20 Sexiest Halloween Costumes You Can Get In Montreal

Tis the season to get spooky and sexy.
20 Sexiest Halloween Costumes You Can Get In Montreal

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away, and even though you started thinking about your costume in early July (like we did) you still haven't made a decision. Choosing one look, topical or classic, is a pretty hard decision, not to mention the struggle of actually assembling all the parts of the costume from various thrift stores. Take some stress out of Halloween 2014 and get a fully-equipped costume from Halloween Depot, your one-stop Halloween shop.

With a costume catalog that literally goes well into the hundreds, Halloween Depot will have the look you're looking to rock on Halloween. From classy, to sexy, to nerdy, they  will have your costume stocked and ready to wear. Looking through the entire selection at Halloween Depot, brought to you by Giggles will take you a legit while, so we have a sample of 'stumes to look at to help give you some ideas and narrow the search.

Check out a bunch of Halloween costumes you can rock this this year from Halloween Depot:

You could be a good cop, but being bad is much more fun.

The kind of nurse you want by your bedside.

We have no words...get it?

Be super while looking super good

For a "witch-full" Halloween

Retro is so in this season

Dungeon master or medieval-era Green Arrow, you decide

It's all about that top-hat though

Nothing beats a man in uniform

Except for maybe a woman in uniform

Ready for all the action

Be mad as a hatter

Get a little sinful with the divine

Red, blue, and super all over

On Halloween, do as the Romans do

An oh so fine femme fatale

Kill the competition

Here, the 'S' in SWAT stands for sexy

"Tell me about it, stud"

To go along with your girl Sandy

Found your costume yet?

For more on all things Halloween Depot has to offer, head over to their official website here.