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20 Incredible Photos Of Montreal Street Art That You Need To See Right Now (Vol.2)

More murals, street art and public art installations

There is so much incredible street art in this city that 20 photos were not enough to capture all of the highlights, so we're bringing you 20 more. You really don't want to miss these! We know that getting around to see all of them in person can be tricky, so appreciating them through photos works just fine. The artists put so much time and dedication into these works of art that they deserve all the light they are getting right now.

Make sure to check out these 20 incredible photos of Montreal's street art.

1. Mural, Boulevard St. Laurent

2. Sidewalk Darth Vader

3. Mural, Boulevard St. Laurent

4. Sculpture, Jardins Gamelin

Photo Cred - jtupertrooper

5. Sculpture in Namur Station

6. Street Art, Rue St. Denis

7. Street Art, Plateau Mont Royal

8. Mural

9. Mural, Rue Duluth

Photo Cred - bpmadigan

10. Street Art

11. Street Art, Downtown

12. Mural, Old Port

13. Public Art Installation, Musée des Beaux Arts

14. Urban Forest, McCord Museum

Photo Cred - ranndomized

15. Street Art, Villeray

16. Mural

17. Street Art

18. Cake Mural

19. Mural, Rosemont

Photo Cred - freeastrees

20. Mural, Rue Duluth

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