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20 Free, Cheap, And Fun Things To Do In Montreal This Long Weekend

Spend your Victoria Day the right way.
20 Free, Cheap, And Fun Things To Do In Montreal This Long Weekend

Well, friends, Victoria Day - or National Patriots' Day, as it's sometimes known is Quebec - is right around the corner.

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This year, it's happening on Monday, May 22, and honestly, it looks like it's going to be a whole bunch of fun. I know the May weather in Montreal hasn't been too impressive lately (it was legit snowing a few weeks ago, guys), but the leaves are budding, the flowers are sprouting, the grass is green, and the sun looks like it's here to stay.

Which, all in all, will make for one seriously fun national day off. And probably a well-needed day off, if we're all being honest with each other.

Victoria Day also happens to be the unofficial start of the summer season in Montreal (at least to me, anyway), which means there's an extra reason to celebrate!

If you're wondering what exactly there is to do this long weekend, don't worry. There are tons of things going on this weekend this Saturday, Sunday, and even Monday, for all kinds of price points.

Keep in mind, all of the following activities are super fun! Some are free and cheap, too, though; and others might cost a little more, but are well worth doing now that you have the time.

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Free Things To Do This Victoria Day Weekend:

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Get up to the lookout and admire all the pretty, blooming tulips.

Check out this free outdoor punk yoga fest on Sunday, May 21, as part of Montreal's Pouzza Fest.

Get yourself to any one of these parks, and enjoy a free outdoor gym session, any day of the week (or weekend!).

On Sunday, between 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM, check out these free outdoor zumba classes on the Promenade Wellington.

Get yourself down to the Quartier Des Spectacles and check out the musical swings!

Then check out the rainbow Aires Libres installation in Montreal's Gay Village, and take a stroll down the pedestrian-only section of Sainte-Catherine. 

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Cheap Things To Do This Victoria Day Weekend:

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Gather your change and get your literature on at this $1 book sale, going on from May 20 - 28 (including the 22nd!)

Pick your favourite ice cream shop and treat yourself to one of the first cones of the season. (Call to make sure your spot is open on Victoria Day if you're planning on going the 22nd).

Explore a brand new farmer's market on Victoria Day (protip: they're open on Monday!)

Rent a BIXI Bike and take a relaxing ride through the city of Montreal

Indulge your inner green thumb and buy a cactus or two.

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Fun Things To Do This Victoria Day Weekend

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While you still can, get yourself to the Botanical Gardens to see their gorgeous cherry blossoms.

On May 21, get yourself to Piknic Electronik for the very first outdoor concert.

Starting on May 20, get yourself to La Ronde and enjoy some super fun rides! (It'll even be open on May 22!)

Get out of the city for a little bit and venture down to Ottawa, to check out the super fun tulip festival.

Spoil yourself and get to any one of these awesome Montreal restaurants (just make sure they're open on Monday!)

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