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20 Montreal Bars She Actually Wants You To Take Her To

Good impressions all around.
20 Montreal Bars She Actually Wants You To Take Her To

Real talk: dates are difficult AF. You've got to decide on a place you both mutually enjoy, which can be a whole lot more challenging than it sounds. At the end of the day, there's at least a little bit of guesswork involved in picking the perfect date spot.

And, if guesswork's not exactly your bread and butter, then I've got your back, friend.

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1. Pot Masson

3141 Rue Masson

What on this earth could possibly be better than an alcoholic beverage with a Mr. Freeze dunked into it, and served with a side of fluffy cotton candy? Nothing. That's right.

Unless maybe this game-changing drink is served at one of the chillest, most friendly establishments you could possibly go to. If that's the case, then you know for sure that you're at Pot Masson: this super friendly and casual establishment is a surefire hit, and their awesome drinks make for one incredibly memorable experience.


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2. Mayfair

451 Rue Rachel

Does the woman in your life love all things classic? Then she's going to love Mayfair.

Boasting a beautiful and classy vibe, Mayfair is the perfect place to go if you're a fan of that vintage, old-timey sort of feel. But don't let that fool you, though. They've got some of the best cocktails in Montreal (their London Bramble cocktail, with lemon juice, tea, and Beefeater, is seriously life-affirming) and, when the time is right, this place gets turnt, making for one legitimately amazing time.


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3. Le Mal Nécessaire

1106B Saint Laurent Blvd

This will forever be my own personal fave bar, for a number of reasons. While their cocktails are always magically on point, and while the staff is seriously, super friendly and constantly down to help you out or make you the best drink ever, there's a certain charm to this Chinatown establishment that I just can't quite put my finger on.

I don't know if it's the fact that this spot is a little bit hidden, giving it a super cool air of exclusivity, or if it's the fact that they serve their drinks in pineapples (!!). All I do know is that everything works together perfectly here, all to give you a night out that you won't soon forget.


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4. Arcade MTL

2031 Saint-Denis

If you and bae are lovers of games, then you're also going to fall in love with Arcade MTL. (And probably a little more with each other, TBH).

As you might have guessed, Arcade MTL combines everyone's two favourite activities into one awesome outing: playing games and getting boozy. Although it's clear to see why this spot might appeal to gamers, even if you and your lover aren't the biggest fans of games, you'll still love this spot for its easygoing and welcoming vibe and super fair drink prices.


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5. Barraca Rhumerie

1134 Mont-Royal Est

True talk, rum is my favourite sort of alcohol. It used to be tequila, but I'm getting too old for that stuff - and so, rum is bae now.

And, if you and your actual bae love rum as much as I do, then this spot should absolutely be next on your list of bars to hit. They've got tons of rum, from all over the world, and a bunch of rum-based cocktails, sure to please the person in your life who loves this sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. The best part? They do it all with a friendly atmosphere and super fair prices, to boot.


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6. Pullman

3424, av. du Parc

Wine, anyone? (More like wine, everyone, amiright?)

Pullman is, at this stage in the game, synonymous with "awesome wine bars in Montreal"; and its popularity is very well-earned. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better place to go and enjoy a nice glass of your favourite red wine - and, if your S/O loves that fermented grape juice as much as you do, then she's going to absolutely adore Pullman, as well.


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7. Joverse

52 rue Saint-Jacques

Seriously, what's not to love about Joverse? This spot's pretty much got it all, and is an awesome place to go to impress that special someone in your life.

They serve both food and alcohol in a trendy, chill setting. Although their food menu is packed with awesome treats - like their Korean BBQ chicken wings, their shrimp tacos, and their coconut milk oysters - their cocktail selections are the real star of the show, featuring awesome drinks like their Coconut Cream (with coconut Ciroc and coconut water) and Melon McLovin, with Canadian Club, blood orange syrup, watermelon, and lime juice.


This face though... ?

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8. Honey Martin

5916 Sherbrooke

Feel like having an authentically Irish date night? Then look no further than NDG's Honey Martin.

With a super intimate vibe, this spot is perfect for you and bae to snuggle up close together over a pint of your favourite beers; plus, its welcoming, casual vibe makes it feel like you're right at home, chilling with friends. if that doesn't scream good vibes, then nothing does.

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9. Somwhr Liquor Lounge

401 rue Notre-Dame Ouest

This Old Montreal spot is perfect for the couple who love to do one thing: have fun.

Somewhr boasts a trendy, modern, and ultra-fun vibe, perfect if you and bae are into awesome drinks and nights that never end. Bonus points if you guys love crowds, too - Somwhr is super popular, and tends to get a little bit packed towards the end of the night. Which is chill, because that just makes the party even more fun.


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10. Agrikol

1844 Rue Amherst

I think I already made my obsession with rum pretty clear, so it should come as a surprise to no one that this Haitian spot is a huge hit for me. They specialize in serving up rum and rum-based cocktails (like their beyond amazing Dark and Stormy, featuring ginger beer, tum, and lime), but honestly, the rum isn't the reason why you and bae should totally make this your next date night destination.

This spot is a true experience. The decor is gorgeous; the food is amazing; and the outdoor terrasse is like something out a fantasy land. All in all, if you guys are searching for your next favourite bar, stop the search. Agrikol is here to save the day.


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11. La Champagnerie

343 Rue Saint Paul Est

Have you ever sabred your own bottle of champagne? No? Well, friends, you're going to want to experience the rush that is sabrage - and you're going to want to do it at Montreal's own La Champagnerie.

Of course, getting to flay open a champagne bottle is not the only thing on this spot's list of charms. La Champagnerie also boasts a lively crowd, delicious food, and - of course - an extensive selection of champagne and wine, making it the perfect spot to celebrate something awesome (your budding relationship, maybe?), or just enjoy each other's company. Good times all around? You know it.


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12. Ping Pong Club

5788 Boul St-Laurent

Located in Montreal's Plateau, this is the perfect spot to take your date if they're at all in to having fun. Why's that? Because at Ping Pong club - as the name suggests - you can get super tipsy, and play a round of everyone's fave table game: ping pong.

Of course, when you wrap that all up with their beyond delicious cocktails (their Sweet Negroni is one of the best I've ever tasted), and their incredibly fair prices, you've got yourself a spot that just won't quit. And one that's more than perfect for your next date night.


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13. Majestique

4105 St-Laurent

First of all, the food at Majestique? Yeah, out of this world amazing.

But, for how awesome their food is, their drinks are probably even better. With an extensive cocktail menu, full of delicious and beautifully executed selections, this place is sure to impress the drink lover in your life. And, if that doesn't, then the vintage, eclectic vibe surely will. All in all, if you're down for a date that features eating good food and drinking good cocktails, then Majestique is your spot.


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14. Vices & Versa

6631 Boulevard St-Laurent

A classic spot to grab a craft beer and chill in Montreal, there's really no way you can go wrong taking bae to Vices & Versa.

As an added bonus, this spot also boasts one of the most beautiful terrasses in the whole city - so you and your sweetheart can enjoy a pint, and a dish of their notoriously delicious food,all in the beauty of their magical outdoor terrasse.


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15. Birra

7129 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Serving up homemade beer, this dive bar is one seriously awesome spot for the gal who enjoys her ales. They boast an extensive option of craft beer, as well as a menu filled with delicious food (like their tasty, gooey grilled cheese, which features a savoury chunk of ham braised with their homemade beer).

The vibe here, though, seriously can't be beat, either. It's got an upscale sort of feel to it, but with the welcoming and relaxed vibe of a lowkey dive bar. When you combine that with their awesome prices, you get a spot that's sure to impress even the biggest beer lover among us.


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16. Le A Bar

213 Rue Rachel E

The perfect homey, charming neighbourhood spot to grab a quick and inexpensive cocktail, La A Bar is sure to impress the date who loves things casual, cozy, and intimate.

Scratch that. This spot is sure to impress any date, with its incredibly friendly and warm vibe, its tasty and fairly priced drinks, and its beautiful, trendy decor. Mega bonus points for the incredibly comfortable feel, making it seem more like your favourite spot to chill at home, rather than a bar in the Plateau.


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17. Grenade

1603 Rue Ontario Est

Is it possible to be completely and utterly amazed by a bar? Well, if you've ever been to Grenade, then you know the answer to that question - and it's a big, huge, yes.

Everything about this spot is seriously, seriously impressive, and sure to be a date night spot you guys won't soon forget. Their vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, and intimate, gorgeous backyard, helps cinch this spot as an ideal date go-to. Their delicious drinks (like their Lucky Sangria, featuring peach vodka, white cranberry juice, and sake), vast beer selection, and awesome dishes (five-spice pulled pork steamed buns, anyone?) is pretty much the cherry on top of one already awesome date spot sundae.


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18. Bar Sans Nom

5295 Avenue du Parc

Otherwise known as Emerald, this is the perfect spot to take a date if you guys enjoy spots that are cool as a cucumber.

This spot boasts one seriously laid-back vibe, making it an awesome spot to sit back, relax, drink an awesome cocktail, and get to know your date. With an incredibly eclectic and vintage feel, Bar Sans Nom also has an old-timey atmosphere to it, making it seem as though the two of you are starring in some kind of retro silent movie. Or, you know, something along those lines.


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19. Terrasse Nelligan

100 rue Saint-Paul Ouest

Alright, in all fairness, this is technically a terrasse. But they serve alcohol and food, so that makes them a pretty ace bar in my book.

Actually, that's not all that makes them an amazing place to go to for a drink and a bite to eat, TBH. Terrasse Nelligan, located in Old Montreal, is located outside, on a rooftop - which offers unparalleled and gorgeous views of Montreal. Is there anything cuter than clinking glasses as Montreal's beautiful skyline shimmers behind you? No, friends. There is not.


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20. Le 4e Mur

Montreal, Quebec

The thing I love most about this spot? Its exclusivity.

Unless you've emailed this downtown bar's management, then the chances are very slim that actually know where this place is. Which is cool, actually, because it adds a whole lot of legitimacy to the speakeasy vibe that the bar's got going on. So, if bae loves a vintage atmosphere, and a little bit of mystery, then you guys know where your next outing will be.


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