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20 Cute Date Ideas Near Montreal You Need To Go On With Your S/O This Fall

Experience some fun adventures!
20 Cute Date Ideas Near Montreal You Need To Go On With Your S/O This Fall

Fall is just around the corner, which is super exciting! I know we didn't really have much of summer here in Montreal. With all the rain, chilly weather and barely any sun at all it really didn't feel like we got to experience the real summer season that we're used to. 

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But that's okay, we can move on from that and get exciting for all the amazing things that fall brings us! Just think about the beautiful fall foliage, the apple picking, the cute fall getaways, sweater season and warm cups of tea. Doesn't that make you feel happy? 

Well, it definitely does for me! I love fall because of all those things. So why not make the most of it and do a bunch of those amazing things you didn't get a chance to do this summer? Grab your S/O or your BFFs and experience one of these amazing date ideas this fall!

Glamping Dates 

Hiking Dates 🍂

Spa Dates 🌊

Road Trip Dates 🚗  

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Glamping Dates: 

via @firelightcamps

Go Glamping At Firelight Camps

Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 12 mins

This amazing camp in upstate New York is the ultimate romantic fall getaway for you and your S/O to take. The tents are completely glamped out with a huge Queen-sized bed, complimentary breakfast, daily yoga classes, and so much more. You'll feel incredibly pampered here!

via @une_olive

Go Glamping At Parc Aventure Cap Jaseaux

Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 6 mins

Enjoy staying in these super cool domes this fall, giving you and your bae the perfect views of the fall foliage in front of you! You get a huge cozy bed, a massive outdoor terrase, and tons of fun activities to enjoy in the area!

via @kelseysortland

Go Glamping At Tiny Fern Forest Treehouse

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 22 mins

This adorable little treehouse is definitely one of the cutest places for a weekend getaway with your S/O! You can sleep high up in the trees with views of the orange, yellow and red leaves surrounding you.

via @aurelie_germain

Go Glamping At Sutton Huttopia Tents

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 23 mins

This cozy little tent in the forest gives you and your bae the perfect getaway from the city. You'll get to sleep in cozy beds, light a fire at night and cook s'mores for every meal if you want to!

via @kabinsutton

Go Glamping At Domain KABIN Resort 

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 25 mins

This adorable cabin in the woods offers the best resort experience. You get a little cabin to yourself with a modern interior equipped with a full kitchen, dishwasher, washroom and everything. You also get a full outdoor deck with a cozy hot tub!

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Go Hiking At Mont Tremblant National Park

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 44 mins

You'll be able to see some beautiful fall foliage by the lake at this amazing National Park. There's tons of hiking trails for all levels of hikers so don't feel like you need to be an expert to hike here!

via @ontheedgehiking

Go Hiking At Grand-Jardins National Park

Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 15 mins

This amazing national park has a huge 30 km hiking trail that will definitely give you the full hiking experience that you came for! Get ready for amazing views, tons of beautiful fall colours, and gorgeous mountain peaks.

via @p4gu

Go Hiking At Bic National Park

Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 3 mins

This beautiful national park will give you amazing lake views of capes, bays, islands and mountain peaks! This parks has a full 11 hiking trails and their longest trail is 9.4 km and will take hikers about 3 hours to complete.

via @easternmntnsports

Go Hiking At The Cascade Mountain Trail In The Adirondacks

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 20 mins

This beautiful hike in upstate New York is definitely not one to be missed in the fall. You can hike to multiple mountain peaks with views of the stunning fall foliage!

via @miniuii

Go Hiking At Jacques Cartier National Park

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 11 mins

This beautiful hike in Gatineau, Quebec is the perfect place to enjoy an escape with your S/O this fall. You can enjoy hiking, kayaking, canoeing and so much more all with perfect views of the fall colours!

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Enjoy A Spa Day At Spa du Verger

Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 49

This beautiful spa is basically on a farm so you can relax in their outdoor hot tubs surrounded by adorable sheep and other farm animals! It's the perfect getaway for any season of the year!

via @raphieberube

Enjoy A Spa Day At Siberian Station Spa

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 48 mins

This Scandinavian-style spa offers a unique relaxation experience. It's beautiful outdoor area is located right on the river, which you can actually access during certain month of the year! Their numerous hot and cold pools give you the opportunity to totally relax and de-stress.

via @marieevel

Enjoy A Spa Day At Balnea Spa

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 5 mins

This stunning spa is actually on a LAKE in Bromont, Quebec! They offer the perfect place to relax on the water, in their numerous outdoor hot tubs, and just chilling on their outdoor deck chairs. It's the perfect city escape to totally de-stress this fall. Not to mention you'll have the perfect views of all the stunning fall colours!

via @skyspa_

Enjoy A Spa Day At Sky Spa

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 34 mins

This amazing spa in Quebec City is actually on the rooftop of a sky scraper! It will feel like you're basically relaxing in the clouds up there. Soak in their outdoor hot tubs, swim under their Nordic waterfalls, and totally relax in their saunas and steam rooms.

via @kitty_kat4495

Enjoy A Spa Day At Bota Bota Spa

Distance From Montreal: none!

Why not have an escape within the city this fall? You can full relax with gorgeous views of the Montreal skyline in their multiple outdoor hot tubs on a boat floating on the St Lawrence River!

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Road Trip Dates: 

Take A Road Trip To The Wild Center

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 30 mins

This amazing treetop adventure is just across the border and in the Adirondacks in New York State! You can view the forests from above in the insane viewing towers and walk across walkways way about the trees! It's also the perfect place for wildlife watching.

via @melissabellerive

Take A Road Trip To Quebec's Stunning Sunflower Fields

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 3 mins

These gorgeous fields of rows and rows of bright yellow sunflowers are super close to Montreal and are perfect for a fall road trip! Sunflower season is mostly in summer by goes into the beginning of fall as well so you still have time to view these sweet smelling flowers!

via @r.u.d.y.diamond

Take A Road Trip To The Abandoned CastleFor Dinner

Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 12 mins

You can actually eat a fancy dinner in this beautiful abandoned Irish castle from the 1800s! They serve an amazing meal from their rotating menu and you can explore the stunning castle grounds!

via @vitahorash

Take A Road Trip To This Gorgeous Gorge

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 58 mins

This amazing gorge just over the border in New Hampshire has the most amazing hiking experience! There's a board walk going up the entire gorge right beside the flowing river. You'll see awesome views of this natural location especially with the fall colours!

via @laurenstagram__

Road Trip To Verger Gibouleau For Apple Picking

Distance From Montreal: 41 mins

This beautiful farm is located just outside Montreal, in Laval and it's the perfect spot to go apple picking this fall. You'll have a romantic date with your S/O reaching to pick the highest apples on the tree, then you can go home and bake a yummy apple pie with all the crisp apples you picked!

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