20 Definite Signs You're A Fvckboy

Tips from a Montreal dating expert.
20 Definite Signs You're A Fvckboy

Can I just start off by saying that, not ALL Montreal men are like this, which is why the term is "fvckboy"and not fvckmen. And most of the time, boys will act this way because they are not ready for something serious... which can change once they fall in love.

But until you do...You remain a fvckboy. So after speaking with the ultimate boy magnet @fvckvic, here is what she considers a list of clear signs you are just playing games or need to step your game up!

1. You start to get less interested when a girl talks about commitment.

2. You wake up next to a girl and have an automatic instinct to flee.

3.  You find phone calls useless.

4. You have rules about every little thing.

5. You'd much rather chill alone at night than go out with the same person.

6. You created "netflix and chill".

7. You question monogamy daily.

8. You have underwear that's lasted longer than any relationship you've had.

9. Casual sex is more appealing to you than "making love".

10. You can't be friends with the opposite sex.

11. You watch porn more than television.

12. Your subject field is off so no one can read your text messages unless your phone is unlocked.

13. You have your "read receipts" OFF.

14. You like to make it clear that you "don't know what you want" the second after you hook up with a girl.

15. You claim you hate girls that wear too much makeup but only go for girls that wear too much make up.

16. Lululemon leggings is the most attractive look to you.

17. You're very into the whole "feminist thing" especially the part where she can pay for her own stuff.

18. You've met most or all of your girls through instagram DM.

19. You trim your beard.

20. Your end game is always to score.

If you've said "yup, that's me" to a minimum of 5/20 - Congratulations! You're a fvckboy. Don't worry, I can help: rebecca@mtlblog.com

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