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20 Montreal University Student Stereotypes That May Or May Not Be True

#7 is however very much on point!
20 Montreal University Student Stereotypes That May Or May Not Be True

Living the student life in Montreal is beyond sweet. With low rents, an amazing nightlife scene, and an array of universities, Montreal is practically tailored to students. And with so many populating the city, some fairly clear stereotypes about them have formed. That's just how society works.

Depending on if you're a student at UQAM, Concordia, UdeM, or McGill, the stereotypes may differ. In other cases, a stereotype runs through every academic institution in the city. But regardless, these stereotypes are largely not true of every student, but more often than not, they're 100% accurate.

So in honour of Montreal's multitude of students and their respective stereotypes, we've gotten a little academic ourselves. Below we've created some statistics (in the most unscientific way possible) on the most prevalent stereotypes associated with every major university.

JMSB Students Wear Suits 80% Of The Time, And Think They're Better Than The Rest Of Concordia 100% Of The Time

If you wear a suit, you are superior, after all.

There Is A 100% Chance You Will Find Bros At The CEPSUM

Because the gym is the bro's natural breeding ground.

99% Of All ÉTS Students Are Male, Mildly Awkward, White, MMO-Players With A Long-Term Girlfriend

The attendees of LAN ÉTS are pretty much proof of this.

75% Of Every UQAM Student's Outfit Is From A Thrift Store. The Other 25% Of Attire Are From Clothing Swaps

Traditional clothing stores just reinforce the patriarchy, and we can't have that.

There Is Only A 30% Chance A Concordia Student Will Ever Go To A Bar That Isn't Downtown

But Mckibbin's and Cock n' Bull are just so close...

0.01% Of All Froshies Are Actually Wanted Anywhere That Isn't Campus

Doesn't matter what university you go to, everybody else in Montreal hates Frosh.

80% Of A Concordia Student's Diet Consists Of Asian-Fusion Dishes

When your campus is smack dab in the middle of Chinatown Part 2, it's kind of hard not to eat a lot of Asian cuisine.

60% Of UdeM Students Think Of UQAM Students As Unemployed Hippies

But it's okay, because UQAM just thinks UdeM people are overly stuffy snobs.

10% Of Every Hour On UdeM Campus Is Filled with Complaints from French Students About How France Is Better Than Quebec/Canada

The sad part is, in a lot of ways, they're not even wrong.

The Average McGill University Undergraduate Student Spends 25% Of Their Academic Career At Gerts

With such amazing drink deals, it's not hard to understand why.

100% Of All UQAM Students Will Join A Protest As Soon One Marches By

Even if they're just standing in the street and have no idea what it's for. The need to protest is simply too strong.

0% Of Safe Spaces On McGill Campus Are Actually Safe

Mostly because politically over-correct students will make you feel unwanted and uncomfortable if you use a gendered pronoun.

1% Of All Montreal University Students Will Stay In On A Friday

Only if they're in engineering or med school. Otherwise, it's the freakin' weekend.

87% Of Place Milton's Revenue Comes Directly From Hungover McGill Students On The Weekend

Or on Monday, or Tuesday. Everyday, really.

80% Of All $15 Pitchers Ordered At Tabasco Bar Come From UdeM Students

You need to unwind from all that studying somehow.

5% Of The Greeters At Berri-UQAM Metro Are UQAM Graduates

Otherwise known as the homeless people outside the station...

80% Of All McGill University Students Are Rich Kids From Ontario

Or, you know, 'Merica.

If There Is A Guitar At A Party, 75% Of UQAM Students Will Begin Strumming Away

Doesn't matter if they can't really play, either. And that figure jumps up to 100% if they're at Tams.

Only 10% Of UdeM Students Will Interact With A Student From Another Montreal University On An Average Day

It can get a little isolated up there on the mountain.

100% Of Both McGill & UdeM Students Think Their School Is The Best In The Country

The funny thing is, no one really cares either way. McGill is basically anglo UdeM anyway.

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