20 Hottest Montreal Girls On Tinder This Week

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20 Hottest Montreal Girls On Tinder This Week

Hey, remember when I said Montreal has the most beautiful people in the world? Well, I meant it. But don't take my word for it: look around at the people in the metro. Look at the people you work with. Look at the people in your class. Look in the mirror. See? Beautiful people everywhere. Of course, this includes Tinder. Tinder is full of beautiful people, too, and here are just some of the Hottest Montreal Girls On Tinder This Week.

Kim Kardashian + Nicki Minaj?

29 going on 23.

Is this Maripier Morin's little sister?

A natural beauty!

Is she an actress?

Nice assets...

She could probably convince you to stay off drugs.

This is how you take a selfie.

Eyebrow game on fleek!


So hot we put her on the cover!

Makeup on point.

She looks like she works somewhere really cool!

Get lost in these seas of green.

Tinder game on point!

Look at that smile!

So hot we can't tell if she's wearing makeup or not.

Someone's been reading MTLBlog.

Gorgeous... 'nuff said.

In case you're wondering - she's on the right.

Photo cred - Tinder