20 Montreal Restaurants To Bring A Food Lover On A Date

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20 Montreal Restaurants To Bring A Food Lover On A Date

Friends, raise your hand if deciding where to take your S/O out on a date gets a little overwhelming sometimes. It's okay if you didn't actually raise your hand. I know it's raised in your heart, because figuring out where to take that special someone? Yeah. It's complex - especially in Montreal, where we have tons of awesome places to choose from. And especially if either one of you identifies as a foodie; or at the very least, a food lover.

It might seem like either you or your (food) lover has seen and tasted it all, but trust me when I say that picking a place to impress the food lover in your life is not a lost cause. In Montreal, new spots are popping up all the time - spots that not only serve up some seriously delicious food, but also have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes them awesome date spots, as well. Not sure where to begin the search? Well, fear not, friends. I've got your back. 20 Montreal Restaurants To Bring A Food Lover On A Date.

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1. Hoogan et Beaufort

4095 Rue Molson

There's been a lot of hype surrounding this Angus eatery - and in this case, that hype is absolutely to be believed. What makes it great for a date spot with a food lover, though? Its vibe. Don't get me wrong, the food is out of this world amazing: each dish is fresh, with flavours and textures that compliment each other perfectly. But the rustic/modern decor, trendy vibe, friendly atmosphere, and bar-like seating? Yeah, that helps propel Hoogan et Beaufort into a date experience that you won't soon forget. Enjoy, friends. Enjoy.


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2. Hotel Herman

5171 Boul St-Laurent

The menu at Hotel Herman might seem super simple, but that just means one thing: they have literally perfected all of the dishes on there. No matter which item you select, you're guaranteed an amazing meal made with fresh, top quality ingredients and cooked to absolute perfection. If you want to take the food lover in your life to a place that'll make them super happy, then I think you know exactly where to go.


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3. Impasto

48 Rue Dante

This spot, located in Little Italy, is a surefire way to impress the foodie in your life. First of all, the restaurant is super romantic: dimly lit, with intimate seating and amazing service, you'll definitely feel like the only two people in the room. And, the food? OMG. Amazing. I feel like nothing I can say will do this place justice; their food is constantly fresh and flavourful, with even the most simple dishes tasting like something extraordinary. Protip: try the cold cut platter to share. Just trust me on this one. The mortadella will change your lives.


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4. Candide

551 Rue Saint Martin

Friends, let me be candid with you (...anyone?): Candide is fantastic. Anyone with a real affinity for food will instantly come to adore their menu: a seasonally changing four course meal of culinary delights, filled with simple items that are picked especially so that the flavours blend and contrast with stunning perfection. Sounds awesome? Of course it does. Pair this with their intimate, cozy atmosphere - and super unique location - and you've got yourself a perfect date spot.


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5. Le Fantôme

1832 Rue William

Relatively new to Montreal's food scene, it's very clear that Le Fantôme does food incredibly, incredibly well. Foodies, prepare to be impressed with the way that Fantome combines flavours and textures to create innovative dishes that are so delicious, you'll be thinking about them for weeks at a time. People dating foodies? Prepare to relive your amazing dish every day for a week, because both you and your food loving S/O will be raving about it for that long. Maybe longer, even.


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6. Le Robin Square

520 Boul St-Laurent

I can't say enough good things about Le Robin Square, but for everyone's sake I'll condense it into this: the food at Le Robin Square? Yeah. Game changing. Especially their mac and cheese, which is creamy, cheesy, decadent, and straight up amazing. Their super vibrant and cozy atmosphere puts them on the map as an awesome date spot; their delicious food, though, seals their fate as an awesome date spot that any foodie will enjoy.


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7. Chambre à Part

3619 Rue Saint-Denis

This contemporary, rustic spot is a serious date night game changer. Their decor is reminiscent of a garden wedding, with chique furniture, floral wallpaper, and an exposed brick wall, making it one of the most romantic spots you can go to in Montreal. But their food? Yeah. Their food is fantastic. Their dinner menu boasts classic dishes with unique spins, such as foie gras with pistachio and a seafood plate featuring flounder, mussels, and clams, making this spot a brilliant destination for a date night with your (food) lover.


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8. Landry & Filles

4764 Avenue Papineau

Alright, I'm sure at this point we're all familiar with the Landry & Filles food truck and how awesome it is, right? Great. Because, guess what, friends? The Landry & Filles team has opened up a snack bar location on Papineau, and not only is it just as awesome as their food truck, but it's also a great place to take your date. First of all, Landry & Filles gives off a really unpretentious, casual and friendly vibe, which is perfect for getting to know your date. Second of all, the food? Amazing. Their menu is simple and beautifully executed, making this spot a surefire pick for an incredible time.


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9. Le Serpent

257 Rue Prince

This beautiful restaurant is located in Old Montreal, so after you're done noshing on some serious delights, you and your S/O can take a stroll down to the Old Port and take cute, couply selfies for Instagram. Actually, scratch that. Le Serpent's atmosphere is so upscale, classy, and straight up romantic that you'll probably want to stay there all night - if not for the excellent date atmosphere, then for their out of this world delicious food. Get there and get your date on, guys. ASAP.


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10. Le Millen

1185 Rue Fleury E

The newest addition to Ahuntsic's La Promenade Fleury, Le Millen offers up an unforgettable dining experience, perfect for all the food lovers in love out there. Not only is the food here a perfect offering of fresh ingredients, innovative dishes, and straight up happiness on a plate, but to sweeten the deal? Le Millen is a BYOW restaurant, so you and your S/O can drink your fave while eating at your new fave.


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11. Tuck Shop

4662 Rue Notre-Dame O

Friends, the menu at Tuck Shop is a lot like love. Constantly changing, sometimes surprising, but if you put your trust in it, it's guarunteed to be very, very rewarding. This sentiment alone should have you and your date flocking to Tuck Shop - but wait, there's more. The menu at Tuck Shop is constantly changing in order to offer you the freshest and most innovative dishes possible - but one thing's for sure: the food here is always fresh, always top quality, and always, always awesome.


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12. Jun I

156 Avenue Laurier O

Question: how do you impress a Montreal sushi fanatic? You bring them to Jun I. (Even if you're the fanatic and you're bringing yourself there, TBH). Jun I is widely regarded as one of the most legit sushi spots in Montreal, and one bite of their awesome food will tell you exactly why. Always fresh and delicious, the sushi here almost seems to melt in your mouth. And the presentation? Beyond gorgeous. Prepare to fall in love. (With the sushi, mostly, but also maybe with your date if you two are feeling it).


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13. Barbounya

234 Avenue Laurier O

If you and your lover are lovers of tapas, then have I got a treat for you two. Barbounya is a Turkish restaurant that focuses on Turkish and Mediterranean tapas dishes. Their selections might seem relatively simple, but the magic is in the food: always fresh, cooked to perfection, and absolutely bursting with flavour, these morsels of happiness are sure to impress even the most enthusiastic of food lovers.


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14. Meson

345 Rue Villeray

Located in Villeray, Meson offers dinner and brunch options, so no matter when you're down to take your food lover out for some food loving, Meson's got your back. Not only that, but the food at Meson is out of this world. Seriously; if you like Spanish cuisine - or cuisine in general - then you and your date are in for a treat. Meson's Spanish inspired menu is full of vibrant ingredients, hearty dishes, and all-around delicious food. Add this together with their super hip and romantic atmosphere, and you've got your next date spot.


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15. Passé Composé

950 Rue Roy E

Friends, is there anything better than a brunch date? Yes. A brunch date at Passé Composé. This Montreal brunchery (that's a thing I just made up) specializes in serving up some seriously delicious brunch dishes in a classic and intimate setting. Meaning that you and your date can enjoy some legitimately on point waffles, all while enjoying each other's company.


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16. La Petite Maison

5589 Av du Parc

Danny St Pierre's newest venture has been making waves in Montreal for offering up some seriously legit brunch and lunch fare. This means that you and your date can both indulge in La Petite Maison's fresh, flavourful, and top notch dishes during the two best meals of the day (sidenote: there's nothing more perfect than a weekend lunch date, TBH). Add this in with La Petite Maison's cozy and flat out awesome vibe, and you've got a recipe for a perfect date spot.


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17. Jatoba

1184 Place Phillips

Foodies, rejoice. Jatoba is seriously every food lover's dream come true. First of all, their menu is super varied, so that whether you're in the mood for sashimi, dumplings, duck, or anything in between, Jatoba's got you covered. Second of all, their atmosphere? Yeah. Perfection. Not only is Jatoba's upscale vibe super intimiate and inviting, but this top notch date spot is also, in a word, gorgeous.


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18. EAT Montreal

901 Rue du Square-Victoria

Straight up, anyone who loves food is going to adore eating at EAT. This restaurant is relatively new on the scene, but it's already making huge waves in Montreal - and for one very good reason: the food. Their dishes are ultra delicious, and presented in such a beautiful and unique way that you can't help but feel like you're being presented with actual art. Add this in with their impeccable decor and super trendy vibe, and you've got yourself a spot that's sure to blow your mind. Oh, and your date's mind, too.


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19. Le Red Tiger

1201 Boul de Maisonneuve E

The food at Le Red Tiger is good - seriously good. Red Tiger's menu features Vietnamese streetfood options, including things like banh khot and shrimp spring rolls, as well as a solid choice of delicious desserts and some straight up awesome drinks. But while the food is the star of the show, its atmosphere is what really makes this spot stand out. Dimly lit, cool and comfortable, this spot can be awesome for a one on one date, but its fun, friendly vibe makes it perfect for a group date, as well.


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20. M.Mme

240 Avenue Laurier O

We've already spoken about this Plateau wine bar and their amazing wine selection (to the tune of 700 different bottles). M.Mme isn't just a top notch spot to grab a glass of your fave, though: their ultra trendy interior, amazing wine selection, and beautiful food options gives this spot an upscale and intimate feel, making it one of the city's top places to go to impress your date.


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