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20 Incredible Photos Of Montreal Street Art That You Need To See Right Now

This city really is amazing.
20 Incredible Photos Of Montreal Street Art That You Need To See Right Now

One of the best things about living in Montreal is the incredible creative energy all around. Just walking down the street every day, we Montrealers are surrounded by amazing works of art. Here's a round-up of some of the most eye-popping public art pieces as captured by real Montrealers.

1. "Les Bleus de la Métropole," Jardins Gamelin

2. Mural, Boulevard St. Laurent

3. Mural with bikes, Villeray

4. Mural at Les Foufones Electriques

5. Banana Bench, Mont-Royal metro

Photo Cred - pierre_oh

6. Mural, Avenue du Mont-Royal

7. Graffiti, Mile End

8. Blue Snails, Place des Arts

9. Alexander Calder Sculpture, Ile Saint Hélène

10. Mural, Plateau Mont Royal

Photo Cred - simzlepunk

11. Street Art in St. Henri

12. Mural on Rue St. Denis

12. Street Art in Chinatown

13. Mural, Boulevard St. Laurent

14. Mural, Downtown

Photo Cred - yulorama

15. Sculptures in the Gay Village

16. Mural, Rue Prince Arthur

17. Mural, Boulevard St. Laurent

18. Banana, Place des Arts

19. Street Art, Mile End

Photo Cred - vespasundays

20. Street Art, Rue Rachel

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