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20 Epic Summer Road Trips You Can Take That Are 1, 2, 3, & 4 Hours Away From Montreal

With spring right at our heels and summer at our finger tips, why not plan a beautiful and adventurous weekend getaway since exams are finally over! The destinations below each host their own specific activity and you can choose how far you are willing to drive. Of course each destination is 514% worth the drive, but if you are on a time budget then not to worry. 

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Each location has multiple activities so find one that suits you best! It's time to gather your BFF, pack a duffel bag,  and enjoy a great weekend getaway with amazing memories that will last forever! Trust me, these trips are like tropical vacations, but just a few hours away from Montreal!

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1 Hour Away BFF Road Trips:

1. Bleu Lavande

via @grisatre

891, Narrow Road (Road 247), QC

May 13th until May 28th 2017 - Everyday from 10 am to 5 pm

June 3rd until June 22nd 2017 - Everyday from 10 am to 5 pm

You and your BFF have to visit Blue Lavande in Quebec so that you can enjoy a lovely picnic in a lavender field this spring. It is absolutely stunning and it's a great place to relax, take pictures, and enjoy the nice weather with your BFF.


2. Mont-Tremblant

via @francescadire

There are multiple activities you can do on a weekend trip to Mont Tremblant like hiking, skiing, ect., but I suggest head to the Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant! They offer a superb Spa that is absolutely stunning during the Spring so that you and your BFF can finally relax! Mont-Tremblant is home to this beautiful spa and many other activities that you can participate in for your luxurious weekend away. This spa offers great baths for only $60 each and for $150 you can get the baths experience and a Scandinavian massage.


3. Lake Memphremagog

via @dominiquesylvestre

You absolutely must come to the small town of Magog with your BFF! They are most famous for the Lake Memphremagog where you can see the Québécois Nessie and go to cute boutiques!

4. Ausable Chasm

via @i.love_new.york

Ausable Chasm is located in New-York and it will actually take you less time to drive there than driving to Mont-Tremblant. It's a 2 mile long sandstone gorge with a river that runs through it that features some spectacular rock formations. You and your BFF can enjou adventure trails, night tours, rock climbing, ziplines, rappelling, rafting and of course lazy river tubing all for $30!

5. High Falls Park Campground

via @joshgetz

If you and your BFF love camping and stunning waterfalls , then High Falls Park is the place for you! It's literally an hour away and trust me, it is worth the short drive.

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2 Hours Away BFF Road Trips:

1. Island Line Trail

via @nsubbotina

Island Line Trail, also known asColchester Causeway, is located in Vermont and it is an epic 14-mile rail trail that you and your bike loving BFF must try! I swear it is almost too epic to handle. You can see all of Lake Champlain as you fly over the water on your bike and create memories of a life time!

2. Rattlesnake Pool

via @livetobefit13

Rattlesnake Pool is located in Maine and can be found at Evans Notch. It is most known for it's sapphire waters that make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation! It is surrounded by the beautiful forest and I swear it is almost too stunning to handle!

3. Mauricie National Park

via @alix_barreau

La Mauricie National Park is perfect for those athletic friends who love hikes and waterfalls! You can do everything from hiking to boating, camping, and swimming at the base of a waterfall. The trail leading up to the falls, though steep at some points, is quite short, thus making it suitable for all levels.

4. Stowe Mountain ResortZipLine

via @stowemt

At Stowe Mountain Resort, located in Vermont, you can try their INSANE zipline that is almost too epic to handle. You can see all of Green Mountain State as you fly through the sky and create memories of a life time!

5. Smith Granite Quarry

via @chaseguttman

At Smith Granite Quarry located in Vermont, you can try their INSANE guided quarry tour that is almost too epic to handle. You can see the turquoise water as you dangle from the cliffs and create memories that will change your life!

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3 Hours Away BFF Road Trips:

1. Spa Du Verger

via @rachebeaulieu

Price: $35-$45 (thermal experience)

50, rue de la Ferme, Baie-Saint-Paul (Quebec) G3Z 0G2

This has to be the spa that we've all been waiting for because it's that damn amazing! Spa Du Verger is part of the Germain Charlevoix Hotels that offer an excellent time to kick back and relax. Not only is this spa HELLA nice, but it is also very affordable! So, if you are in desperate need of a 3 hour getaway from Downtown Montreal, then this relaxing AF spa is the place for you and your BFF!


2. Jean Larose Falls

via @auxanethr

Jean Larose Falls truly looks like it is from a fairytale! this magical destination is close to Mont-Sainte-Anne, and I bet you didn't even know it existed. If you love hiking and swimming in a place that seems to be out of a movie, then this is the place for you!

3.Great Canadian Bungee At Morrison’s Quarry

via @gab.le5

Morrison’s Quarryis located near the towns of Chelseaand Wakefield, both charming towns located in the Quebec hillside. The quarry is an absolutely gorgeous spot, with crystal blue waters where you can swim, snorkel,bungee jump (Great Canadian Bungee), and scuba dive. It's a great location for a cute weekend getaway with your BFF!

4. Quebec City

via @explorecanada

Who wouldn't want to see some beautiful whales or cute boutiques? I know I do and I have already booked my trip to Quebec city for a day long boat ride whale watching. These majestic creatures will jump and swim their way into your hearts and so will Quebec's boutiques!

5. Champlain Lookout

via @_mariepier.a

Enjoy the emerald waters of Champlain Lake this spring with your BFF! This is the perfect roadtrip for those BFFs who adore the outdoors and lovely nature walks.

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4 Hours Away BFF Road Trips:

1. Ranney Gorge

via @canadaaction

The Ranney Gorge was naturally formed and is in the stunning, AND FREE, Ferris Provincial Park. The water is collected from Ranney Falls, which is located upstream on the Trent River. The best views to enjoy the fall foliage this year are of course from the suspension bridge, which hangs only 300 feet above the water!

2.Watkins Glen State Park

via @aviatravelleo

Located in New York Watkins Glen State Park if home to this incredible hidden grotto! This place literally looks like it cam out of a fantasy book. The streams, waterfalls, and bridges are stunning and great for pictures with your BFF!

3. Hermit Island

via @nicolebraley

At Hermit Island, located in Maine, you can try their INSANE nature tours and check out their secret beaches that are absolutely stunning. You can see the turquoise water as you explore the island and create memories with your bff that will last forever!

4. La Malbaie

via @sabrinekherrati

For nature, romance, and luxury all in one, I suggest heading out to La Malbaie in Quebec. This little town is located right near the Camping Des Chutes Fraiser and the peaceful Jardins de Quatre-Vents. They have boutiques, boulangeries, chalets, golf clubs, and beautiful views.

5. Parc National des Grands-Jardins In Charlevoix

via @charlevoixatr

Situated in the Charlevoix region, Parc National des Grands-Jardins is absolutely stunning! The views are so impressive that it is a perfect location for some gorgeous pictures. I recommend hiking up the beautiful mountains and enjoying a mountain view picnic with you wild friends this summer. It is truly insane to eat on the edge of a mountain.

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