20 Montreal Made Munchies To Eat On 4/20

From salty to sweet, everything you'll want to munch on in Montreal.
20 Montreal Made Munchies To Eat On 4/20

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The following is a collection, unranked, of the top 20 munchie spots in Montreal for 4/20/2014. Factors like price and anecdotal evidence about taste are the arbiters here. Invariably in a list like this we miss many great spots. Because, really, almost anything is fun to eat when you’re high. This list has some veteran spots, and some rising stars. Together they make up the world of good-and-cheap MTL eats.

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These arepas are something to shout about. Most menu items in this Venezuelan restaurant check in at under $10. Arepas are corn bread pockets filled with shredded beef, beef and raisins, cheese and black beans, plantains, avocados, and even shark meat! There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options too, like the tomato, avocado, lemon, and coriander, w/ extra cheese arepa. Don’t miss cassava chips and an elaborate array of delicious exotic fruit juices and smoothies!

Vua Sandwich’s

1579 St Denis

The sandwiches are tasty and filling, and only $2.95 after 9PM. Vua makes banh mi with a variety of meats, the premier sandwich being BBQ Pork, #7. Sesame balls and fruit smoothies for dessert! Individual pieces of sushi only 99c!

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St. Viateur Bagel

263 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest

Really a no brainer. St.-Viateur bagels are the crack that has this whole city coming back bi-weekly like fiends! Even when un-high St.-Viateur bagels are the warmest, doughiest, honey-est, food around! Half dozen is $4 and they are often loose with the count. Go in the morning or early afternoon to catch the fresh poppy seed bagels!

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St. Hubert

Multiple locations

Another stolid Montreal original. St. Hubert never let a stoner down in need. When you need to mainline some chicken and chicken sauce, St. Hubert will get you the goods in 30 minutes or less. Most meals under $15. -- But add the sugar pie and a coke, like you know you should, and it’ll be closer to $20.

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2020 A Crescent & 19 Ste. Catherine Est

As quintessentially Montreal as sugar shacks or political unrest, Boustan stands out as one of the city’s true stars in the delivery game. The half chicken/half beef, all-amazing, shawarma combo is a steal at under $10. It comes with all the delicious food-ish items we’ve come to love: shredded cabbage, rice, potatoes, garlic sauce and hummus, and of course those purple pickled beat/radish slices.

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Burger Royal

3820 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

A new name, Royal Burger is added to the 4/20 munchie list for quality burgers and innovative vegetarian/vegan options. Whether you order a Boss Burger, veggie faux-Boss burger, fried-chicken burger, hangover burger, or Royal smoked meat burger, you will obviously be sufficiently burgered. Friendly service and free Wi-Fi are two pretty unique features. You can order a Royale with cheese, like Sam Jackson would like you too.

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364 Sherbooke Ouest

This recent addition to the McGill neighborhood finds itself on the 4/20 munchie list because of its tasty authentic Korean food, served up at a reasonable price. Bulgogi, bibimbap, and tofu chigae are among many standout dishes for under $10. The place is also adorably decorated and intimate.

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115 rue Rachel Est

Chicken and marijuana go together like pie and marijuana, or marijuana and caffeine, or marijuana and anything. Romados Portuguese style chicken is among the finest, most tender, most pura-pullum tasting chicken spot. Fries and spicy sauce complete the fantasy. $9 for ¼ chicken, salad, and plenty o’ fries!

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Mei Restaurant

1425 Mackay Street

This hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant (almost literally) is a neat downtown Montreal find. Superior dumplings to many in Chinatown, this uncrowded, unpretentious, restaurant is on this list for one reason: soup dumplings. Other menu items be damned, it’s soup dumplings all the way down. Good options to share for under $12

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Café Milano

5196 Rue Jarry Est

Café Milano should make every food list for Montreal. Even one’s that aren’t its category, like best steakhouse or supper club. This place has the charm and character of the pork store in The Sopranos and the sandwiches and cannoli to match. Seriously delicious Italian sandwiches, inexpensive.

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Hoai Huong

5485 Avenue Victoria

This Vietnamese côte-des-neiges haunt is everything you want and more. Amazing foods include: beef in vine leaves, imperial roll, wonton soup, Vietnamese coffee, Pho Tai ($8.95), and combo plates like Banh Xeo (pancake w/ shrimp, pork, etc.) and shredded pork or beef! This inexpensive restaurant has been a must try Montreal favorite for over 20 years. And they’ve got a patio!

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Montreal Pool Room

1217 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Steamies, a Montreal “original”. When you need to cram down like four or five of these things to stay alive, head to the original spot for the Montreal original, the Montreal Pool Room.

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4177, Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Some of the best poutine, anywhere. Patati Patata offers inexpensive Montreal diner foods to a ravenous and sometimes impaired crowd. The fries are crisped to perfection and the gravy is rich but won’t send you into sodium shock. Sliders are great too. Don’t cheat yourself and not get too many toppings. It’s 4/20; go for the onions, peppers, and shredded beef on that poutine!

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Aux Vivres

4631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Unless you severed contact with all your vegetarian/vegan friends, you’ve probably heard of Aux Vivres’ smoothies, veggie bowls, and wraps. Get pumped! No, really. Aux Vivres takes these tired California concepts and makes them 100% delicious. That’s a guarantee. For brunch, try the blueberry pancakes or huevos rancheros! The masala plate is a winner as well. Lentil soup, BLTs (made w/ smoked coconut!), Mekong, the Bombay banana smoothie, and countless other treats make Aux Vivres an inexpensive-ish must try!

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3677 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Bocadillo is in the top five, dead or alive, sandwich-eries in Montreal. I dare you to try the pulled pork passion fruit sandwich and tell me otherwise! The pulled pork is juicy and slow pulled and the bread is made in-house. Bocadillo pulls off a minor miracle with their chicken empanada, which remains moist in the middle unlike so many other chicken empanadas. You need Bocadillo in your life.

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1055 St Laurent Boulevard

Questionable naming aside, Nudo makes our munchies list of 2014 for their cheap and delicious noodle bowls. Homemade and stretched noodles give Nudo a spaghetti-leg up against the competition. Beef shank soup and noodles in meat sauce (both under $9) are the real crowd pleasers.

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Guy-Concordia - Metro & Atwater Metro

1550 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Quest

Conveniently located in the Guy-Concordia metro, Cocobun makes the list for good reason. Try a red bean and pineapple bun for dessert! Then, moving sequentially to the main course, try some hot buns with BBQ pork, sausage, ham & egg, or even hotdog! $5=2 meat buns and 1 dessert bun, no tax!

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Tomatoes at the Jean-Talon Market

7070 Avenue Henri Julien

There are lots of great things to munch on at the Jean-Talon Market. If you’re in the area and want a snack, stop by the Quebec tomato dealers in the main isle. $5 dollars for a metric gripload of little juicy orange and red tomatoes. Available all winter, because technology! Also free samples! Also look out for delicious loaves of apple bread at the apple stands ($6.50).

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Chef on Call

2055(A) Rue Bishop & 362 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Another McGill-Concordia downtown area stoner classic. Whether you want a burger, pasta, a deep fried mars bar, a banana milkshake, chicken tenders, or maybe even a banana milkshake, Chef on Call has your good stone-y food available by delivery or pick up to 4AM most nights.

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Bagel Etc.

4320 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

One of the top Montreal spots for breakfast, brunch, and diner food, Bagel Etc. takes the 20th spot on this unranked list of munchie spots. The huevos rancheros are phenomenal, served on a bagel, of course. The open-faced tuna melt is one of the tastiest sandwiches in North America. Other recommendations include the Nutella French toast, the mishmash, and the deluxe (think grand slam) w/ challah toast. The décor is something out of a Moulin Rouge/Hunter S. Thompson era Aspen fantasy world.

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Bistro Japonais Furusato

2137 Rue De Bleury

This unmarked restaurant doesn’t feel the need for signs or branding. Word of mouth keeps this place packed. But I’ve buried the lede, this is one of the premier Japanese restaurant in Montreal. The prices are moderate and the quality is unquestionable. Soft shell crab, agadashi tofu, sashimi, salmon rolls, scallop rolls, and black seasame ice cream will keep you coming back. Go with friends to split the check, or solo a $27 seventeen-piece sushi/sashimi combo plate!

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Bonus: Super Sandwich Depanneur

Le Cartier Building basement, 1115 rue Sherbrooke Ouest

This Dep., in the bottom of a retail/residential building, has something special: a phalanx of inexpensive 12 inch sandwiches made there to order, in a few seconds. Sandwiches are $3-4 and with a chip/drink combo it comes to ~$5.50. Tuna and black forest ham are my personal go-to, but everyone’s different. It’s like a light saber color -- you do you.

Bonus: Arepera du Plateau

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