20 Insane Things You'll Only See In Montreal

20 Insane Things You'll Only See In Montreal

Montreal is very a unique city.

We're not quite Canadian and we're not quite Quebecois. We're like a weird hybrid of both sprinkled with some international flavor. 

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So it's no wonder you'll see and hear things in Montreal that you simply won't encounter anywhere else in the world.  

Some of it is weird, quirky, creepy, funny, and sometimes just plain insane... You be the judge. 

Here are 20 insane things you'll only see in Montreal :

This Habs Mobile

via @canadienszone

Naked painted people stopping a homeless person from sleeping

via @eddylowinski

Chick yells from the window of her limo "will you date me I'm 18!!!" #OnlyinMontreal

August 4, 2017

Creepy Michael Jackson tributes

via @its_miss_peabody_duh

Just saw a guy rolling in a skateboard while fixing a floral arrangement #onlyinmontreal #fb

July 16, 2017

Disco ball cement trucks

via @art.ticulate

Jesus Mobiles

via @claudiane.lc

When the security guard at the liquor store is chill af & comes over to give suggestions on what's good/what to get #onlyinmontreal

June 26, 2017

Half of an apartment building

via @francois.blais

Un stationnement pour les personnes handicapées qui veulent "sexer" entre elles (Photo: @kevenbreton) #OnlyInMontreal pic.twitter.com/Yt4InUn51E

June 21, 2017

Frozen #Poutine #OnlyInMontreal #Montreal #food #travel pic.twitter.com/W31vsdgbmM

June 9, 2017

Superhero strippers

via @nicurli

"M'en bats la rate", allégorie#OnlyInMontreal
Une nouvelle couche d'asphalte contourne une voiture https://t.co/d2brXhT5Gh via @lp_lapresse

May 30, 2017

First #PumpkinSpiceLattes of the season <3 Season being ...still swimming weather! Bikinis and pumpkin spice in the same day #OnlyInMontreal

September 10, 2016


via @mymsss

People making the most of construction problems

via @ladykatia_

Trucks that have hit spectacular potholes

via @robeatsworld

Unique business names

via @nrg2propertymaintenance

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