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20 Montreal Evening Things To Do With Your Significant Other During Summer 2014

Sexy summer nights in the city are back.
20 Montreal Evening Things To Do With Your Significant Other During Summer 2014

Grow in love cet été. Summer nights are the most romantic nights of the year. We need to savour these evenings and make the most out of them before Fall arrives.

Now the questions remains, what can you and your significant other do on these hot and sweaty summer nights? Well we all know the answer to that. BUT if you want to change that up and add more to your time together, here are some evening date ideas that will engage the both of you in getting to know each other better and make for a grand time.

1. Movies in the Park

  • Virgin Radio is hosting its annual Movies in the Park so bring chairs, blankets and your appetites! They serve free hot dogs, popcorn, coke, and tons of other goodies! This FREE BBQ starts at 7pm and the movie starts at sunset. Click here to view the weekly movie & park location as they change every week.

2.Yoy Sushi (open everyday till midnight)

  • What better late-night snack to have with your boo than le sushi. Get stuffed on California rolls and head on home for a cuddle sesh with some Netflix. Yoy is one of the only sushi restaurants open until midnight providing you with sufficient time to settle your late night cravings.

3. iSaute (Friday/Saturdays open till midnight)

  • Yes, you've heard of it. The trampoline/ jumping like a baboon place. Well, this is it. ISaute = I jump. This is your chance to relish in being an absolute child with your mate. JUMP AROUND. Fly. Kick the air. Back flips. Bring some friends, it'll make for a fantastic evening. Wear sport clothing, I made the mistake in going in jeans... I mostly flopped around. No fvcks were given.

4. Backyard Camping

  • You read correctly, pitch a tent with your Darlin' in one of your backyards and spend the night. Make a fire, roast marshmallows, tell stories, play a nice game of "would you rather", and cuddle up together in a sleeping bag. Clothed... or not. Ou.

5. Deville Dinerbar

1425 Stanley

  • Deville is a sophisticated/classy diner-bar that provides great portions at a reasonable 'diner' price. The ambiance as well as their menu is profoundly original as some of their authentic eats include their Philly CheeseSteak Springs Rolls, Ahi Tuna Tacos, Fried Pickles, Mini Lobster Rolls, Lamb Pasta, Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich and their Toasted Marshmallow Milk Shakes. Don't those sound delish?

6. Café Lounge Arabesque (Shisha)

1241 Rue Guy

  • If Shisha is your thing then great! Take your Habibi to one of the most upscale shisha lounges in Montreal. It's open every night until 3am and it is simply stellar. The place is so damn pretty, they even have chandeliers. Enjoy a grape-mint or apple shisha, watch funny YouTube videos or vines and talk about life with your one and only.

7. Night Rollerblading/Biking in Old Port

  • Treat your Shmoopie to a late dinner down by the waterfront at one of the many terraces. THEN go rent rollerblades or bikes from Montreal on Wheels (rentals up to 24hrs). Now just imagine, it's 1 am in the Old Port, you both are gallivanting amid the beautiful buildings and streets, engaging in some physical activity while actively creating new memories together, eating ice cream, taking pictures, sending snaps, laughing, as if you two are the only ones awake in this deserted dream-like old town (go on a weekday = less people).

8. Club Solid Gold (Strip Club)

  • How do you expect to grow together as a couple if you don't face new and extreme activities? Throw convention out the window and go to a strip club. It makes for such an amusing experience with your Doodle Bunny. Have an open mind and tease each other throughout the shows, maybe secretly buy your gal/guy a dance and see his or her reaction. Solid Gold is one of the nicest, cleanest, and classiest strip joints in Montreal.

9. Cabaret Mado (Drag Queen Show)

  • I figured, while I'm at it, I'll throw in Montreal's most popular Drag show. The themes, comedy, humor, costumes and props to go with the music are KA-RAZY fun. The banter between each performer is mainly in French, although they often speak English especially when teasing any of the tourists. All the songs are English and they even have a special event dedicated to Cher in August, can't wait! The cost to get in is only around $10.00.

10. Rasoï (Open everyday till midnight)

  • This is perhaps one of the finest Indian restaurants in the Montreal Downtown area. First, the restaurant is beautifully decorated, like your in Jafar's palace (Aladdin's nemesis). Second, theirfood is absolutely out of this world, the quality, the display, some of their dishes are so spectacular and unique that you just might, if given the choice, choose the food over your beloved partner. Check out their site!

11. Dream House Hunting

  • Grab some snacks and take a nice drive with your Sweetkins while marvelling at the extravagant architecture of houses from Westmount to Hampstead. Do you want a front garden? Big windows? Does garage space matter? Discuss it! But don't stop in front of the houses for too long, them rich folk might get antsy and call the police. Instead, park somewhere and walk around the neighbourhood.

12. Orange Julep

  • The Julep makes for a perfect double date night. With their 12" hot dogs, their Italian poutine, and their creamy orange drinks, all that mixed with some great company makes for a perfect summer evening.

13.  Foonzo (Video Game Night)

  • Feel like video gaming in the heart of downtown? Well look no further. A basement-like lounge with big comfy red sofas is at your service, not to mention your choice of PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Super NES, N64, arcade machines, and card games. Forget about buying a gaming system, instead buy a drink at Foonzo and you're granted access to any gaming system of your choice. Let the competition begin between you and your babycakes.

14. Dinner Cruise on the St. Lawrence River

  • Ever seen people dining on solarium-like boats at the Old Port? These are called dinner cruises. Depending on the package you choose, these boats offer a wide range of afternoon brunches, gourmet dinners and nights where you can enjoy the evening and watch the international fireworks from the boat with your bug muffin.
  • Click here to access their website and plan your special night.

15.  Mount Royal Cemetery

  • An odd place for a date, but where's your adventurous side? This is a great place for the both of you to remember sharing an entirely unique experience together. Gaze at the stars or spook out your guy/gal, tell scary stories and have them leaping into your arms at the sight of a racoon.

16. Randolph Pub Ludique (Board Game Bar)

  • This bar is perfect for a double date night. With over 1,000 board games to choose from/rent, drinking with your Bae and buds never seemed more amusing. You know the drill, make teams, girls vs. guys, then couple vs. couple. Try to make it a point not have the other team cry... on contrary to what you might believe, I've seen how intense some games like Monopoly can get between couples.

17. Toys'R'us (Wed.- Frid. open till 9pm)

  • Spend some quality time together looking at all the toys while you reminisce about your childhood, tease each other and check out all the new gadgets they offer kids these days. Then take some videos, play ball, ride a miniature bike around the store & hop on a pogo stick. Quick tip: try not to get thrown out for being delinquents. By the end, you'll have bought a bunch of cool toys just for kicks, maybe some candy and a new board game to play afterwards.

18. Girls vs. Guys Scooter Scavenger Hunt (Dyad rentals)

  • Instructions:
  • Grab a few friends, head to Dyad rentals (Sherbrooke /St. Laurent) and rent a few electronic scooters to fit your gang (it's 2 per scooter).
  • After splitting up into teams (girls vs. guys), each team must create a list of embarrassing tasks for the other to complete (extreme dares) for example,

  1. Take a photo or video with a stranger/weirdest-looking person you can find
  2. Serenade people in the middle of sidewalk
  3. Walk up to 15 random people asking if they've seen the muffin man
  4. At a store, ask the employees if they've seen your lost llama “Gertrude”

  • Get creative! Be specific. You can make the list as long as you'd like, perhaps 15 dares each team.
  • Then both teams head off in different directions with 2 hours to complete their list.
  • The team with the most competed tasks wins and the losing team must treat the other out for refreshments afterwards.
  • Tip: Hit up Dollarama beforehand and buy props to add a little funk to your outfits. Dressing silly will allow people to know you're doing a scavenger hunt and they won't run away thinking you're some weirdo wackjobs.

19. The Sexy Night In

  • For those daring intimate couples, head to your nearest sex-shop or check out Boutique Erotika on St. Catherine. Choose from their variety of creative & fun stuff', such as their exciting/teasing adult board games (there is a sexy Jenga), sexual vouchers, costumes, etc. Get out of that sexual slump, no more “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am”, it's time for real excitement, passion, heat, and a little kink.

20. Zoofest (July 10 - August 3)

  • "Zoofest is a new festival spotlighting emerging talents through alternative programming that includes comedy, theatre, music, and other genres. Its purpose is to create a wild adventure and unique experiences. Zoofest is the off-the-wall equivalent to the Just For Laughs Festival. It selects only the craziest, not to say the most disturbing, acts to present to some of the most influential people in the industry."

Where will you both be spending your summer nights?

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