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20 Must-See DJs At Igloofest 2014

The who's who of Igloofest 2014.
20 Must-See DJs At Igloofest 2014

As Canadians, we definitely know how to brave the winter time. I mean, sure, we like to complain a lot about it too, but we also recognize that the world doesn’t end because of snow, ice, hail, rain, and a polar vortex. Especially when Igloofest is right around the corner. 

Each year, electronic music fans from around the world brave the Montreal winter throughout January and February to watch emerging artists and worldwide renowned names in the industry perform under the stars.

So bundle up, Montrealers, because this year’s festival kicks off its 8th edition on the weekend of January 16th, and will be here until February 8th.

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Art Department

Genre: House/Techno/Electronica/Funk/Disco/Hip Hop

Performance date: January 16th @ 10:30pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Kenny Glasgow and Johnny White are legends in the industry. They’re also playing to a sold out Coachella this spring. See ‘em here first!

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Matthew Dear

Genre: Experimental Pop

Performance date: January 17th @ 10:30pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: He remixes everything from The XX to The Postal Service, and can’t even really be qualified into a genre because he experiments with so many various styles. But that’s just what makes this guy so damn cool.

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Âme (Kristian Beyer)

Genre: House/Techno

Performance date: January 17th @ 8:30pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Kristian Beyer is a house music star that is breaking the mold of the genre. With influences from around the world, this set will be like nothing you've heard before: simple, yet beautifully complex sounds mixed perfectly.

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Genre: Disco/House/Techno/Garage

Performance date: Saturday January 18th @ 10:30pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Otherwise known as Oliver Jones, Skream is barely 27 and he’s already been doing the music thing for close to a decade. He’s been featured on NME & Radio 1 just can’t get enough of him.

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Booty Bakery's, Compton Chic, and Phil Sparkz

Genre: RnB/Pop/House

Performance date: Saturday January 18th @ 8:00pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Booty Bakery features some seriously awesome homegrown talent. Compton Chic performed at Tremblant Electrofest earlier in the month. We’re a big fan of these up & coming artists!

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Pete Tong

Genre: Electronic

Performance date: Thursday January 23rd @ 10:15pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: This British DJ also happens to work for BBC, but that’s not the only reason we’ve got for you to check him out. He has his own label, his own radio stations, and he plays shows and festivals all year ‘round. He’s a definite must-see on your Igloofest list of artists.

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Saintwoods', RYAN Playground, Love Thy Brother, Jay London, Myfrienderic, and No Kliché

Genre: Pop/Electro/Hip-Hop

Performance date: Thursday January 23rd 8pm-11pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: We’re all super digging emerging artist Ryan Playground here at MTL Blog, and don’t even get us started on the other names around her. We just had to include all of them, and you better not miss a single set.

Misstress Barbara

Genre: Techno/House/Electro

Performance date: January 24th @ 10:30pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Not only is Misstress Barbara an epic producer and songwriter, she’s from Montreal. What up, home grown talent!

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Thomas Von Party

Genre: House/Techno

Performance date: January 24th @ 8:00pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: This guy started off as the man behind Tiga’s label, but now he’s building his own name in music, alongside his business career. Now that is pretty cool.

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Claude Vonstroke B2B Justin Martin

Genre: Electro/Dance

Performance date: January 25th @ 10pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Straight from sunny San Francisco, this DJ duo are the men behind Dirtybird records, a label that continues to define the electronic music genre,

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Kyle Kalma B2B Seb Diamond

Genre: House

Performance date: January 25th @ 7pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Kyle Kalma & Seb Diamond both frequently perform with some of the best talent out of Montreal, so it’s no wonder they’re going to be at Igloofest too. Cause, you know, everyone loves them in the city and you know you’re a little bit curious now, if you didn’t know them already.

Foreign Beggars

Genre: Rap/Grime/Dubstep

Performance date: January 30th @ 11pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Foreign Beggars claim many many records to their name and collaborations with with Skrillex, Birdy Nam Nam and Flux Pavillion- among others. These guys are legit, 'nuff said.

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Genre: Hip-Hop/Dubstep

Performance date: January 30th @ 9:25pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Mimosa has played every major festival you can think of, and then some. He knows how to pump up a crowd to have a good time. We’re excited to see what he does with Montreal crowd!

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Genre: Hip-Hop/DNB/Dubstep/Dance Hall/Trap/Reggae

Performance date: January 30th @ 7pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Besides the fact that Vilify is from Montreal, hosts her own event called Bassdrive Wednesdays that has skyrocketed her career, and she happens to be one badass DJ. Okay, maybe a slight girl crush over here….

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A-Rock B2B Shaydakiss B2B Hatchmatik

Genre: House/Club/Disco/Hip-Hop

Performance date: January 30th @ 8pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Three more wondrous talents from our fine city that have been popping up at all the big festivals recently. Always a great show when they’re there!

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Iron Galaxy B2B Francis Oak

Genre: Techno/House

Performance date: January 31st @ 8pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Oh hey, just another two awesome Montreal DJ’s reppin’ at Igloofest. They both performed outstanding sets at Tremblant Electrofest, so make sure you don’t miss them here either.

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Genre: House/Techno

Performance date: February 1st @ 10:30pm

Why you’re gonna go watch:A master DJ and producer hailing from London, Scuba is the main man of Hotflush, a label which has worked with big names like Joy Orbison, Mount Kimbie and others. Expect a wild show with some English flair.

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RL Grime

Genre: Hip-Hop/Trap

Performance date: February 6th @ 10:30pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: RL Grime is like 22 years old and has already produced remixes for big names like Benny Benassi, Chief Keef, and Jamie Lidell. Can we also discuss the fact that he’s a breakout artist in his genre from LA? Because that’s pretty awesome. Stoked for this set!

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Genre: Hip-hop/Beat

Performance date: February 6th @ 7pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: With 10 years of experience, composer and producer Shash'U is known around the world for making the most fresh of hip-hop beats.

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Genre: House

Performance date: February 7th @ 11:15pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: They’re said to have a very flamboyant style of House music, and that just sounds like something we don’t wanna miss. You shouldn’t either!

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Adam Beyer

Genre: Techno

Performance date: February 8th @ 10:30pm

Why you’re gonna go watch: Three words for you: Swedish Techno Scene. Okay but seriously, Adam Beyer isn’t just an acclaimed producer; he has three record labels that are host to a slew of talent on the scene. He has an ear for quality productions, so you can only imagine what his own sets must be like.

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Who are you most excited to see Montreal?

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