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20 Amazing Photos Of Montreal's Breathtaking Architecture

The urban jungle as seen by Montrealers.
20 Amazing Photos Of Montreal's Breathtaking Architecture

20 Must-See Instagram Photos Of Montreal's Amazing Architecture

As anybody who's ever been to Montreal can attest, this is one very photogenic city. From its founding all the way to the present, Montreal's architecture has reflected North American sensibilities, but with a little European refinement.

Check out these stunning photos taken by real Montrealers of the iconic buildings and classic details that give this city its unique charm.

1. Montreal Basilica

Photo Cred - kellywhicks

2. La Baie

3. House on the Plateau

4. Cafe Olimpico, Mile End

5. Olympic Park

6. House in the Latin Quarter

Photo Cred - highsocietyhobo

7. Expo 67

8. City Hall

9. Place d'Armes

10. Dominion Square Building

11. Balconies on the Plateau

Photo Cred - colinecherbo

12. Habitat 67

13. Tommy Cafe, Old Port

14. Deloitte Building

15. Hotel Place d'Armes

16. Pont Jacques Cartier

Photo Cred - maximberube

17. Dominion Block, Old Port

18. Apartment Blocks, Outremont

19. Palais de Congrès, North Entrance

20. Residential Street on the Plateau

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