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20 Free Outdoor Gyms In Montreal You Can Try This Summer

Fitness and fun all in one.

We all know that gymmemberships can be extremely expensive in Montreal and let's be real... Who wants to work out inside during Montreal's beautiful summers. Well, for those of you who didn't know, Montreal actually has multiple outdoor gyms!

Maybe you have seen one near your neighbourhood but just thought it was a a kids playground. Well think again! The outdoor gyms have great equipment that are used for intense workouts. So get ready to sweat and sweat and sweat in one of Montreal's outdoor gyms.

These gyms are actually called TREKFIT gyms and they are dispersed across all of Montreal and I am going to help you find them! For more information I strongly suggest checking out the official TREKFIT website in the following link:

1. TREKFIT Macdonald Campus Of McGill University

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Located right on the campus of McGill and super close to John Abott College, is one of Montreal's TREKFIT gyms. You can get your work out on after your courses and prepare for that summer body!

2. TREKFIT Parc Yuile, Arrondissement De Pierrefonds Roxboro

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Rue Valentine, Pierrefonds, Montreal, Wc, H9J 1Y6

Based on personal experience, I can honestly say that the TREKFIT gym in Roxboro is absolutely great and stunning! I strongly recommend it. It's also a great place to bring your dogs so you can walk them and workout!

3. TREKFIT Parc D'entraînement De Pointe-Claire

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98 Avenue Douglas-Shand, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 2A7, Canada

In a bit of a random place, there is the TREKFIT gym of Point-Claire. If you are more on the nature side, I suggest heading to Terra Cotta Park for a little nature walk.

4. TREKFIT Rive Boisée

A photo posted by Pat D (@ve2vfd) on

320 Chemin de la Rive Boisée, Pierrefonds, QC

Another outdoor gym that is located in Pierrefonds is right on the water. So I recommend brining a healthy picnic that you are your friends could enjoy after a great work out.

5. TREKFIT Parc Des rapides

A photo posted by Emmanuelle Lachance (@manue_lachance) on

Lasalle Boulevard coin Gagné

I can honestly say that this TREKFIT park is my personal favourite! It's located right on the water of the Lachine rapids which is a beautiful location. I suggest taking a bike ride along the water and then having an intense work out. There is even a local ice cream place not too far from the TREKFIT gym!

6. TREKFIT Parc Maynard-Ferguson

A photo posted by Stephen Folliot (@faldietti) on

Iles des Soeurs

If you are into long bike rides, I recommend checking out the TREKFIT located on Iles des Soeurs. You can bike down from where ever you are and enjoy a nice workout.

7. BENCHFIT Parc Monseigneur J-A Richard, Arrondissement Verdun

A photo posted by Andrew (@higginshu1) on

Boulevard Lasalle coin 4 ieme, Verdun, Montreal, H4G 3G2

If you have already tried ALL the TREKFIT parks in Montreal, then hit up the BENCHFIT park located right here in Verdun! It's a different type of workout but you will love it. The name gives it all away! You simply use specific benches in order to preform intense leg, arm, and core workouts.

8. TREKFIT Parc Henri-Dunant - Arrondissement Ville-Marie

A video posted by TAVIN KHAMPO (@tavin_one_tribarta) on

Lambert Closse/Sussex et rue Tupper

Well if you happen to find yourself down town this summer, which you for sure will, then you should check out the TREKFIT park near Ville-Marie. It's a great place to workout especially after work if you work down town.

9. TREKFIT Parc Toussaint-Louverture - Arrondissement Ville-Marie

A photo posted by Erika (@strong_erika) on

137, boulevard De Maisonneuve Est, Montreal

Metro to Station St. Laurent and walk to the TREKFIT gym located right near all those restaurants you love! So why not workout and then grab a snack with your friends!

10. TREKFIT Parc Caron

A video posted by @biba_laa on

700 rue Muir - Arrondissement Saint -Laurent

Located just a few minutes away from Vanier college, hit up this awesome TREKFIT gym after those dreadful summer courses you might have to take. You will be killing it in school you will be calories!

11. TREKFIT YMCA Cartierville

11885 boul. Laurentien

A video posted by Wandley???? (@iamfitness_w) on

Why not grab some Sony Sushi and then hit up the TREKFIT park at the YMCA! They are both great and you'll feel super fresh after!

12. TREKFIT Parc Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier

A photo posted by Lea Storm (Assi Pole) (@lea_storm_pole) on

Metro to Station Laurier and hit up the TREKFIT centre located in the beautiful Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier park. You can even check out the local pool afterwards if that's your style.

13. TREKFIT Parc Médéric-Martin - Arrondissement Ville-Marie

A photo posted by Best of YUL (@bestofyul) on

2189 Avenue Gascon, Montréal QC H2K 1W8

Metro to Station Frontenac, walk past the McDonald and Subway (DO NOT ENTER) and check out the TREKFIT gym located in park Médéric-Martin. Workout and work on your ability to resist temptations while checking out this superb TREKFIT gym.

14. TREKFIT Complexe Centre Claude Robillard

A photo posted by Cian San Miguel (@_cr1sscr0ss_) on

1000 Avenue Émile Journault

Since you guys might already be at the Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard, why not check out their TREKFIT gym located right behind the building. Get a double workout!

15. TREKFIT Parc Des Hirondelles

A video posted by Myriam (@myriiammm) on

10073 Avenue Larose

If you are looking to enjoy a beautiful walk in the park and a good workout all in the same day, then definitely look into the TREKFIT park at Hirondelles.


A video posted by JJGAINZY (@jjgainzy_tribarta) on

7315 Rue de Marseille

If you love gardens and you and your date are fitness crazy, then make it romantic and try the TREKFIT park in the Jardin communautaire Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine. It's gorgeous and you'll have a blast!

17. TREKFIT Parc Francesco Lacurto

A photo posted by TAVIN KHAMPO (@tavin_one_tribarta) on

Rue Maude Abbott coin Charlotte Tassé Arrondissement Rivière des Prairies

Yet another TREKFIT gym to explore with your friends! You can workout, laugh, and enjoy Montreal's great summers all in one day.

18. BENCHFIT Parc René-Labrosse, Ville De Montreal Est

A video posted by Bruno Bonvini (@brunaccia1985) on

Rue Sainte-Julie, Montreal-Est

For a gorgeous workout along the water, I strongly suggest the BENCHFIT gym in park René-Labrosse. It has gorgeous views and its a great place to squat it out!

19. TREKFIT Parc Des Pins

A photo posted by Paul Imamedjian (@paulimamedjian) on

42 ieme avenue, Arrondissement Rivière des prairies

Back to TREKFIT! If you are on the North side of Montreal check out their TREKFIT in Pins park! You won't regret it.

20. TREKFIT Société Du Parc Jean-Drapeau

A photo posted by lexdiablo (@lexdiablo) on

All the way at Parc Jean-Drapeau, we have another beautiful TREKFIT park! Metro there with your friends and enjoy a early morning workout and then a fantastic picnic looking at the skyline of Montreal! These parks supply high end equipment for a great workout that you won't forget!

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