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20 Montreal Things You Need To Do In Your 20s Before You Die

Alright alright, hopefully you don't actually die before your 30s, but these things are definitely worth taking the time to enjoy.

There's no looking back at the energy you currently have at 23 when you're 35. Don't miss out on your ability to do 4 different activities from 8am to 4am before it's too late.

As a Montrealer in my 20s, I will be listing as few things I have tried or wish to try ASAP:

Saint-Laurent Thrift Shopping

From metro St-Laurent to the corner of Mont-Royal street, many amazing thrift shops and beautiful boutiques await you (like Stopshop Boutik). Wait for the summer, roll up a jay and get up St-Laurent. I promise you, you'll end up with 8 full bags of nice clothes for less than 100$!

Eat 5 Different 5$ Meals At L'Entrepôt

With the perfect ambiance for Montrealers in their 20s, cheap meals that taste amazing and a great location right on Mont-Royal (2 minute walk from the metro). L'Entrepôt is the restaurant to try in Montreal.

Jump The Fence

It's pretty hard organizing festivals in Montreal. Especially on X island, I'll let you figure it out yourself for legal purposes, but this summer 2016, go ahead and enjoy some free fun by going around and finding the right spot to jump the fence (it's actually incredibly easy).

Pub Crawl/Bar Hop

Montreal's nightlife is purely insane. Get together with a few friends and go for a pub crawl. Personal suggestion, do not go on Saint-Laurent street, it is too much of a guest list shitfest now, so I would never advice you to do that.

Mont-Royal street is pretty nice to just get in a bar, grab a shot and jump to the nearest one. You can also try Old Port but you might confront the same issues as Saint-Laurent or Crescent.

F*ck Up Some Commas

I've yet to try this one out at 22, never actually have I been at a strip club, but I definitely will have to try it one day as per suggestions of many of my friends. Head to Cléopatre or Paré for some good times.

Explore The Mount-Royal

Instead of the taking the regular routes, head to the Mount-Royal's forest through the statue and explore all of its wonders.

Attend A Fashion Show

Montreal's fashion scene is freaking insane. It's just so talented sometimes you can't even decide between 5 different fashion shows. Watch out for Facebook events from Phi Centre, Fashion Week & Lasalle College for shows!

Follow Up On MURAL

This summer 2016 we can only expect the greatest week from MURAL. The art festival takes place around June/July and is an absolute blast. Last summer they had A-Track, Post Malone and many more talented artists come out!

Eat A Vietnamese Sandwich

VUA is located at Berri-UQAM corner Saint-Denis & Maisonneuve. For only 4$ you can get a 10inch sandwich which is pretty much 50 times better than Subway. Try it, for real.

Head to Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The best way to spend an afternoon and learn everything you need to learn about Montreal's finest art. Invite your loved one for a guided tour or to freely explore Montreal's best museum.

L'Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal

What is a better way to enjoy an evening out with your friends or loved ones than to listen live to Montreal's finest musicians.

Explore The Jean-Talon Market

Montreal's outside food markets are a NEED in your life at least once. This summer, spend the day at Jean-Talon market or even Atwater's to taste the freshest food in the city.

Divine Chocolatier

Divine Chocolatier on Crescent street is straight up the wonder of Montreal's chocolate scene. Enjoy the most you can, I'm not huge on chocolate but this place never disappoints.

Beer Tasting Tours

Montreal offers an amazing beer scene for all your beer friends. Head to Trip Advisor's website for all tours.

Grab An Internship

Montreal offers insane internships all around the city in multimedia companies, video game companies or much more! Do some research and expand your knowledge in the industry of your choice.

Ride Your Bixi

This summer, grab a bixi with your loved one and ride around town on the wonderful bike tracks we have. Personal suggestion, head to Parc Maisonneuve for a ride inside Montreal's most beautiful parc.

Eat A Blue-Cheese Poutine

I's MTL Blog here right? How can you NOT include grabbing a poutine. However, I wanted to make sure there's a little unique side of it: the blue cheese poutine at Burger Royal is just too good.

Parc Laurier Summer Picnics

Get the dollas out, grab everything you can possibly get at SAQ, head for a picnic to Parc Laurier and enjoy the fuck out of summer with your friends.


Let me tell you, that's one hell of an experience. Igloofest provides an amazing visual experience every weekend. Check their official website for all necessary information.

Follow Up On Evenko

Follow up on Evenko's massive events and concerts at Centre Bell and at least go once to see the biggest artists on the planet. Evenko's official website.

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