20 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other During Fall 2014

Romance is taking over this Fall.
20 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other During Fall 2014

It's time to enjoy the Fall and be romantic.

The good news is that Montreal is always the perfect city to whatever scenario you want. Wanna have fun? We have fun. Wanna be romantic?

Oh, boy!

We have a lot of romance.

There are lots of events during Fall that will keep your life busy, in a very good way. Your significant other will be very, very pleased.

Here's 20 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other During Fall 2014.

1. Botanical Gardens Lantern Festival

When: Through Fall.

You and your significant other love the colours of Fall? Then there's no place more beautiful than The Botanical Gardens. The mix of orange, green and brown is all over the place. You will take the most romantic photos of the year together. Also running until November is the amazing Lantern Festival.

2. Screening Under The Stars

When: Every Tuesday at 9pm through September 28th.

There's nothing more romantic than watching a movie under the starts. Go to Place de la Paix and enjoy some free films outdoors.

3. Picnic at Little Italy Park

When: Through Fall.

Romance and picnic seem to walk hand-in-hand. The weather during September is amazing, enjoy it. If you really wanna get creative, there's a restaurant called Dinette Triple Crown where you can order your food and go eat it at the park. They give you the basket and everything. It's pretty cool (and romantic).

4. Les Rendez-Vous Des Grandes Orchestres

When: Sundays, through September 21st.

For couples who keep it class we have the Orchestras. Enjoy the free concerts at the Olympic Park Esplanade and get super romantic.

5. Montreal In-Water Boat Show

When: September 5 to November 2nd.

If you like sailing and would like to take your significant other to a very romantic spot, this is the best opportunity. The Montreal In-Water Boat is the only show in the Province of Quebec which allow visitors to examine, visit and have free demo rides in the water. Better yet, it's at the Quais of the Old Port.

6. Sunset at Mount-Royal

When: Through Fall.

Watching the sunset together at Mount Royal is the most romantic one can get. You're on top of Montreal with your beloved in your arms. The temperature is perfect for a long lasting kiss. Enjoy it!

7. Calèche Tours

When: Through Fall.

These romantic horse-driven carriages are one of the most romantic things to do in Montreal. By day or by night, a variety of circuits are available to couples wishing to explore Old Montreal.

8. World Press Photo

When: Through September 28th.

You two enjoy photography and journalism? So the World Press Photo is the perfect thing to do. Besides sharing your thoughts, you will also feel like taking some selfies, I'm sure. This event will take place at Marché Bonsecours, in Old Montreal.

9. La Ronde

When: Through Fall.

Who wouldn't want to spend the day at La Ronde? It can be full of romance and fun. Roller Coasters and cotton candy are the perfect combination to have an amazing day with your significant other. Enjoy the weather and kiss while riding Goliath! They take pictures, you might want to buy one.

10. Cat Café Montreal

When: Through Fall.

The new and most commented Cat Café Montreal is the best option for couples who love cats and want to warm up by drinking very good coffee. Go to the Plateau and check it out. You and your significant other will enjoy yourselves, for sure.

11.  Juliette & Chocolat

When: Through Fall.

Nothing better than a hot chocolate during the Fall. Especially when in the company of your significant other. That's why Juliette & Chocolat is one of the best spots to be romantic.

12. Fabulous Fabergé: Jewellers to the Czars

When: Through October 5th.

The Carl Fabergé exhibition is an excellent choice for couples who love history and luxury jewellery. Go to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and have a romantic day among 240 objects, including four of the most famous Easter eggs commissioned by the Romanovs.

13. Les Grands Ballets: Leonce and Lena

When: From September 18th to September 27th.

The Ballet is always romantic. The atmosphere, the music and the show make the emotions flow more easily. The spectacle Leonce and Lena is one of the most awaited shows for this season. Go get some inspiration at Place-des-Arts. Love is in the air!

14. Spa

When: Through Fall.

If you wanna be romantic and get a bonus for being the best, go with your significant other to one of our best Spas. Can you imagine how relaxing a massage and a soothing thermal bath with your loved one will be? This is what we call being creative and romantic during Fall.

15. Montreal Terrasses

When: Through Fall.

We have beautiful terrasses, like Terrasse Nelligan, where you can have a romantic dinner with your significant other. The weather is perfect to eat some fondue and drink a good wine.

16. Gardens Of Light

When: From September 5th to November 2nd.

Enjoy the most beautiful show of lights in Montreal at the Chinese Garden, in the Botanical Gardens. The event happens once a year and it's a must-see. You and your significant other will have a romantic and good time together watching the beauty of light and nature.

17. Zombie Walk

When: October 25th.

You and your significant other love zombies? You keep playing "Dead Rising 3" and watching "The Walking Dead"? Now it's time to really join some cool zombie event together at the Zombie Walk. How cute will it be being a zombie with your significant other? You can even say "in a zombie apocalypse I would eat you last" and be romantic.

18. The Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers

When: October 23rd to October 26th.

This is the perfect event if you and your significant other love fashion (and the admission is free). The Big Fashion Sale features samples and inventory surplus 50% to 80% off retail price. Womenswear, menswear, accessories and jewelry, all made by our local designers. It's the perfect opportunity to give your significant other a little something. Brands to look out for include Mackage, Second Denim, Shan, Rudsak, Barilà and Ça va de soi. The event will take place at the Marché Bonsecours. Happy shopping!

19. Taste MTL/MTL À Table

When: From October 30th to November 9th.

The most delicious event for couples who love food and really enjoy eating together. The MTL à Table is an event presented by Wines of France and it's Montréal’s third annual restaurant week. It features savoury set menus in more than 135 restaurants city-wide. Time to get romantic and taste new dishes together. Bon appetit!

20. Festival Du Nouveau Cinéma

When: October 8th to October 19th.

Do you and your significant other enjoy movies and innovations? The Festival du Nouveau Cinéma is a huge event in Montreal. According to their website, "A pioneer in its presentation of video works, the Festival du nouveau cinéma, resolutely forward-looking, has long been the unfailing advocate of new technologies. Each year, the Festival seeks out new developments that move cinema forward, familiarizing audiences with 3D, VOD, a whole spectrum of different formats and the latest creative findings. The quality of its venues and the unique infrastructures that form the basis for its stellar reputation make the Festival the best place around to preview the cinema of tomorrow." It's one of the best events to attend with your beloved one and have some fun.

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