20 Montreal Guys Every Girl Dates In Their Twenties

#12 The guy who calls you his girlfriend after two dates.
20 Montreal Guys Every Girl Dates In Their Twenties

Oh, the glorious twenties... It's that awkward stage of life when half of your friends are getting married and having babies and the other half are too drunk to care. Which half are you? It doesn't matter as long as you're having fun doing it.

You'll date a lot in your twenties and that's totally fine. Here's a recap of 20 Montreal guys you'll date in your twenties.

1. The Good On Paper Guy

Your parents love him more than you do... He has a cottage in Tremblant, a McGill University degree, a good job and he loves kids. He's o% bad ass though and that's not very exciting.

2. The Party Boy

He's fun at first when you two meet at a club downtown. Your dating consists of drinking, partying and bad decisions. At some point, you understand that it's not going to work. He probably won't even realize you two broke up.

3. The Rich Guy

He picks you up in a Ferrari and takes you out for dinner to a fancy restaurant, like Queue de Cheval or something. You kind of fall for it a little bit. He then gets super weird and sexual really fast. Like you owe him. Slow down buddy, next!

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4. Le Québécois

We're in Quebec, you're probably going to date a guy from here at some point. He will barely speak English and it will make things quite bizarre. You'll bond over your mutual love for poutine though.

5. The Player

It's that guy who will brag about all the girls he's been with. You're strangely attracted to him even though he's such a douche.

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6. The Older Dude

You're 21, he's 35. Dating him seems so unusual and exciting. Wait until the age gap starts showing when he wants to buy a house and you just want to go party at Flyjing.

7. The Workaholic

He works a lot and has zero time to hang out with you. You'll see him once a week at most and get an occasional "Hey, beautiful" text.

8. The Hipster

He has a beard, tattoos and he lives on the plateau. You two look so hot together. Other than that, you don't really have anything in common.

9. The Random Hookup Guy

You don't even remember how you two met, because it was a very fun night. Somehow he managed to get your real number. You'll go on a couple of dates and realize that you two get along only when there is alcohol involved.

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10. The Friend-Zone Guy

It's the guy you keep as Plan B in case all else fails. He is desperately trying to make plans with you and you just keep canceling and rescheduling.

11. The "Still In Love With His Ex" Guy

On the first date, he'll mention his ex briefly. Then, it will get more and more intense until he breaks down completely.

12. The Guy Who Calls You His GF After Two Dates

You'll go for dinner and then he'll insist on a brunch date. Why brunch? To show you how serious his intentions are. He will casually ask you if you don't mind he calls you "his girl" in front of his friends. You do, actually but that brunch is so good though.

13. The Average Joe

You'll want to try and date a regular guy. He'll probably have a normal 9-5 job at Fido or something. Every Friday he drinks beer with his friends and watches the Habs play. Fun stuff.

14. The Guy Who Doesn't Want To Have A Relationship

You'll meet a guy who's convinced he's not supposed to have a serious relationship in his twenties. He just wants to go to the gym and party with his buddies. For a second, you will feel compelled to try and change his mind. Don't even go there.

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15. The Mama's Boy

On the first date, he will mention that his mom picked the restaurant and suggested you guys share a table d'hôte together. He lives in St-Leonard in his mother's basement. He will also text his mother just to let her know how the date is going. The truth is, it's not going as well as he thinks it is.

16. The Booty Call Guy

You'll probably meet this guy on Tinder. You'll go on a couple of dates and then your communication will shift to booty calls exclusively. Expect a 3 a.m. "Where are you?" text.

17. The Selfie King

At first, this guy seems completely normal. He dresses nice, he is handsome and he will take you to cool places... until you open his Instagram account. Mirror selfies, outfit posts and "popping bottles" photos. Just no.

18. The Guy Who Doesn't Text Back

You'll go on a date with this guy, everything will go smooth. Then he will just disappear for like a week. He will text you after, like "Hey, what's up". You might even go on another date and then he will disappear again. He's probably married with three kids and living a double life.

19. The Neat Freak

You can spot the neat freak when he picks you up and yells at you for throwing your purse on the back seat or some shit. It will scratch the leather! He's going to notice and pick up on every minor detail about your outfit, make up and what not. It will get really annoying.

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20. The Perfect Guy

Just kidding, he doesn't exist. Or maybe he does, but you haven't met him yet. Montreal is a big city, maybe your prince charming is reading this right now.

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