Best Montreal Hangover Breakfast Restaurants

When Gatorade and Advils just can't cut it.
Best Montreal Hangover Breakfast Restaurants

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It's noon, you're in bed, and you haven't eaten anything since you started drinking last night...except for maybe 3am drunk pizza, but that doesn't count. You're groggy and straight up hangry (hungry + angry) and you need food in your belly before you even become anything resembling a real person. Not just any food, some solid comfort food that will give you all of your carbs, proteins, and grease for the day and get you all fixed up to drink again tonight. This beautiful meal is known as brunch, and to help your hangover-ravaged mind make a choice, we've compiled the best brunch places in Montreal.

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Bagel etc

Where: 4320 St. Laurent

Why: Let's start with a Montreal staple for breakfast. If you want a place that does everything, and I mean everything, done right with brunch, Bagel etc is the place to go. So much variety, from sweet to savoury, strange to simple, and with your choice of toast, pumpernickel, challah, or bagels, Bagel etc. has you covered. Read more at our full review.

The Green Spot

Where: 3041 Notre- Dame St. W

Why: A classic St. Henri joint, I fell in love with The Green Spot (lovingly called the G-Spot) when I lived in Solin Hall at McGill first year. Big portions, friendly staff, and simply delicious food. Fuel up for a pair price at the G-Spot.

Moe's Casse Croute Du Coin

Where: 2214 Maisonneuve W

Why: Moe's is a good time any time of the day, even 4:30am because this greasy spoon is open 24 hours. But don't think of Moe's as a last resort, they do simple breakfast foods in the greasy/homestyle way you know and love.


Where: 8 Rachel E

Why: Like waffles? Of course you do, everyone loves waffles. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and filled with deep pockets to absorb that sweet maple syrup, waffles are a magical means to absorb all the leftover alcohol in your belly. Sweet not your scene? Engaufrez-vous does savory waffles too.


McGill Pizza

Where: 625 Milton

Why: The ultimate spot for students, even if you don't go to McGill, because McGill pizza has a $3.95 breakfast combo that includes 2 eggs, choice of meat, homefries, toast, and some much needed coffee. Don't be fooled by the name, this place does a cheap brunch to set you right.


Where: 992 Mont- Royal E

Why: Nothing better than a creative brunch joint that still does the staples very well. L'avenue can fill your sweet and savory teeth, and they have awesome smoothies to boot. Another plus, real maple syrup!


Where: 25 Fairmount W

Why: Two words: breakfast poutine. You heard me right. Faberge makes a homefries + egg + bacon + hollandaise sauce (the 'gravy') into poutine form, nearly as delicious as the original. If that doesn't appeal (because you're insane), rest assured Faberge does all the best brunch dishes incredibly well as well.


Diablos' Brunch

Where: 1693 St. Denis

Why: Just because Diablos is a smokehouse, it doesn't mean they can't whip up a fantastic brunch menu. Southern-style and deep fried reign supreme in Diablos' brunch, where you can mack on chicken and waffles topped with bourbon maple syrup, orcrab hash on a cornmeal galette topped with two poached eggs titled the ‘Crab Benny.’ Needless to say, you'll be happily full.

Nouveau Palais

Where: 281 Bernard

Why: Did someone say chicken and waffles? They sure as hell did at Nouveau Palais. Offering a special brunch on the weekends, Nouveau Palais recreates American diner-style food (like the breakfast burger) for your eating pleasure.


Aux Vivres Brunch

Where: 4631 St. Laurent

Why: For all the vegans/vegetarians reading, Aux Vivre does an epic brunch menu, all without animal products or by-products. Even if you like meat, you should check Aux Vivre's brunch out. With all of the tofu, tempeh, and veggies you won't even miss bacon.


Ye Olde Orchard Brunch

Where: multiple locations

Why: Bars can do brunch too, and Ye Olde is great for its affordable prices and many locations throughout Montreal. Don't be turned away from the Green Eggs and Ham dish, its scrambled eggs with pesto, and not rotten. You can even order a half-sized meal for a cheaper price, if you're not THAT hungry and want to save money. But lets be real, go big or go home.


Maison Kam Fung

Where: 111 Urbain St.

Why: Try out brunch done Chinatown-style with dim sum at Maison Kam Fung. Don't be too intimidated by the notion of Asian food for brunch. So much of it is deep fried like you like, and its all effing scrumptious. You probably won't know what most of the stuff is called, but that's part of the fun. Grab what looks good as servers take carts of food around to tables. Best of all? Grab a solid group of 5 and you probably won't pay more than 10 bucks each.


Where: 5843 Sherbrooke St W

Why: Keep it simple and head to Cosmo's. Diner food at its finest, Cosmo's makes the classic combo of hashbrowns, eggs, and meat with pure precision. And cheese. Lots of cheese.

Allo Mon Coco

Where: 46 Brunswick

Why: For all those in the West Island, Allo Mon Coco is your diner-brunch joint. If you live out in the West Island, you probably already know about the good grub at Allo Mon Coco, so consider this a friendly reminder to get on 'dem eggs. For those who don't, Allo Mon Coco is worth the trip! Now with a new location at 5685 de la cote-des-Neiges, you don't even need to haul it out of the city.


Chenoy's Delicatessen & Steak House

Where: 3616 Saint- Jean

Why: More action for you West Island-ers is Chenoy's, where you can get all the glorious diner and breakfast foods 24 hours a day. They got huge portions at affordable prices, serving all types of meals all of the time. Don't be surprised to find yourself at Chenoy's at 4am on a Sunday.


Le Vieux Velo

Where: 59 Beaubien E

Why: Popular for a reason, Le Vieux Velo pwns the egg benedict scene. Not only do they make a unique hollandaise sauce, paired with awesome ingredients (e.g. the Bacon Avacado Brie), but the prices cap at a super reasonable $10. A solid steal.

Place Milton

Where: 220 Milton

Why: Place Milton is filled with students on the weekends, and for good reason, because it is the perfect hangover cure. Arguably my favourite homefries in the city, Place Milton whips up an omelette in minutes for you to enjoy, or anything else you may be feeling at the moment, as they have a full lunch menu as well.


Where: 93 Mont- Royal

Why: What's that? You've never been to Beauty's? Then immediately get up and go there, right now, because Beauty's is a Montreal brunch staple. Not only do they do everything breakfast-related well, they have epic milkshakes and mac 'n cheese too. This place gets packed, so its a good call to make friends with the old gent pictured below, who will make sure you get a table.


The Sparrow

Where: 5322 St Laurent

Why: We've established bars can do brunch too, and no bar (or restaurant even) does brunch like The Sparrow. Using homemade ingredients to craft unique brunch dishes, The Sparrow is the best place to go to nurse your hangover, especially if you spent the night drinking at The Sparrow the night before. Try out some of their brunch cocktails, like the blood orange mimosa. Salivate even further with our full review.


Where: 5201 St. Laurent

Why: Last, but certainly not least, is Lawrence, the brunch spot that brings the flavours of England straight to your taste buds. Enjoy a classic British brunch in a true tradition, with legit tea cups, great coffee, and organic ingredients. Great for those looking for something a little different in the Mile End.