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20 Cute Date Ideas In Montreal You Need To Go On With Your S/O This Fall

Fun adventures right here in the city!
20 Cute Date Ideas In Montreal You Need To Go On With Your S/O This Fall

Montreal is full of super fun things to do, and most of these things are way more fun when you share it with that special someone! 

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I recently wrote an article about cute date ideas near Montreal that included run road trips and hiking dates, but sometimes it's fun to stay in the city to experience the fall! 

So check out this list for some inspiration for cute date ideas you can take your bae on this fall!

Restaurant Dates 🥂

Spa Dates 💕

Adventurous Dates 🍂

Coffee Dates 

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Restaurant Dates: 

1. Take Your Bae To The New Classy Brunch Spot


719 William St

This gorgeous new restaurant is sure to impress your S/O with your taste in cute spots! The inside is so beautiful, covered in trees with marble tables and gorgeous lights. The food is also delicious so you're definitely in for a nice romantic meal here!

2. Take Your Bae Out For Cambodian Street Food And Drinks

via @celina.ic

3625 Wellington St

These cool new spot is bound to give you and your bae an exciting date! They have a full bar making some super cool drinks like squid ink bloody Mary's, mango mojitos, and pina coladas in giant coconuts! You'll eat delicious food and have great convos here all night long.

3. Take Your Bae To The Cuba Themed Mojito Bar


1216 Union Ave

This super cute mojito bar and restaurant will literally make you feel like you were transported straight to the beaches of Cuba! They serve tons of delicious mojitos, amazing food like tacos, Cuban sandwiches and much more! This will give you and your S/O a super festive date this fall.

4. Take Your Bae For A Sweet Treat At The New Asian Desserts Bar

via @tbhallie

1228 Bishop St

This awesome new dessert bar that has tons of locations across Ontario just opened up their first location in Montreal! They serve all kinds of delicious desserts like their shaved ice, bubble waffles topped with ice cream, panna cotta and so much more!

5. Take Your Bae To Cook Your Own Food At Japanese BBQ

via @gyukakujbbq

1255 Crescent St

Cooking your own food right at the table is a super fun date idea because it's different than just any other dinner date. You can enjoy all kinds of marinated meats, veggies and fish cooked by you!

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Spa Dates: 

1. Take Your Bae For A Massage At Espace Nomad

via @sannimaria

4660 St Laurent Blvd

This cute spa in the Plateau offers all kinds different massages and massage packages! They also have a full bar offering all kinds of health foods like smoothies and chia seed puddings!

2. Take Your Bae To Sky Spa 

via @call_me_flav

6000 Boulevard Rome #400

This super cute spa on a rooftop in Brossard is a must visit if you want a secluded place to relax. It's perfect in every season with it's multiple hot tubs and flowing waterfalls!

3. Take Your Bae To The Secluded Strom Spa Nordique

via @polina_kennedy

1001 Boulevard de la Forêt

This cute spa on Nun's Island is the perfect getaway this fall. It has tons of hot and cold baths, and places to sit and relax in nature! This fall will be the perfect time to bring your bae here.

4. Take Your Bae And Relax At Bota Bota Spa

via @evelynejordan

Coin De la Commune et McGill

Everyone knows about this amazing spa already because it's just so great! It's a boat floating on the water of the St Lawrence River with views of the entire city skyline! What could be more relaxing and romantic than that?

5. Take Your Bae To Spa Scandinave

via @scandinavemtl

71 de la Commune St W

This incredibly relaxing Scandinavian spa promotes wellness through silent water therapy in their numerous hot and cold baths! It's the perfect place to enjoy a super serene afternoon this fall.

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Adventurous Dates: 

1. Take Your Bae For A Rock Climbing Adventure 

via @jcoiraz

1555 Rue Saint-Patrick

Allez Up is a super fun rock climbing spot that will really test your skills! But don't worry, there's tons of walls for beginners as well. Enjoy a super fun date and test your trust in your partner while they belay you up the wall.

2. Take Your Bae For An Escape Room Adventure

via @amazemontreal

3550 St Jacques St

Amaze Escape Room is a super fun way to spend your day testing your problem solving skills. You can escape from all kinds of crazy scenarios like the Lost Temple, military facilities, prison break and more!

3. Take Your Bae On An Axe Throwing Adventure

via @robertsval

1436 Amherst St

Release all your anger by throwing axes at a target! It's a super fun way to spend some time with your bae and maybe get a few frustrations out at the same time.

4. Take Your Bae On A Ceramic Painting Adventure

via @sandrinelg

4338 St Denis St

At the Ceramic Cafe Studio on Saint Denis you can choose to enjoy a more chill kind of adventure by painting some ceramics! You choose what kind of ceramic you want from mugs to plates to bowls and then you get painting! It's a super fun way to spend any afternoon.

5. Take Your Bae On A Paint Ball Adventure

via @nayakshruti

5592 Rue Hochelaga

This is a super fun way to get out your competitive spirits in a fun game of paintball! This spot also has a Go-Karting track so you're sure to have a crazy adventure here.

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Coffee Dates:

1. Take Your Bae For Coffee At Boxermans 

via @kara_bino

1041 Ave Van Horne

This gorgeous spot just opened up this summer and you absolutely have to go if you haven't already! It has all kinds of good coffee, a full bar with cocktails and a menu with yummy food!

2. Take Your Bae For Coffee At Aloha Espresso Bar

via @stantawi

15 de la Commune St W

This Hawaiian-themed cafe is the place you need to be this fall. The decor is just gorgeous and their coffee is seriously amazing! It's the perfect place to bring a date this fall.

3. Bar Darling 

via @emma.soleil

4328 St Laurent Blvd

This cute bar/cafe just opened up and it's so cozy and fun! This spot is full of crazy vintage trinkets, bright lights and plants! It's the perfect place to go for coffee during the day or casual drinks at night.

4. Take Your Bae For Chai Tea At Bristol Chai

via @bristolchai

30 Prince Arthur St W

If your bae is more of a tea-lover than this is the place to bring them! It has 5 kinds of chai tea, matcha and regular teas available and they're all so delicious. The space is also super adorable.

5. Crew Collective & Cafe 

via @bookofcoffee

360 St Jacques St

This is probably the most gorgeous cafe in all of Montreal. It's built into an old bank with all the best parts still intact! It feels like you're drinking your coffee in style at this amazing spot in the Old Port.

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