hours 2. They make insanely unique poutines and 3. They give you huge portions.

3. Dirty Dogs

via @eatdirtydogs

3685 Saint Laurent Boulevard

Dirty Dogs is mostly known for their unreal steamies, but they also make an insanely good poutine. Try their Mac n' Cheese poutine, smoked meat poutine or their classic poutine for an amazing poutine experience.

4. Chez Claudette 

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351 Laurier Ave E

If you're looking for a super greasy poutine, this is the place to go. They make some completely unique flavours like Tandoori chicken poutine, bacon and sausage, and pogo poutine!

5. Ma Poule Mouille

via @joshmbernstein

969 Rachel St E

This poutine spot make overflowing plates stacked with potato-y, cheesy, gravy goodness that you just have to try in Le Plateau. You can get some with amazing toppings like chorizo, Portugese chicken, and so much more!

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Best Poutines In Downtown Montreal: 

1. Burger Bar Crescent 

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1465 Crescent St

Although this spot is mainly a burger joint, they really do make a mean poutine. The best is their classic poutine on the side of one of their unreal burgers!

2. Dunn's Famous Deli

via @whalieofficial

1249 Metcalfe St

This cute downtown deli has some seriously awesome poutine that you should try if you haven't already. They're open 24 hours which makes it the perfect stop after a long night out for some good greasy foods. They have tons of awesome poutines like Italian poutine made with meat sauce, the General Tao poutine, Mexican poutine with ground beef and taco toppings!

3. Deville Dinerbar

via @tastemontreal

1425 Stanley St

Deville Dinerbar makes some high-level foods and their poutine is no different. They serve a Disco Poutine with fries, Oka cheese curds, veal demi-glaze, and slathered in melted cheese sauce! It's not your usual poutine but it's still really darn good.

4. Montreal Pool Room

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1217 St Laurent Blvd

This is a classic greasy poutine you should get if you're craving something crazy unhealthy for you but insanely delicious. Montreal Pool Room makes the classic poutine, nothing fancy but it'll really hit the spot.

5. La Belle et la Boeuff 

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1620 Saint-Catherine St W

This downtown staple is home to some of the best food. They serve amazing burgers and their poutine is out of this world amazing. They make some insane poutines like their pulled pork poutine, chicken filet poutine, and the smoked meat poutine!

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Best Poutine In Old Montreal: 

1. Garde Manger

via @crownsalts

408 St Francois Xavier St

This spot in Old Montreal makes an insane Lobster Poutine that all poutine lovers need to try! If you want to try and more fancy version of your usual go-to greasy dish. It's stuffed to the brim with butter lobster, salty gravy and yummy cheese curds. Dig in to this dish ASAP.

2. Taverne Gaspar 

via @lizfromthebronx

89 de la Commune St E

This French Gastropub located in the heart of Montreal is a secret spot that all poutine lovers should try. They make a poutine as a side dish for some of their amazing mains and only costs $8, but honestly this poutine is a whole dish on it's own!

3. Montreal Poutine 

via @sonyakarate

181 St Paul St E

I might have said that this poutine spot is a tourist trap because of the name and it's location, in the heart of Old Montreal's tourist area if it wasn't so delicious. You can get some insanely huge dishes of poutine with toppings like hot dogs, Italian sausage, smoked meat, chicken and so much more!

4. Mechant Boeuf Bar Brasserie 

via @foufou_cheryl

124 Saint-Paul St W

This spot has an awesome happy hour with drink deals and an unreal menu of delicious foods. But they also make a seriously good poutine. It's slathered with gravy and topped with beef making it a greasy treat for your next cheat day!

5. Verses Restaurant 

via @brett72atl

100 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

This Montreal spot is known for their beautiful small plates, cocktails and dessert that are so pretty and sooo delicious. They also make an insane Foie Gras Poutine that you must try! It's made with old cheddar, foie gras and foie gras sauce and it will literally melt in your mouth.

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Best Poutines In Saint Henri:

1. Restaurant A.A 

via @dansup

3702 Notre-Dame St W

This casual St Henri spot makes some darn delicious poutines. Imagine the saltiest gravy on top of crispy fries with cheese curds that melt in your mouth. Now that's a beautiful thing right there. You can get huge plates of poutine as the main with a side of steamies or burgers (yes I said side) because the poutine really is the star of the show.

2. Greenspot Restaurant 

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3041 Notre-Dame St W

This is a classic St. Henri spot for cheap but delicious eats. They make some insanely greasy breakfast foods, smoked meat sandwiches, steamies and of course the star: poutine! Get yours loaded with gravy and cheese curds and topped with awesome toppings like smoked meat and more!

3. Le Boucan Smokehouse

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1886 Notre-Dame St W

This St. Henri restaurant is famous for their unreal BBQ feasts. But the best thing that they make is their poutine topped with pulled pork!! It's two of the best savoury dishes all rolled into one!

4. The Burgundy Lion 

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2496 Notre-Dame St W

This British Pub in Montreal is the perfect place to go if you want to have a few beers with your friends and enjoy some awesome food. They put their own twist on the beloved Montreal poutine topped with poutine and you can pair it with a glass of whisky!

5. Paul Patate 

via @foodiedatenight

0760 Rue Charlevoix

This spot is must-try if you're in the St. Henri area. They make super simple poutine but they don't mess around, it's AMAZING. The fries are crispy, the gravy is salty and the cheese curds are cheesy, all brought together in perfect harmony as one unreal dish.

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