20 Cafes In Montreal That You Must Visit At Least Twice This Summer

Not only is Montreal home to hundreds of cafes, but some are so AMAZING that you must visit at least twice this summer! The best ones, in particular the ones one this list, are 514% worth every penny! When it comes to something we love, like coffee, we would do just about anything to get a fresh cup every morning.

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So, before you check out all your cash this week, be sure to check out these cafes in Montreal if you happen to have some  extra time on your hands! There is definitely something on this list for everyone so start planning and clearing your schedule for some well deserved MTL cafe crawls!

20. Café Saint-Henri

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260 Place du Marché-du-Nord

If you are ever near Jean-Talon market, then you absolutely MUST check out Café Saint-Henri! Not only does the outside look adorable, but the inside decor is honestly to die for!


19. La Finca Café 

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1067 Rue de Bleury

if you love vintage vibes and stunning architecture, then La Finca Café is the place to be! With its huge windows that offer great views, and it's even more spectacular food, you are sure to come here again.


18. Le 3734 

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3734 Notre-Dame St W

This cafe-resto is honestly SUPERB! Not only is the food great, but the decor is cute AF and you can honestly spend the whole day here since it is that worth it!


17.The Standard

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5135 Sherbrooke St W

For those classy avid coffee drinkers, I suggest coming to the STANDARD for a business meeting! It just screams business casual. I mean, if this isn't insta worthy I don't know what is.


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16. Byblos Le Petit Café

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1499 Laurier Ave E

If you love Persian food and a great cup of coffee every morning, then I recommend checking out Byblos located in the Plateau! You can expect nothing but fresh treats.


15. Paquebot

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2110, Bélanger

Enjoy sweet treats and a great time with you friends at Paquebot Cafe! It's lowkey in the sense that you can just chill and and be comfy while enjoy some well deserved snacks and even play board games.


14. Les Oubliettes

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6201, St-Vallier

Feel like you are doing your homework while enjoying a coffee in an origami art show! This cafe is chill and holds beautiful origami art that hangs from the ceiling. It's lowkey, aesthetically pleasing, and great if you want to be productive.


13. Station W

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3852, Wellington

Located in Verdun, this cafe is honestly adorable and vintage AF (I mean look at those tiles)! I didn't even know of it until a went a few weeks ago and I basically like right next door! It's a must visit cafe!


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12. Café Olimpico

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124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest

This cute Mile End spot if perfect for a quick afternoon coffee where you can enjoy Italian delights with you friends after a long day at work. So, make a pit-stop for fresh treats at Cafe Olimpico! It's cute, delicious, and perfect for any day.


11. Bar Darling

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4328 St Laurent Blvd

Yes, all of your dreamshave come true! You can now have Tequila at 1PM to start off your day and coffee at Midnight to keep you up for a LIT AF night ahead at this amazing bar. So, forget about those average places that just serve dinner and then transform into a bar and check out Bar Darling where you can enjoy all of life's wonder... Coffee and Alcohol.


10. Tommy Cafe

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200 Rue Notre-Dame O

Located in Old Montreal, Tommy Café is a cozy place to go to for a little Sunday date! You can enjoy a delicious latte and some great biscuits! So, bring your charming personality and that special someone for a lovely time. They are most known for their superb leaf fan!


9. Café Lali

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1850, Notre-Dame O

For a nice view from on top of what looks like a balcony in the middle of a coffee shop, I recommend having a chill time at Café Lali. The cafe has been inspired by the owners various travels across the globe! So you can just imagine all the inspiration within this coffee shop. It's chill AF!


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8. Cafe Melbourne

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4615 Boul St-Laurent

For some Australian treats in the Plateau Area that will help you with your latest work assignment, this is the place for you! You can munch on some yummy grub and enjoy a superb coffee in this absolutely adorable cafe that gives off vintage vibes.


7. Brûloir

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318, Fleury O

For a refreshing cup of coffee over a beautiful view and flowers after a long day of school, I recommend checking out Brûloir! It's so charming and a great place to chill out!


6. Café Sfouf 

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1250 Rue Ontario E

Café Sfouf is best known for their “sfouf,” a Middle Eastern cake made with semolina and turmeric. These cakes are amazing with a freshly brewed coffee or latte. You will enjoy the cozy atmosphere and your delightful food as you admire all their cool plants and decor.


5. La Graine Brûlée

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921, Ste-Catherine E

I think La Graine Brûlée if perfect for a more fun and bright way to have a lowkey time! You can chill, play games, and just have an overall good time without having to worry about finding a seat!


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4. Le GAB

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4815A, St-Laurent

This coffee shop will literally make you feel like a lowkey professional from New York City! It is more flexible and dynamic than a traditional collaborative space, more convenient and professional than a coffee shop, and cheaper than both of them. In short, you’ll be smiling. All the time!


3. Baristello & Co

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709B Rue Jarry E

For those of you who love funky cafes covered in floral wallpaper and smothered with the sweet smell of fresh coffee, then Baristello & Cie is the place for you! This is definitely the place to be on a rainy or snowy day with that special someone because it reminds everyone of summer and it's a great place to get to know someone.



via @inayali

1455 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

HVMANS has a lit Downtown vibe and a great ambiance that makes it perfect for snapping pictures, doing homework, or grabbing a coffee on the go! I have to say that this is now one of my new favorite places in Montreal.

1. Crew Collective Cafe 

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360 St-Jacques

If you and your friends have some studying to do ALREADY, then I suggest going to the Crew Collective Cafe! The location is absolutely stunning and perfect for a cute study date! The architecture is actually breath-taking and you will 100% be able to focus here!


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