20 Great Vacations To Escape Montreal's Brutal Winter

Air Transat is making your dreams come true on Cyber Monday through a live Twitter bidding session.
20 Great Vacations To Escape Montreal's Brutal Winter

Photo cred- AirTransat

Cyber Monday is the all-online day of savings in Canada, a tradition borrowed from our neighbors to the south, which has exploded onto the nation's shopping scene this year. Savings can be found all around the online shopping world on Cyber Monday (December 1st) but none compare to Air Transat's mega-deal, where you could get an all inclusive package out of Montreal (and 5 other Canadian cities) this winter for sometimes, as little as $20, if you're lucky.

Sounds too good to be true, we know, but Air Transat's Cyber Monday sale is totally on the level. A brand new type of sale, dubbed the "Sun Auction," Air Transat is giving you the chance to bid for super cheap all-inclusive packages out of the city and into the sun, with all proceeds going straight towards the SOS Children’s Villages of Canada charity. Ridiculously cheap sun packages that will help children in need = the greatest win-win we've ever seen.

To get in on this Cyber Monday sale, you'll need to check into Air Transat's website and the auction's website early Monday morning for all the details. Specifics on the sale are being kept a secret 'til the launch of the cyber-sale, to ensure that everyone has an equal oppurtunity to gain in the savings, but here's what we can tell you:

  • The auction will be using twitter, so be sure to follow @airtransat
  • 20 different trip-packages are available, all heading to very sunny locals. See the list of flights leaving from Montreal here
  • 6 packages will be leaving from Montreal, with departures in Quebec City, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver too
  • Bidding can start as low as $14, with caps placed on subsequent bids to ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate
  • A microsite will "host" the auction
  • Packages range from $2,000- $5,000 in value, meaning you could literally be saving hundreds of dollars

We’ll release the exact details on the online sale (how to bid, how long auctions will last, hashtags, etc.) when we get the info, so be sure to check back in for more. For now, just get it in your mind that this Monday, you will have the chance to break free from the cold and venture into the sun with Air Transat’s #SunAuction Cyber Monday sale happening this Monday, December 1st.

Get more info as it comes in at the Air Transat's Sun Auction website and twitter feed here.

Photo cred- AirTransat