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20 Montreal Things To Do With Your S/O This Valentine's Day 2016

Because going out for dinner is predictable.
20 Montreal Things To Do With Your S/O This Valentine's Day 2016

I know we've been talking about it all week with places to take your first date to, or best Vday restaurant deals, but what about other special things you can do with your s/o that need a bit of imagination?

Well, that's what you've got us for ladies and gents. Here's my list of things to do:

1. Surprise your girlfriend with a box of roses!!!

2. Or a star in the sky.

3. Text your boyfriend: "I'm bringing dessert" and show up at his house in a trench coat, lingerie and heels.

4. Spend an eventful day and night at Montreal en lumière.

5. Plan a relaxing afternoon at one of these nearby spas.

6. Go to a sugar shack!

7. Surprise your other half with a home cooked candlelight dinner, with rose petals all over the floor.

8. Take a cooking class!

9. Gamble with your love at the Montreal Casino.

10. Rent a romantic room for two in the Old Port at the St Paul,The W Hotel, or the St James and enjoy breakfast in bed the next morning.

11. Book a last minute vacation to Mont Tremblant at the Quintessence.

12. Go dancing in the snow.

13. Take your other half to Stereo on February 13.

14. Take your other half to Tiffany's & Co. and surprise her with a pair of earrings.

15. Get one of these sexy items, and the rest I leave up to you...

16. Have brunch at the W hotel's restaurant, E.a.t.

17. Check out one of these restaurants with V day deals!

18. Dress up and go pop champagne together!

19. Check out this hidden gem.

20. If Jeremy is right (which he tends to be) it will most likely be too cold for you to move out of your house, so consider a night of Netflix & Chill instead!

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