20 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other During Summer 2014

Summer is more fun as a pair with the sun in your hair.
20 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other During Summer 2014

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Finally you and the Bae can go outside and leave the typical indoor routine behind.

There are plenty of fun activities that can help re-kindle the spark in your relationship this summer. Get to know each other again, surprise your significant other and try out some of these spontaneous date ideas in Montreal:

1. Dorval Plane Watching


  • Take a late night drive to this secluded spot off the TransCanada highway. Go all the way down the street until you reach the crescent to turn back and park the car close to the gates. Bring some snacks and if you're a real romantic, forget the portable chairs, lay on the back of the car and look up as planes fly in right over your heads on a starry night.

2. Sidewalk Sales

  • Yes, side walk street fairs all over Montreal! "These street fairs start as early as May, with...Great shopping deals, cheap eats, live entertainment!" This would surely make for a great summer day to spend with the Sweetum. This website provides you with a list of side walk sales for each month.

3. Ferme Norman Dagenais - Strawberry Fields Forever

  • Go get on your knees... and start picking strawberries! Norman's Farm allows you both to get down and dirty deep in.. the soil and retract your own fresh strawberries and raspberries. Make a pie together with all the left over fruit!

4. Kayaking

  • Take up a sport together this summer! Sign up at the Pointe-Claire Canoe Club in the West-Island for a monthly Open Paddle Membership with unlimited access everyday. The monthly membership includes "the opportunity to participate in organized activities and events such as Moonlight Paddles, Dragon Boat Outings" and to tip each other's boats over and swim in the river whenever you'd like! There are also daily rentals available with no membership required.

5. Cooking Classes

444 rue Saint Francois-Xavier

  • Couples who cook together, stay together. Take a hands-on cooking class with your Cutie Bie this summer at Ateliers et Saveurs. Learn how to make fresh sushi and whip up pizza and pasta all from scratch. There are a variety of classes to choose from and depending on your taste. Classes start as low as 20$, in either English or French and the best part is you get to eat what you create together!

6. Le Salon Daomé

141 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

  • Get shitfaced and have a FUN night out at Salon Daomé. Go out for drinks together at this EDM based underground lounge/nightclub. The venue is small and encompassed with jungle-esque décor which gives it's a truly unique vibe. Create some wild memories while you both fist pump your hearts out with the Djs. What have you got to lose? Love is stronger when you're drunk anyway.

7. Mount-Royal

  • Stay up all night with your Love Muffin engaging in any activity of your choice... then climb Mont-Royal and catch the morning sunrise together...ah vive la romance.

8. Prowling For Vintage

  • Spend the day downtown hunting for vintage items and browsing through cool boutiques and thrift shops such as Les Folles Alliées and Kitsch 'n' Swell. Try on some funny hats, take some Instagram worthy pics and goof around with your Pookie as you gallivant on the streets of the Plateau, St. Laurent and St. Denis.

9. Water Balloon Fight

  • It is indeed hot enough for water ballooning to commence. Pick a backyard, if you both don't have backyards, then find a home with one. Hit up the Dollerama and prepare yourselves for an afternoon of serious chasing. Go extreme, invite your friends, set up a war between the opposite sexes. There's nothing better than being able to be a kid with your Shmoo.

10. Romantic Picnic - Triple Crown Dinette

  • Have a romantic lunch graciously provided by Triple Crown's unique picnic service in Little Italy. The restaurant sells pre-packaged picnic baskets with everything essential for a 50's style picnic to go along with your order of their home made mouth-watering lunches (Mac'n'Cheese, fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, cornbread). There's a park right beside the restaurant, so you can bring your own wine and dine together on an upscale picnic bench. Balissimo!

11. Mont-Tremblant

  • Treat yourselves to some quality time together and get away for a few days. There are lots of fun things to do at Tremblant, to name a few there's the skyline Luge (opening May 17th), the Scandinave Spa, beautiful hiking trails, canoeing, shopping and plenty of Jacuzzis/heated pools.

12. Camping - Voyageur Park

  • The weather is simply beauts. Take advantage, take a weekend and gather up your crew or go with your boo to Park Voyageur which is only 40 minutes outside of Montreal. Pitch a tent, pack some goodies (cookies, MARSHMELLOWS), bring some board games, (twister, monopoly, etc.) and relish in making memories together out in the wilderness.

13. Artista Café Ceramique

  • This is a pretty original place to have a date. Artista is a do-it-yourself art entertainment center. You have the choices from choosing glass fusion and jewelry making, T-shirt painting, ceramic painting and creating mosaics. Create some sentimental art that you can share between the both of you. Maybe make each other's birthday, Christmas, Anniversary and Valentine's day gift while your at it.
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14. Botanical Gardens/Insectarium

  • It's 9.75$ for students! Go immerse yourself with the beauty of the gardens, the amazing plant sculptures and yes the bugs.

15. Wild Willy's Ice Cream

  • Take a visit to Pointe-Claire village near Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue and grab some ice cream down by the water front. Wild Willies offers a special called the "King Kong" where you can choose 15 scoops of their eccentric ice cream flavors which they put into one big plastic hat and take a picture of you eating. The picture then goes up on their famous wall of shame with everyone else who was never able to finish a "King Kong". Will you two be the first couple to do it?

16. Old Port - Quadricycles/Pedalo (Pedal boats)

  • Play tourist! Grab dinner down by the Port and rent a quadricycle or a pedalo for the evening. They're open weekdays 1-7pm and weekends 4-8pm. Starting in June, they will be open everyday from 9am-10pm.
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17. Granby Zoo (Open Victoria Weekend)

  • Take some awesome pics with the real cast of the Lion King!

18. Super Aqua Club/Calypso (Open June 9th)

  • Strap into your sexy swimwear and admire each other as you go on some of the most crack water rides of all time.

19. L'International des Feux Loto-Québec (June 28th)

 20. Just for Laughs (July 9th-July 28th)

  • Surprise your Boo with tickets to see comedy's best of the best, Seth Rogan, Russell Peters will be in town!

What will you be checking off this summer?

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